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Articles The digital dictatorship, as in China, introduced a system of social ranking

Law-abiding, honesty, even consumer behavior — a variety of aspects of life of the citizen monitors the Chinese System of social ranking. It is supported by Alibaba, to make concessions to the authorities is ready to go Facebook.

Events The report "The development of Russian-Chinese relations on the example of global projects"

In the press center TASS General Director of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin presented a new report on "The development of Russian-Chinese relations on the example of global projects", prepared by experts and center dedicated to the current...

Analytics "Turkey in the restructuring of Eurasia" - a new report from the CSIS

Over the past 25 years Turkish foreign policy has undergone several significant transformations. The first can be linked, mainly, with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, while the roots of which grow with the rise of the Party...

Recommended "Civil unrest and riots". Field manual FM 19-15

The United States forces deployed in many regions of the world to meet the challenges of peacekeeping, peace enforcement and humanitarian operations. During these operations, us forces are often faced with neuroanatomy the onslaught of the crowd, violate the efficient...

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The colonization of Mars, postpreda, #aboussafy: how 2016 changed the world and our future

Nothing will happen if you miss the news that China was born Piglet with two noses, and British scientists have solved the mystery of the disappearance of the second sock. But there are important trends that affect our life, work and entertainment. That they were told by the experts.

Articles Newspaper of the government of China has warned the United States about the imminent war

The newspaper Global Times, part of the holding of the Communist party of China "Zhenmin Zhibao" has officially warned the United States about a possible imminent war between the States. This, in particular, says in an editorial. article publications.

Events The Defense Of Russia. The results of the development at the present stage and perspective

The multimedia round table on the theme: "defense of Russia. The results of the development at the present stage and prospects", in which was presented a report titled prepared by the Center for political information. About the Russian army in...

Analytics Battle sheep pens

"Bow before the shadows of all the fallen soldiers,especially the Pristina corps, I pay tribute to all soldiers of the corps, for extraordinary heroism and say: it was, it must not be repeated, but should not forget." Colonel GeneralVladimir Lazarevic

Recommended The Valetsky, O. V. "a Peacekeeping force in the war against Yugoslavia"

In the second half of the twentieth century, something happened that had to happen. The world in terms of technical progress and religious and ethnic universalism has become much more unified than ever before in history. This unity led to...

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Nuclear flying monster. As in the Soviet Union was building nuclear aircraft

After the war, the world of the winners was intoxicated opened nuclear capabilities. And it's not only about the weapons capabilities, but also quite peaceful use of nuclear energy. In the US, for example, in addition to the nuclear tanks spoke about the establishment of even such household things like vacuum cleaners, working at a nuclear chain reaction.

Articles Nabiullina made a bet on the dollar and not lost

The European currency in recent months lost much in price on the foreign exchange market, which was noted by the Central Bank of Russia. The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nibiullina changed the structure of the reserves of the...

Events US Republicans and Democrats will show the world "the new show" in January 2014

That during the discussion of the US debt ceiling congressmen global financial markets are not a fever, you must abandon the global reserve currency, to which the US dollar and the currencies move regional unions, convinced the general director of...

Analytics The consequences of the spread of virtual currency for national security: a study of the prospects for the use of virtual currency by non-state actors

In the report "National security implication of virtual currency: examining the potential of non-state actor deployment" known analytical Corporation RAND American experts examine the problems and prospects of the proliferation of virtual currencies, particularly bitcoin, as well as identify possible...

Recommended Popper Nathanael "Digital Gold: Tall Tale of the Bitcoin"

The book, most popular in the world, about the Bitcoin "Digital Gold: The Bitcoin history" leaves in Russian. The Dialektika publishing house just announced the printing edition which will come to bookstores in February-March.

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Gone is the world crazy?

If you look at the world around us through the prism of publications in recent years and months, there will be a feeling of the approaching end of the world or at least the end of the present civilization. Here the invasion of migrants, which can not digest Europe, and unexpected Brexit, and elections trump. Along with global challenges there is a continuous flow of negative information about children that stopped to read about the Internet, littered with fake quotes...

Articles The first "animal cells" can be created by viruses

When a virus infects a living cell, it hijacks and preprogrammed the cage, turning it into a factory for the production of the virus. Scientists from the University of California first discovered, how serious could it be reprogramming: the cells...

Analytics The research program of DARPA for 2015

Analysis and evaluation of published R & d plan provides an interesting experience of identifying large-scale trends of development of science and technologies the U.S. military. It can be noted that engineering and biology and medicine occupy increasingly strong position...

Recommended I. V. Samarin, A. N. Fomin and others, "the Oil trends of the Russian economy"

The monograph presents the basics of the methodological apparatus for the formation of the oil trends of the main macroeconomic parameters of the Russian economy – the correlation relationships to determine the values of macroparameters on the income from Russian...

Other 16 ways to sabotage the work by the method of CLA

In 1944 the Office of strategic services — the predecessor of the CIA — distributed secret pamphlet. It contained instructions for the inhabitants of the countries of the Nazi unit, who sympathized with the anti-Hitler coalition. All of the recommendations...

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Chief biotechnologist DARPA: "2017 will put us to the brain"

The research division of the Pentagon, DARPA — the same driving force that was behind the Internet and GPS three years ago, re-formed themselves to create a new office dedicated to unlocking the business secrets of biology. New biological technologies office (BTO) has set itself the task "to use the power of biological systems" and the development of new defense technologies, of course. Over the past year, received a budget of almost $ 300 million, he investigated the problem of...

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