Libya: the unknown war new generation
Material posted: Publication date: 11-09-2011

Events in Libya continue to vigorously discuss. However, the military side of the dramatic and violent events remain on the sidelines. Of course, we are shown on television the armed "rebels" that if after months of hard struggle overthrew still hated them the power of Muammar Gaddafi. It offers maps of hostilities. Given the balance of opposing forces. In fact, almost all the real war in Libya remained behind the scenes, the General public about it so don't know. In the proposed version of events set out a generalized view of Russian military analysts.

Perhaps this version should not be considered an absolute truth, but it is much closer to the events than anything we were offered the last few months.

The war began as a purely theatrical performance. It was first used in the power of propaganda machine of the new format: the Internet and satellite TV. The first were built large set, copy some parts of some Libyan cities, including Tripoli. It is television and the Internet struck the first blow. The formal reason for the people's unrest was the arrest of human rights activist Fathi terbilya, who quickly released. It happened on February 15, and February 17, was held "Day of rage" with mass demonstrations in the cities of Benghazi, bevida, Zentai, Rugby and Turf. The mass of them, though, provided the social network. On television from morning to night chasing a very murky picture, on which were seen, mainly legs somewhere fleeing crowds. All this was accompanied by hysterical cries of women and men on the subject of "the terrible atrocities of Gaddafi's torturers".

Television images reminded not staged, but the real drama of our country. Recall Tbilisi end rebuild. Mass street hysterical tears disheveled old women for whom allegedly chased brutish Marines with their bloody sapper shovels. Karabakh? Those wailing women in black — the Armenians, the Azerbaijanis. And behind the women - the fighters with guns at the ready. The invasion of Chechnya. Again, screaming and sobbing is not clear from what the woman in black, literally thrown under the tracks of tanks. And then the shooting of Russian soldiers-boys in the face.

Let's return to Libya. At the end of February in Benghazi appeared a crowd of well-armed men, who were doing the same thing — spread the hand sign of "victory", waving rifles overhead, they fired into the air and shouted: "the Death of Gaddafi!". There were also the first real victim killed by unidentified sniper fire. Journalists, of course, attributed to government forces firing. Then the wave send a message about the Benghazi attack aircraft and helicopters of the Libyan army, numerous fires and destruction. Then suddenly it exploded the largest military Arsenal, located in the suburbs of Benghazi. Later news that the city is in the hands of the insurgent people.

You can understand the confusion Gaddafi. Communication with the rebel city was completely broken, all the news he had learned from television. I was surprised by that. No snipers were not sent any orders aircraft to bomb the city were not given, and on the screen - black smoke, the skeletons of destroyed homes and women's, mostly, the cries of the innocent victims of the bloody hands of dictator children.

It is then revealed that smoked mountain specially assembled tires and destruction — actually cinematic scenery. However, Gaddafi has already lost control of the situation that had developed in strict accordance with the written somewhere in the script.

This is not surprising, since his most trusted and most devoted to the state secrets of persons were in the camp of the "rebels", and the connection worked intermittently at best.

Meanwhile, the media world just went into hysterics about the carnage that the "mad Colonel," he perpetrated on his own people. All this was accompanied by the same television images of running feet, screaming women, pillars of black smoke. The real atrocities that "rebels" in Benghazi repaired on government officials, police and military, the so-called "Gaddafi supporters", remained behind the scenes. But this city was just flooded with Western correspondents. But there are new pictures: open jeeps with mounted machine guns and even rocket launchers, which raced wide on the highway to battle with the army of Gaddafi. Well, imagine what it would be with such a "Tachanka" twenty-first century if it is on the same highway head-on would be met with modern armored vehicles. However, such "traffic accidents" did not happen, although the burnt skeletons of armored vehicles on the screens began to appear. Full discrepancy.

Finally, the patience of the "world community" has burst, 26 February the UN Security Council adopted a resolution which imposed sanctions against the Gaddafi government and installing over Libya no-fly zone. NATO was given carte Blanche for the use of their aircraft in the skies of this state. The UN resolution authorizes the use of any means of protecting the civilian population, with the exception of "a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory". And right after that the city was subjected to Libya bombing assault strikes, the real destruction began and there were real victims among the civilian population. The media did not doubt that this is a dying regime decided to erase from the face of the earth their own country, along with all its people.

Come and talk of mercenaries, which only keeps the Tripoli regime. Among them were blacks and whites, of course, Slavs talked about this many "experts", including in the Russian press. And then - done! The rebels have really burnt Benghazi were detained near a group of armed whites are the mercenaries Gaddafi! From lynching in place the group saved, you can say a miracle, so high was hysterical electrification "rebels" to the public.

When the "white man" was delivered to the leaders of the resistance, it turned out that they were our allies — a group of British special forces. In the future, these piercings are not allowed, and the case reporters chose not to notice.

Anyway – "to blow" did not. What is interesting about the UN ban on conducting ground operations during that incident and not even remembered. Meanwhile, North of Libya has been flooded with groups for special purposes. Worked mostly Americans - with the support of great Britain. Part of the French foreign Legion involved in the war adopted at the final stage. It was a war of the United States.

Libya became a test polygon test the effectiveness of the theory of network-centric warfare, which coined the Pentagon, and which is considered the war a new generation. All military equipment of the armed forces was digitized, and this is incorporated in the powerful computers of the Pentagon. They were digitized and all the buildings, representing more or less interest as military targets. Smart missiles could accurately be induced not only by some object, and even part of it — the window, roof, basement. US spy satellites could track the movement of military equipment in real time and at any time of the day. However, before we begin the destruction of the army of the Jamahiriya, the "peacekeepers" had a devastating impact on the city... captured rebels. The formal right to fly in the skies of Libya they received, the aircraft was high and far, so came the swarm of missiles or heavy bombs - the "rebels" had no idea. But they, as well as around the world, reported that it crept Grads Gaddafi and struck the defenseless city and residents. Special forces US not only to monitor the results of night raids, but, if required, adjust them using, as a rule, laser markers.

Again: imagine the state of Gaddafi. True to his part did not move, and the positions of the enemies burn and blaze. So, the people loyal to Colonel and remains military units all have growing resistance to the rebels. And if so — have to go to the aid of those who resist. And here is the scenario – aircraft "civilized countries" are taken to put missile and bomb strikes on military targets controlled by Tripoli. Americans produced 112 Tomahawk missiles. And then begins the total destruction of all military equipment by government armed forces. As soon as the tank or armored vehicle to roll out of the shelter into the open, they found themselves under the gun — their destruction was a matter of time. Tanks, armored personnel carriers, "Grady", some artillery, and more was torn to pieces by rockets arrive nowhere. In the sky, even at night, no air RAID, but the boom-boom — everything burns. Most of the army was just demoralized and frightened.

Virtually all heavy military equipment was destroyed, failing to make a single shot. Much has been said about the shelling of rebel cities systems of volley fire "Grad".

The whole territory of Libya are constantly scanned reconnaissance satellites and special equipment of unmanned aerial vehicles of the United States.

Imagine a spectacular picture on TV channel si-EN-EN. Battery "Grad" goes into position and shoots, such as Misrata. The satellites capture the flight of missiles, then the gaps among residential areas, and then a spectacular revenge — all systems of volley fire affects precision weapons to NATO. And in the morning the correspondent of the TV company is a terrible report from the place where in the evening were houses, and now piles of rubble. Misrata was destroyed thoroughly, but the most revealing frames the world never saw. Nothing was easy to remove. Yes, the city fell mines and missiles, including Russian — made- those that were in service with the Libyan army. But why not assume that the shooting of captured guns and mortars are not supporters of Gaddafi, and the special forces of the US and the UK? It was necessary to leave the "evidence" and they left.

Of course, in Libya there were areas and settlements that refused to side with the opponents of Gaddafi. There were and fierce fighting with small arms, mortars and grenade launchers. But heavy military equipment of the government troops did not distinguish themselves - because it is worth repeating that destroyed or before opening fire, either after the first shots.

The Americans were able to completely destroy the armed forces of the whole country, it is possible to tell, remotely, without entering into a direct clash. Using groups of special forces as the only living military force, the US has solved that problem in the same Iraq I had to finish the input of large army formations and the inevitable clashes with the remnants of the Iraqi army.

Why the operation was taking so long? Because so much was done for the first time and adjusted in the course of hostilities.

And all the running and shouting of the crowd, along with the pathetic "rebels" in modern wagons with machine guns — is extras, extras, or little understood, but rather, who did not want to understand what performance they are involved.

Now around Libya will start political games, the country will plunge into chaos controlled domestic banditry. Rob will be as long as there is, who and what to loot. Then comes the dull and precarious calm on the ruins of the recently prosperous country. Next target — Syria. To topple President Bashar al-Assad by the growing political unrest is not so difficult. But USA is very important to completely defeat the army and Navy of Syria. Unlike Libya, Damascus managed to equip modern and quite good technical characteristics of Russian weapons. And if you manage to destroy all these aircraft, combat helicopters, armored vehicles, missile boats and submarines, anti-aircraft missiles, the US army can officially declare himself invincible.

Then it is possible to recognize the triumph of practical yet theory-centric warfare. Then USA can safely start a war against Iran. Then, of course, all over the world without words will be clear that actively buy on the world market Russian weapons completely ineffective. And the "extra" words, believe me, will be told very much. And Russian arms exports will collapse.

A series of "revolutions" in the middle East and in Africa probably was politically motivated. But those performances were purely military side.

The United States had by trial and error to find the option of loosening of the political situation in any country and the institution of world public opinion so that it gave occasion to use military force to test their new technologies of the conduct of modern war.

Libya showed the Americans managed to do it. What will be the continuation of the bloody spectacle? The main events will likely not take long.


Sergei Ptichkin


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