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Material posted: Publication date: 11-05-2011

In the media and on the Internet a discussion about the feasibility of revival of the Russian state. The majority of the participants claim that the reconstruction of the Russian state (Rus) will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the Russian Federation. However, many agree that "Russian factor" remains perhaps the single most powerful spiritual and intellectual resource mobilization to overcome the systemic crisis of statehood and society in the country in an era of global challenges and threats. Putin announced the creation of the Russian popular front. What could it be?

On this subject says Alexander Novikov, judge of the International Institute of information wars.

1. Sentenced country

In an era when human civilization entered into a period of threat of its development, the Russian Federation could not be in the midst of confrontations. The fact that the world population is growing rapidly (around 7 billion people) on the background of degradation of environment and ecological crisis, acute energy shortages, the struggle for ethnokarta territories and natural wealth in the world. Modern Russia occupies one seventh of the globe, controls about one-third of world reserves of raw materials, strategic communications, etc. meanwhile, the population is rapidly declining (about 140 million).

In a world of ever more politicians and public figures who have already publicly called for the revision of the boundaries of the Russian possessions. Currently waged against Russia are "undeclared war", which is the direct heir of the "cold war", in the time leading up to the collapse of the USSR. As a result of subversive activities of Western intelligence agencies, information and public institutions created the preconditions for dismantling of the country by analogy with the USSR. The strength of the homogeneous ethnic majority in the face of the Russian people was reduced to 60 %, the number of migrants, including irregular migrants, has exceeded 30 million people. Meanwhile, as you know, the prospects for survival, of the preservation and restoration of any multinational multi-confessional state is reduced to a minimum, if the number of the ethnic majority becomes less than 65-66%.

Russian ethnic group, unlike other major indigenous peoples of Russia, has no institutions of its statehood, other structures to ensure the economic self-sufficiency and other national interests, the reproduction of healthy offspring and reproduction, protection of cultural traditions, the nomination of national leaders, promotion of Russian business, etc. the Russian Orthodox Church remains a purely Christian internationalist structure avraamicheskih root, ignores Russian values, traditions and interests. Because of this and other reasons, the number of Orthodox that regularly sends religious rituals and attending Church does not grow and does not exceed 3 % from number of Orthodox population of the country. Currently the ROC more involved in its internal Church problems, problems of recovery of property and material arrangement. The spirit of tagasaste, ostracized from the Church of Jesus Christ, has returned in many churches. In the ROC there are forces advocating ecumenism, seeking Christian unification under the auspices of the Vatican and Jerusalem that does not meet with support among Orthodox believers.

Currently, the level of interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation exceeded all the acceptable indicators to ensure national security, preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity. Under external management "of ininformation"[1] turned out to be almost all the main levers and mechanisms for managing the state and society:

  • a conceptual-organizational (policies and strategies, decrees and laws, state resources and structures);
  • information and cultural (media, culture, art, education, etc.);
  • financial / economic (financial resources (budget), the banking system, securities markets, state monopoly etc.);
  • power (defence, law enforcement, security);
  • political and legal (court system, legislature, parties, non-governmental organizations);
  • foreign trade (Ministry of foreign Affairs, foreign offices of government and business, non-governmental international organizations, etc.).

The most effective tool for external system control the state and society acts as an information field. Official Russian government control not more than 10 % of all registered in the country the media (about 90 thousand), not including Internet resources, users, which is more than 50 million Russians. Against Russia deployed and there are about 50 of subversive non-governmental structures. The ruling circles in Russia are actually part of the external control tied in with the West foreign citizenship, real estate and property, financial means, other interests. For most of them (officials, businessmen, journalists, etc.) Russia is a source of earnings. In Russia mechanisms established and functioning the transfer of the national wealth (technology, resources, personnel, funding, intellectual property, etc.) in foreign countries, as well as organizational, political, financial, economic and other channels for the promotion and strengthening of separatism in the national republics.

Effective tool control system external acts of total corruption, which has become a kind "standard" socio-economic life of Russia. It is a clear sign of the colonial status of the country, directly threatening national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. The corruption of the Federal and regional authorities leads to a rise in crime, undermines the foundations of the economy, the moral foundations of society, provoking separatism and outside interference in the internal Affairs of States and of individual regions, contributes to the formation of a "shadow government" outside the state.

In striving to achieve their goals of anti-Russian forces external system of influence actively resorted to the incitement of interethnic contradictions and strife. Across the country organized and coordinated operational work in the political, informational and prosecute persons advocating the national interests of the state and the indigenous peoples of Russia and, above all, representatives of the Russian ethnos. By the notorious article 282 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation you can get much faster and longer than for more serious crimes, including murder, child molestation, corruption, etc. resulting In the further increase of mass protest moods among the indigenous peoples of Russia, including regional separatism, the intensification of fighting Subversion, the existence of ethnomedicine, rallies and marches.

The situation is compounded by the fact that the media is actively pushing the peoples of Russia, provoking ethnic conflicts. The tone in this subversive activity ask the representatives of the so-called "Russian speaking people" ("Russians"), which, as a rule, are of foreign origin, otherwise hide their ethnic and religious affiliation, are bearers of cosmopolitan attitudes and values. While in Russia they speak on behalf of the Russian people, inciting inter-ethnic conflict between Russians and other indigenous peoples of the country. According to experts, damned lies, empty rhetoric, dirty provocation, outright meanness and debauchery that filled many Central mass media, which are presented journalists with Russian names, cause rejection, resentment and protest by Russian and other indigenous ethnic groups of the country.

As a result of targeted disruption outside modern Russia is gradually losing the characteristics of the Federation, turning into some amorphous state-territorial formation. In fact, in Confederate relations with the center are separate national republics of the North Caucasus and the Volga region, their lives are even regions of the Far East. Government in the state is still the Moscow region and, above all, the capital, which in the eyes of the Russian province for a long time already seceded from Russia. Now Moscow has become the financial and economic center of influence in the developments in post-Soviet space. Representatives of the "Russian people", which is the most international of the capital, actually perform the role of agents of influence, an effective conduit for foreign interference in the internal Affairs of the state and society. Therefore, the people of the province nepriemlet destructive role of Moscow and, to put it mildly, disliked the capital and its residents.

In these circumstances, world political conspiracies does not conceal its plans of reformatting of the Russian Federation and reduce here "excess" population. According to media reports, the Russian Federation "sentenced" and meekly awaiting their fate. According to experts, the country can only hope for a miracle.

2. Russia at the crossroads

In Russian folklore, the problem of choosing the future path of development has always been important. In our day to make the right decision becomes even harder for the peoples of Russia more often this choice is carried out by external forces to interfere in the internal Affairs of the state and society. According to experts, options for the development of further events in Russia and around it there are several.

First of all, power "ininformation" do not exclude the possibility of the revival of the post-Soviet space under its control in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. As a result this project achieved several objectives: to replace US, doomed to destruction by analogy with the USSR, there is an alternative tool of the military-political, financial-economic and informational-cultural domination in the world. This establishes control over the largest continent of the Earth - Eurasia, its strategic communications and resources and, above all, Siberia and the Far East, Arctic. The issue about using "the world's factory of consumer goods" in the face of China and its manpower, move the statehood of Israel under the guardianship of a new superpower in the Crimea and Birobidzhan. The project of the Customs Union promising from a geodemographic perspective. Its population may increase to 210-220 million people, of which about 70 % is homogeneous Slavic majority, which is a precondition for sustainable existence and development of multinational multi-confessional state.

In a new project on the post-Soviet space wittingly or unwittingly became embroiled ruling regime in Russia headed by the Prime Minister of the country. His initiative - the Customs Union aims to consolidate the capabilities and resources of leading States in the post-Soviet space, primarily Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. The Russian head of government, despite "loss of confidence" of the West, continues to promote the vehicle. According to experts, Putin hopes other post-Soviet rulers to strengthen the Russian statehood, to achieve greater integration of neighbouring States, "to get away with the shot" world shakers and survive in the Russian government. Meanwhile, Russia itself, its indigenous peoples, the project of the Customs Union in the form of an amorphous international organization, no special benefits, in addition to nostalgia for the Soviet past. At the same time, it could further aggravate the situation of Russian regions who are forced to act as the donor of the new integration, enhance the degradation of the Russian territories.

According to experts, "Pininfarina" does not intend to revive the post-Soviet space, without having total control over this geostrategic process. As a result, in the present time in Russia implemented a destructive project that must lead to the dismemberment of Russia by "patterns" Atlantic geostrategy. As reported in the media, first of all, must be seized and taken under international control, the Russian territory of the Arctic regions of Siberia and the Far East. The territory of the Volga region, Northern Caucasus and Crimea it is planned to involve in the integration processes around the Caspian sea, which will take place in the emerging new superpower called "Muslim Empire". Its composition may include countries in North Africa and the Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasus, black sea region, which, in varying degrees, to repeat the geographical contours of the past world empires (the Arab Caliphate, Khazar Khanate, Byzantium, Ottoman Empire).

According to the plans of the geopolitics of the Atlantic, the Russians Russia, the lands of Belarus, Ukraine (without the Crimea and the black sea), Moldova (Gagauzia and Transnistria), along with other East Slavic countries, will have to step in the composition of the new European studies under the auspices of the Vatican. In history there already existed a similar state – Rzeczpospolita. In the interest of the implementation of this project we are now developing initiatives like GUAM and "Eastern partnership", etc., which are forms of the "Baltic-black sea cordon Sanitaire" designed to isolate Russia from Western Europe.

According to experts, the realization of such scenarios threatens unpredictable consequences for the peoples not only of Russia, but Ukraine and Belarus. In the context of provoking outside of the "revolutionary events" in the country will be inevitable further deterioration of not only the socio-economic contradictions, but also international relations. The large number of internal and external migrants (about 20 million people annually) will lead to interethnic conflicts and collisions, a new round of disintegration processes in the Russian Federation, the final undermining of the foundations of statehood. The recent "revolutionary event" in North Africa and the middle East in Russia will have incomparably greater political and socio-economic complications. The situation is aggravated due to the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Russia. As a result of this development will arise the preconditions of direct military interference in the internal Affairs of both Russia and Ukraine and Belarus.

In modern Russia the conductors of the disruptive scenarios of the West, acts as agents of influence in the face of "Russian people", the representatives of which dominate the Federal government, in big business, informational, financial, social, and political structures of the state and society. They constitute the core of the leading parties and the media. The most influential public figures in modern Russia today are: Belkovsky, Gozman, Gref. Dvorkovich, Dorenko, Zhirinovsky, Kasyanov, Kudrin, Mlechin, Navalny, Nemtsov, Pavlovsky, Posner, Prikhodko, Svanidze, frogs, marmots, Khodorkovsky, Jurgens, Chubais and many others, their name is "Legion". Leaders of public opinion, together with the shadow focal points of Subversion, acting on "advanced" undeclared information war against Russia.

Inside Russia there are forces that actively oppose implementation of disruptive scenarios in relation to state and society, unleashing a total inter-ethnic war of all against all, the collapse of not only Russia, but also to the destruction of the national state formations. First of all, we are talking about the representatives of national-Patriotic forces, which many in the regional governments of the national republics and Russian regions. Actively resist the subversive activities of various socio-political structure of the country. However, they are amorphous, weak and fragmented, are under deliberate control, pressure and harassment by agents of influence in government and in the media. However, the Patriotic forces reflect the interests and attitudes of the majority population, which the current zero-tolerance policy to further enslavement of the country and its final transformation into a colony.

In the Russian Federation in its present borders are objectively interested ruling authority, including, representatives of agents of influence who are longing for a liberal revenge, to return to the times of the "Yeltsin years", when the country came under total external control. "Russian power" of the period, plunging the country into crisis development and then deploying the corruption model of government, deliberately carried out and provided organizational and conceptual, financial, informational, political and legal external control over the state and society, an uninterrupted supply of resources and capital outflows to the West. Being direct descendants of the Bolsheviks-internationalists new madrassene (on the analogy of the young Turks, mediaface, etc.) a bet made in targeted harassment and punishment of dissidents. But unlike the revolution, the civil war and pre-war repressions "madrassene" used modern methods and technologies of struggle with their opponents – political discrimination and exclusion, prosecution, information terror, financial and economic blackmail, harassment and restrictions, etc.

The current head of the government, at the time, caught up in the "liberal" Russian "team", has gravely impeded the plans of complete subjugation of the country. He has taken a number of steps that would not please the Western masters. Among them we must highlight the following:

  • multiple growth of the state budget, GDP, the welfare of the people;
  • the capture under partial state control of oil production, a marked increase in tax revenues from its sales and oil products;
  • taking control of the gas industry (Gazprom, from 34% to 50% increase in tax revenues from the sale of gas;
  • squeezing from the country's influential businessmen and oligarchs (Berezovsky, Gusinsky, etc.), arrests and the issuance of a court under the other oligarchs and businessmen (Khodorkovsky;etc.);
  • the creation of alternative Central Bank controlled by the fed and DHS Bank system (VTB, etc.);
  • the war with Georgia, support of independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia;
  • integration in the post-Soviet space (the Union state, CSTO, common economic space, Customs Union, etc.);
  • the strengthening of an imperious vertical, stabilization of the political situation;
  • termination of the "great war" in the North Caucasus;
  • strengthening the international prestige of the country.

This is not a complete list of measures aimed at strengthening Russian statehood and restrict external control. However, this is just enough for the architects of the new world order "gave up" on impact, putting it in line with such "odious" figures, at fault to the West as Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, Muammar Gaddafi and others All of them, as a warning to other rulers who dared to "disengage" and get out of control can be an exemplary punishment until the physical destruction... According to experts, in the conditions of Russian reality, Putin first had to be "squeezed out" from the post of President of the country, what has been done, politically discredited in the eyes of the people to reduce the support rating, then using a serving head of state is isolated and removed from the post of Prime Minister. At last prosecuted for "crimes against humanity" (Chechnya, the loss of the submarine, Nord-OST, the apartment bombings, Beslan, the war with Georgia, etc., etc.). The premiere place already picked candidates of prominent Russian figures.

In the context of such reasoning becomes clear, why Putin had the courage to declare the establishment of the Russian popular front (onf). In Internet already appeared comments like: indeed, in order to cope with such a plague, damn the Horde, you must "open" the entire front in the people who care about the fate of the state and a unique civilization, their children and grandchildren. According to some "patriots network", it is a pity that the Prime Minister remembered "people's sacred war", when "the noble fury boil like a wave", only once in the favor of the world's political backstage. But nothing to do: the enemy of our sworn enemy becomes the ally of his people. He, "son of a bitch", but its... and scores to settle today - not time - is replicated in the global web.

Thus, the current head of government is the most concerned senior official of Russia in the preservation and strengthening of Russian statehood. However, with onf, actively forming today, with United Russia, he, max, will be able to win elections in the state Duma and presidential elections. All the destructive anti-state tendencies in Russia will continue. Meanwhile, in the courtyard of the year 2012, when, as experts predict, will increase the threat of climatic, technogenic and socio-political turmoil, there is a new risk of a global financial crisis, will continue to grow megonigal in the world.

According to experts, in order to keep the Russian Federation in its current borders and composition are obviously not enough of new political technologies. In the fight with the Russian agents of influence and its Western masters will not help neither the creation of the front, nor the taking control of media and Finance, or human revolution, nor the consolidation of power structures, nor generous distribution of money... On the war with Russian-speaking brethren in their overseas owners need other arguments.

3. The Russian statehood

Currently there is only one way to overcome the system crisis of the Russian statehood, to save and preserve the unique Russian civilization is to engage in full Russian factor. In the history of the country he once rescued of the rulers and the multinational people of Russia, although the Russian ethnos does not always receive what was entitled to expect. In recent history the Russian factor used Stalin, together with his Russian camarilla to remain in power. It is no coincidence that on the Internet publishing replicated with pretensioning names "From Stalin to Putin – one step!", We're talking Stalin, implied Putin!" etc.

At the time, the Russian factor was the marketing agents of influence at the head of Yeltsin, when he intercepted the power in Russia in the confrontation with Gorbachev, who was surrounded by representatives of the "Russian speaking people". The existence of Russians in Russia usually remember during election campaigns. The Russian theme did Zhirinovsky is the main "protector of all poor Russians" on the hopes and expectations Vladimir Volframovich amassed not only political capital, but built a unique business... After the events on Manezhnaya square in Moscow in the Kremlin once again reminded of the existence of Russians, intensifying the fight against the revival of Russian national consciousness.

Russian-speaking brethren, as no one knows the strength of the Russian factor, therefore, always led to a struggle for life and death, "with a hot iron cauterizing the head of Russian nationalism", as would say another Bolshevik-Leninist Bukharin. At the same time, realizing that "Russian Genie is out of the bottle", the Russian idea myself walking freely on the Internet, and Russian youth feel themselves humiliated and deprived "on the Russian holiday of a lifetime", representatives of agents of influence are striving to ride the Russian national-liberation movement in the interests of the disintegration of the Russian Federation. Together with the legendary Zhirinovsky for the rights and freedoms of the Russian people in the world wide web are the numerous online resources of the type known a "Receipt" of the blogger Navalny, ARI, Nord-Front.

However, according to experts, once again "cheat" the Russians will not be easy. They were disappointed in their leaders and their promises, disoriented, hostile to power, many of them "spit" on the future of Russia. The Russians don't want to be "startnewsession" people and "big brother", they have no special international Affairs and concerns to the fate of "fraternal peoples" of the Caucasus, Africa, Asia and Latin America. They believe in God, but do not understand why the ROC is far from the interests and concerns of the Russian people. The Russians just want to be an equal among equals in the Russian Federation and to them, finally left alone Russian vlastelica in Moscow, arrogant Caucasian people are and diverse external migrants, overseas and home-grown "fishers of men" in the media. Russians don't suffer from velikodushie, they agree to unite and live only with their Slavic brothers in the historical Slavic territory between the rivers Dnieper. Don, the Volga, the Western Dvina and the Volkhov.

In this context, some perspectives for the project of resuscitation and the establishment of full-fledged Union state composed of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. However, he is vulnerable and in historical retrospect, if not to recreate Russian Slavic Trinity, which was to become the core of revived statehood. According to experts, if Putin managed to lead the authorities of the Union state Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, then you could revive one seventh part of the land as a world superpower, able to oppose the formation of a new more unjust world order in favor of mininformation.

Nevertheless, the most effective instrument for the preservation of the Russian Federation in its current borders, and the prospect of revival of the Belarusian-Russian-Ukrainian of the Trinity in the framework of the Union state, experts believe the urgent formation of the Russian state within Russia. According to their estimates, this important issue will prevent new impending geopolitical catastrophe comparable to the destruction of the USSR, the degradation of the Russian national territories outside the boundaries of the Russian Federation will be doomed to destruction and the capture of other passionate people. The creation of the Russian state in the Russian Federation will allow in a relatively short time to create the preconditions to overcome the demographic crisis in the Russian regions, corruption and crime, the growth of the real sector of the domestic economy, establishing an atmosphere of creativity in society, the mobilization of the population on the revival of the country. The Russians finally get their rulers that, as in Bashkiria, Tuva, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Tatarstan and other national regions will begin to consider and to spend money in the interests of the Russian-Slavic majority, to contribute to the reproduction of numerous healthy offspring, purposefully take care of the development of education, sports and culture, national traditions and Russian language, to promote to the authorities the best representatives of the Russian people. The Russians have their own Kadyrovy capable of defending its compatriots in the framework of a multinational Federation, on behalf of the Russian people to have a dialogue with representatives of other indigenous peoples about the fate of the multinational state.

However, to expect success in this paramount fact, only if to prevent the processes of formation and development of Russian statehood under various pretexts saddled hostile agents of influence, capable to pervert, to stop and ruin any creative processes. However, this does not mean that the representatives of the Russian people that Russia should be somehow limited in advancement in government, business and other socially significant spheres. On the basis of national-proportional principle, which is implemented in a number of national republics, they, along with representatives of the Russian and other indigenous peoples can and should be represented in the structures of state power of the Russian Federation. Russian-speaking people, who constitute the majority in Moscow, naturally has more opportunities in Moscow. However, according to experts, the new capital of Russia no longer needs to be in Moscow, will require the construction of capital city, by analogy with Astana (Kazakhstan), preferably in the geographical center of Russia, in order to effectively exercise control over the entire Russian territory. So in the new conditions of the Russian-speaking Moscow has not announced his withdrawal from Russia, it is advisable the city and the region to consolidate into a region – Muscovy. At the same time the capital of the Russian state may be elected a city in the territory of historical Russia, in particular, the Belgorod, Vladimir, Voronezh, Tver, Yaroslavl, etc., including other cities bordering other indigenous Russian territories in Ukraine and Belarus.

According to experts, should not be much of a problem of what regions will be part of the Russian state, is the territory of historical Russia, where Russians constitute the majority of the population of the region. The referendums on the establishment of the Russian state in Russian and other regions where Russians constitute the majority, it was possible to spend in the upcoming elections. And they will be answered to the nation about the fate of the future government of Russia. By the way, speaking about the referendum, some online resources, not without reason say that the referendum on Russian issue will help the turnout in the elections, as only such initiatives can inspire and mobilize Russians still make up the majority of the population. You can imagine what kind of support will achieve the politician who will be able to go out and implement the initiative for the revival of Russian statehood as part of the multinational Russia.

According to some experts, this is "our son of a bitch" dared and decided to take this step, his story probably would have forgiven for past transgressions, because everybody loves a winner!

An alternative to the creation of the Russian state within Russia can only be the abolition of all national-state formations of the Russian Federation and the proclamation of a nationwide affiliation of citizens of Russia (Russians), but this too would require a referendum.


[1] Financial-Informatsionnyi international is a coalition of international political, financial and information structures, aimed at building the foundations of a new world order.

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