Universities of the United States: mechnaism integration of science and education
Material posted: Publication date: 29-01-2011

The monograph is Russia's first attempt to comprehensively study the experience issledovatelskih universities in the United States as the main element of the American academic science and the main form of advanced higher education. The analysis of the structure and tendency development of science and education the U.S. in the era of "knowledge economy", integration mechanisms and organizations of science and education, the role of the state in the development of universities and scientific research.

Otdelnym chapters of the monograph is dedicated to the financing mechanisms of science and education, personnel potential of the higher school, the place of engineering education in amrikanskih universities. Considers issues of innovation activity of universities, the role of universities in regionalnom development, place and role of foreign scientists at American universities, international scientific exchanges between universities.

Highlighted scientific and educational deyatelnosti amrikanskih of a number of leading universities, organization of student life.
For specialists in the field of education and science, scientific workers, postgraduates and mortar NTO at all interested in the organization of science and education abroad.

Universities of the United States: mechanism of integratsii of education and science / under the editorship of Professor V. B. Supena. --- M :
Master of arts, 2009. --- P. 399
ISBN 978-5-9776-0120-7 (TRANS.)
Agency CIP RSL

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