Suggestions for development and improvement "of the party Program "Fair Russia""
Material posted: -Publication date: 09-02-2011

In December 2010, in his address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev noted the need to reform the political system in the country. One step in this direction could be a deep reform is one of the most important political forces of modern Russia – the party "Fair Russia", the significance of which, as a socially-oriented forces in the context of the global crisis in Russia has sharply increased. Given that the possibility of developments, the Centre has issued recommendations for reforming the primary governing document of the party construction of the party Program "Fair Russia".

The current version of the party Program "Fair Russia" – the document is aimed at wide layers of society. This largely determined the form of its presentation that most clearly structures the mid-term party goals and objectives. For the same reason, for the document appeared to be many important and not yet solved fundamental problems of development of the country and States that for tactical reasons "Fair Russia" have decided not to make public.

Below is the proposal of the Center for strategic estimates and projections for the development and improvement of the party Program "Fair Russia".

We understand the main features of the political struggle in contemporary Russia. Imagine what actually representing the main political parties, including the opposition, how and to what extent the party building is regulated and controlled by the presidential administration. We also understand that the parties still differ from each other, that they are still different system of values. Although we do not belong to any party, in the modern political spectrum closer to us positions "Fair Russia". So we allow ourselves to give some recommendations for improvement of the program of the party and clarify its strategic objectives. I hope that they will listen.

In the party programs of many of the issues of the strategic level are often not declared in the hope that some problems will disappear by themselves. The approach probably has the right to life, but only for a short period. For a long time so can't proceed: actual problems in the country still not being solved, negative factors begin to mutually reinforce each other, and the country moves closer to a systemic crisis.


The content

1. General comments

2. Proposals for sections of the Program

2.1. The economy and financial system

2.2. The tax system

2.3. The fight against corruption

2.4. Ecology

2.5. The development of local government

2.6. Improving electoral system

2.7. Improving the system of public administration

2.8. Law enforcement

2.9. International relations

2.10. National defence and security

3. A list of sources used

Appendix 1. The real situation in the country

Appendix 2. Proposals for the modernization of the Constitution and system of government


Grinaev S. N., Fomin A. N.

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