Climatic weapons against Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 20-08-2010

The infernal heat, fires and smog of summer 2010 in Russia were more similar than unique, natural disasters, and the huge gas chamber and crematorium climate, which broke the extraordinary temperature records. How to explain weather the Apocalypse in the summer of 2010?


1. A bit of history

In 1977 the UN adopted the Convention on the prohibition of "environmental wars" with the use of the impact on the natural environment and its artificial stimulation, with the aim of climate change. Between the USSR and the USA had signed an agreement on the cessation of development in this area, but they, nevertheless, continued under the guise of scientific research.

Recently declassified documents indicate that in the 70-ies of the USA and the USSR entered into an unprecedented arms race climate. From documents of the National archive of the British government that in the seventies both superpowers seriously suspected each other of preparing for "climate war". The United States and the Soviet Union, there was a secret programme for military purposes to control climate on a global scale. Weather reports have become an integral part of the activities of intelligence agencies, according to Leo Carlin, the rector of Hydrometeorological University. Thus, the economic and political drought, flooding may become a part of weather forecasting in the twenty-first century. Climate a region's economy and national security, and climate weapons – the most guarded state secret.

The first attempts in this field the Americans did during the Vietnam war, spraying in the clouds silver iodide, which caused tropical rains that destroyed crops and washed away famous Trail of Ho Chi Minh, where Vietnamese guerrillas carrying weapons and ammunition. The precipitation was then increased three times. After applying the Vietnam climate military operations under the code name "Spinach" (Project Popeye), the officials explained this phenomenon by natural causes – a high probability of heavy rains in the region.

In 2001, assistant to the President of the United States made a report on that Alaska was successfully carried out ionospheric experiment, but the Pentagon said that by 2025 the United States will learn to fully control the weather and change the climate in a particular area in order that the battles took place without resistance. Alaska is a very special object that has a 360 antennas-emitters, ultra-high frequencies, can affect the ionosphere, forming artificial plasmoids, and changing weather conditions on the planet.

Professor of St. Petersburg University Andrey Vassoevich believes that the HAARP system is capable to cover almost the entire territory of Russia. Program high-frequency active auroral research field (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) is a weapon system which is deployed in Gakona (Alaska), which emits powerful radio waves into the upper atmosphere, causing weather anomalies.

Michelle Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics from the University of Ottawa (Canada), studying the official documents of the military Department of the HAARP program, writes: "There are unequivocal statements by the representatives of the U.S. air force that the technology of climate change are already developed. To say that this system has at least some use of non-military means to sin against the truth. I don't think it can be used for peaceful purposes – a weapon of mass destruction capable of causing severe climate change. Refinement of the project lies in the fact that the enemy might not guess that he a weapon was used. In my opinion, it undoubtedly is a violation of the UN Convention".

Climatic weapons pose a huge danger to all humanity because has a huge energy resource and an unpredictable catastrophic consequences. For comparison, normal atmospheric cyclone, which in natural conditions is constantly moving, has enormous energy, is comparable to tens of atomic and hydrogen bombs.

"Time for the people to pay attention to this weapon, and not to focus only on global warming, adds Chossudovsky. – Both poses a serious threat."

His vision of the events that happened this summer in Russia, shares of the Russian scientist, physicist, author of fundamental studies on the theory of the universe, academician Nikolai LEVASHOV, a conversation which we offer to the readers.


2. Under ion lens

– Nicolai, the theme of our conversation – so-called anomalies and natural disasters that have occurred this hot summer. 2010 has already been called the worst. People are scared and want to know what awaits humanity in the future. What is happening now in the world of natural disasters unprecedented in its scale. Russian scientists and meteorologists on the basis of the one hundred thirty year history of weather observations, the study of all possible records and certificates in various historical sources for the five-thousand year period indicate that nothing similar and nothing similar was observed. Never.

– The fact that nothing like this could not be, because what is happening now, at least in Russia, is the application of geophysical and climatic weapons at the same time. I, at least, see it for the first time. Climatic weapons the Americans have used repeatedly. In particular, against Europe in 2003, when it created artificial heat. For example, in France and in other European countries, to force them to buy genetically modified foods from the United States. Europe, as you know, is on the principle of consumption of natural products of high quality, which is very profitable US, who want to control everything, including what everyone will put on your table so everything depended on their will and desire.

On top of that genetically modified products affect the reproductive function. Studies have shown that second and third generation of people after consumption of such products, become infertile. You do not need no war, people began to die. But the target is mainly reason is the white race, which is least in number, by the way. In 2003, when it was used weapons against the climate of Europe, like France and Spain in August, the temperature began to reach in some areas above 60° Celsius! A lot of people died then. And when the cause has been established and destroyed these weapons, once the temperature dropped dramatically and returned to normal, the rains came! A little later the media reported that the ozone hole, which was over Europe, was delayed.

– Itself?

– The climate weapon has a very primitive, but reliable. It seems that it is very difficult and unbelievable but actually it is quite a simple system, which, as we know, was also developed in the Soviet Union. But after the collapse of a number of scientists were lured to the United States, they had created favourable conditions, and they completed the study, which began in the USSR. Could not or did not – no matter. In Alaska, Greenland, and Norway had established a ground station, a powerful antenna field, which can create powerful radiation, and satellites, which move at synchronous orbit, providing television broadcasting, telephone and other communications, post and other military equipment.

Rotation at synchronous orbit is when the rotation speed of the satellites coincides with the speed of rotation of the Earth, thus the satellites as it hangs over a particular point on the earth's surface rotates at the same speed as the Earth. And on such satellites are transmitting / receiving antennas, which do not need to create a large power, because the power they get from the Ground to control microwave radiation. And depending on which region of the Earth those who coordinates these actions, choose send powerful radiation from terrestrial stations. For example, in Alaska, Norway, Greenland, with the intention that in the right place to create the so-called ionic lens.

What is the ion lens? When these satellites send radiation, they both still and re-emit the radiation together. Thus, there is the imposition of many radiation directly to the many satellites that form a standing wave in the right place and at the right volume. This wave is inflated to such an extent that leads to the point where ionization occurs in the upper atmosphere where the ozone is and where the satellites orbit. In this place the protective layer falls, there are ions, which protects the earth's surface, and in this place begins to collapse to the Ground a powerful flow of cosmic radiations and harsh sunlight. Of course, where there's a window opened on earth it will burn everything, as was observed in 2003 in France, Spain and other countries of Western Europe. When this instrument on the satellites were burned, all immediately stopped and came to the norm, and in subsequent years, in August the temperature was 20-25 degrees and was constantly rains, which never happened before.

And that our present situation from the same Opera?

– In Russia this summer, we had the same thing, but in the worst case. Why? Because, in addition, that over the Eastern European plain was a huge ion lens, this is confirmed by the data of our scientists that in this area the ozone layer has decreased by 43%! Formed a huge ozone hole, to speak more simply. Heat itself does not make ozone holes. The ozone hole occurs in the upper layers of the atmosphere where the temperature is very low, so the hot temperature and hot summer, never lead and has not led to a reduction in the thickness of the ozone layer and the appearance of holes.

This anomaly is clearly of artificial origin. Besides, on the territory of the East European plain, the ozone hole may not appear, in principle, for many reasons, which we will not stop now. So, besides the fact that it was such a powerful ion lens and emerged a powerful solar ultraviolet and hard cosmic radiation was applied and the so-called geophysical weapons. This weapon is based on the fact that the heating comes not from above but from below. That is thanks to certain technologies, we will not specify now how it is affecting the thermal conductivity of the crust of the Earth, achieved such an effect that the Earth began to warm up from the inside. It is known that there is a very thin layer of bark.


3. Bottom fry top – soars

– Excuse me, this is the most vulnerable place. Let us discuss this point in more detail, please. There are opinions that there is no such possibility no such effort to do it... the Mind boggles.

If people knew what really happened and is happening on earth over the last 20,000 years, they would have changed many absurd dogmas, which they hammered into his head, and they don't even know why... so I will finish on the heating from inside the Earth. The essence of geophysical weapons that the crust – it's not the most vulnerable place, but just reliable, but under it, as you know, is red-hot magma. Due to the fact that the lower layers of the cortex that are in contact with the magma, although having a low thermal conductivity, they still warm up, which causes a weak warming of the surface. If you increase the conductivity of the lower layers of the crust, the magma will begin to act like a burning hot pan, and much harder to warm up the upper layers of the crust. Not so dramatically, of course, as in the pan – the oil would not boil – but, nevertheless, the temperature rise of the layers of the cortex that are closer to the surface and created the effect of a double heating. The effect of red-hot frying pan.

And what do we have? We have two heating systems one for air and the second below the earth's surface.

After the destruction of the climate weapons, the balance temperature is recovered very quickly, but the red-hot frying pan – heated crust – can't cool down quickly even after it has been restored to its normal conductivity. So, I created a heat trap for the anticyclone. And when the anticyclone came to our territory, he just fell into this trap and stopped. He stood, not moving anywhere, a month and a half! Here's a clever trap was set for the anticyclone. This nature simply can not be. No one can say that in natural phenomena anticyclone can stand without moving an inch, a month and a half.

This may not be a natural phenomenon, such in the nature does not exist. It is constantly there are some processes, changes in pressure, movement. At best, he could stand still for several days. Only after it destroyed the climate and geophysical weapons, the anticyclone began to move.

The climate weapon was destroyed on July 20 and then across Europe began to rain and the temperature returned to normal. As you may remember, in Europe in July was also hot weather is 40-45°, and there was no rain! But after July 20, and in Europe, and in Russia the rains came, just in the first hours after the climate weapon was destroyed.

But then the situation with the heat back again?

– No, situation has not returned, the rains came. But only after 22 July was destroyed and geophysical weapons, the anticyclone began to move. In principle, July 20, continued rains almost regularly there, and there – in Moscow and in the regions. At least in Siberia, where he was the heat, the rain came at once and quite abruptly cooled immediately went from 40 degrees to 20-22! The temperature difference was there fast. But the East European plain, where we are, burning hot pan, could not cool down instantly! Even when the anticyclone began to move, and the rain has gone. After 24 July, I met with readers said that on 20 and 22 July was destroyed the climate and geophysical weapons. I received a message that near Samara several lakes gone in just a few hours through the crack at the bottom.

The lakes are dry, heat a large, progressively smaller and Melcha, then there are mud cracked, and the lake dries up. But in this case, went underground lakes, which were not dried, they had water, and when the water is gone, the bottom was discovered large cracks. It turns out that the cracks appeared at the bottom of a body of water? It can't come from hot air and only hot from the heated soil, that is the Earth's crust. There were a few messages. But the funny thing in this whole story is that six weeks was hot, no rain and no fire was not! No. Although the temperature was high, all dried up. But once it was destroyed the climate and geophysical weapons, and the rains suddenly began to appear arson. The fire was started.

– You will notice subtle – arson.

– The question of why these fires were not before? Remember, in Moscow in 2002, burning peat bogs, was the situation when vehicles with soldiers fell into the earth when the peat burns below, and the smoldering fire broke out and burned everything.

– Of course, this is all I remember. Incidentally, in the Orel region, all these eighteen months was 40-45° heat and no fire! The same – in the Tambov region.

– And then, if you remember, the temperature was 30-35°, not more. And now the temperature was approximately 35°, but no fire was it was not until the 20th of July! Only after it destroyed the climate and geophysical weapons, suddenly appeared everywhere the fires in Russia. Isn't that strange? And these fires often appeared where someone it was very necessary for one reason or another. Someone wanted to clear the land for themselves... And such was also the arson. But most of the arson occurred around strategic sites, where the shells were stored, which were exported, supposedly to prevent explosions. But those who took out the ammo, where and why? Who knows. Burned scientific production Association, which created the latest weapons for the Russian army.

– Nicolai, the danger of occurrence of fires in nuclear centers in Sarov and Snezhinsk. Who does it benefit, if these nuclear centers appeared in the ring of fire?

– Well, anyone, think?

But it would concern all?

– Well, don't think about it. I think it is beneficial in the first place only to the Americans the other I do not see. Because it's a weapon, about which we speak, is advantageous only to them, and they have it.

– You rightly said that these weapons were developed almost simultaneously in the United States and the Soviet Union, and you said that there were many of our developments and our scientists who worked in this area and for one reason or another were in the United States. It became obvious that the weather can be influenced. Even those already familiar things, when Luzhkov disperse the clouds over Moscow during parades and so on. Obviously. The question is, if we have scientists who are able at least to understand what is happening, why there were no statements on this subject, and has not been made any actions which would neutralize such anomalies? What would it be? Against Russia and someone had declared war?

– War declared.


4. Hurricane and fire harvest

But if it was not destroyed by these systems and the climate and geophysical weapons, as you say, what was supposed to be the output?

– I think, wanted to put Russia on its knees. Completely burn crops and to force Russia to buy genetically modified grain. It is a genetic weapon. And was already talking about the purchase of 15 million tons of such grain from the United States. Vladimir Putin led a very good policy in this respect, canceled the export of grain and said we first solve their problems.

– Recently, Paris hosted an international meeting on the exchange for grain, which discussed the increase in grain prices. By the way, interesting fact, you mentioned 2002. Then, too, burning peat bogs and were in a similar situation. Were the materials in which it was reported that when the Soviet Union bought all of the same wheat in the United States.

About 2002, I can not say anything. Need to analyze it.

– And why such paralysis was formed in response to the situation this summer?

You can do a lot to counteract, for example, if a nuclear bomb has dropped? Conventional methods.

– It is clear. We were supplied with a fait accompli, it turns out.

– Military technologies, including in the field of climate weapons, unfortunately, can only cause harm. Drop a bomb or something, and then there will be great consequences. They can create and use a climate weapon. But when the engine is running, there was nothing they can do. For example, to make it clearer. When, in February 2009, Americans have created powerful hurricanes to send them to Western Europe, particularly France, was then also destroyed several satellites, which participated in the creation of such hurricanes. Remember, there was another falling satellite, which burned down and collided with the Russian satellite? So, Europe from the West, on the Atlantic side there was a powerful storm, artificially created by the Americans. And when the satellites were destroyed, those who destroyed them, turned the hurricane, and he went to the States. And for the first time in U.S. history in February on the East coast hit by the hurricane. Here you go. If they could have something to do with it, they would. Couldn't.

– And why do it without understanding the consequences?

They think they can do mischief with impunity, that is, the logic – if a neighbor's bad, we good. Their principle was always so.

– Burning peat. In the air accumulate certain factions of the burning suspension. And not only the products of combustion. So far, no one studied and it is unknown how it can affect people. Children, pregnant women, weak people breathing the fumes. It is known that the fine fraction of soot deposited in the lungs forever, they are almost impossible to squeeze out. What will happen to Muscovites and those who were at this time in Moscow, including the diplomatic corps, foreign mission, foreign tourists?

– I think all this stuff will come out of the lungs with phlegm, but in principle those who gave it all, didn't think about the health of the people. You think they care what will happen to people?

– Well, sorry, it is a natural genocide in the eyes of the world.

– Do you think that this genocide is only now coming from?


5. Reap the whirlwind

– Difficult to my understanding. All these games with the weather happening in one little ball where we all are. Of course, you can block for some time, the high and the burning over Moscow and Russia, but sooner or later the wind will dispel all? Where and what is the logic? If it is as you say, probably, not only the purchase of genetically modified wheat could be the main goal? Generally, how long it was supposed to hold this high and critical environmental problems in Moscow and in Russia?

I don't know their plans in detail, but the fact that they planned to retain this situation, and further, to burn everything and turn the East European plain into a desert, is not in doubt. With all the ensuing consequences. What you say about the harmful mists, yeah, it matters some, but the lungs are cleared through the mucus and toxins, of course, not as fast as we would like, but clean. Even smokers who smoke and then stop Smoking, over time, they have lungs cleansed, too.

In Moscow has sharply increased the mortality rate in this period, but in the area of the fires in two dozen regions, the smoke was less. While statistics who died in the fire does not exceed hundreds, and the other we don't know yet. What's scarier: smoke or heat?

The mortality rate associated with the clogging of the lungs, and in most cases it was caused by heat stroke, because not all elderly people with a weak heart and vascular diseases were able to withstand this heat and stifling in the hot walls of houses, the hot air even at night created a real steam room.

– Ready been found?

– Of course. Elderly and sick people are unable to move. Even completely healthy persons, if exposed to the sun for a long time without enough water, the powerful get heat stroke, which may result in failure.

– I experienced it myself. When he had to stand in traffic in a car without air conditioning. We went through the tunnel on the New Riga, where there was no ventilation, and I naturally got heat stroke.

– So even healthy people can die from such heat stroke if it is not time to give the liquid and cooling and weakened the body, especially in the elderly who lived on drugs, of course, for them this overheating was critical. The same thing happened in Europe in 2003.

– According to some, then in France from the heat killed 15 000 people.

In France in some areas in 2003, the air temperature reaches 60°C! And when the climate weapon was destroyed, the temperature quickly dropped to 25°, and the rains came.

– And why Europe became a target together with Russia?

– I think it is no coincidence that such action has been initiated against Russia and partly against Europe in 2010. According to the predictions of a very well-known in the world of American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, which reads information from the future, was written about 150 000 predictions that all came true in 2010 in Russia will be started the revival on a completely new level, which will create a society with completely new approaches to nature and the world. Russia will become a world leader that nobody can catch him. And the whole world will follow Russia. Russia will finally take the place that she had to take a long time. And quite possibly, the action of the weather can coincide with this point, because Americans are reading Casey, I hope, well aware that if 150 000 predictions turned 100%, then it must be fulfilled also. How to prevent it? It is necessary to counteract it, so they are trying to destroy those who would create a new civilization that exists on the principles of justice, not equality.

– Public opinion is divided mainly into two camps. First began to suspect that the weather there is something suspiciously wrong. And at least hypothetically began to assume the possibility of the development of events in the perspective of which you're talking about. The second portion of society believes that what is happening is only a phenomenon of the natural disasters that climate change is happening, the shift of the poles, greenhouse effect, global warming and so on.

– Yes, the climate is changing and has always changed. But it is a totally different phenomenon. Under any climate change anticyclone can not stand, not moving, a month and a half! And with changes in climate the earth's crust are not warmed up from the inside, when the earth suddenly leaves the lake through the crack at the bottom. This is the first. Second. Ignorance and ignorance is the worst state in which a man can be. Why? If people do not understand, do not know and are not informed about something, this does not mean that what he has no idea, cannot be a reality. Unfortunately, Russia has ceased to be the most reading country in the world, as it was in the Soviet Union. If people would read, you would know that Russian hackers hacked the protection and pulled out the papers that show that global warming is a fiction invented by those who apply the climatic weapon in order to cover up their actions.


6. Scientific warming

– Czech President Vaclav Klaus called on the scientific community and the political establishment to reject the far-fetched hypothesis of global climate change under the influence of human activity. The Czech leader spoke at Columbia University a speech titled "the View from Prague in Europe, global warming and economic crisis," revealing climate change as a scientific and political fiction. Incidentally, it has been reported that NASA warned in advance about this drought and heat in Russia. And it has been commented, as a scientific fact.

– Of course. Why it was necessary to create a theory of global warming, when it is completely fiction? This, of course, too bad that human activities adversely affect the environment, but human activity emits less than 1% carbon dioxide, while the remaining 99% with a small hook is ejected by the planet. It is a fact. Therefore, no fundamental influence the activity of humanity on this stage, in addition that spoils the environment, on heat and the greenhouse effect have not. Less than one percent! To comment probably not necessary. This is the first. Second. It really became a fact, and it has been argued that the theory of global warming – it's a duck, which is specifically designed by intelligence agencies of the world government in order then to cover their impunity. Now there are abnormal phenomena with the climate in Russia and we can say: alas, well, we're about it you have been warned!

– NASA warned in advance.

And NASA was warned. This is a cover. The theory of global warming is fiction! And it's proven not by me, but documents, which were exhibited for public reading on the Internet. But, unfortunately, informed very few people. We get the following. First, it creates a legend about the alleged global warming. This must not be confused with climate change, because climate change always happened, and this is normal. And we are talking about global warming allegedly caused by human activity. For what? In order to then, when situations arise, as in France in 2003 and in other countries of Western Europe, and this year in Russia, one could calmly explain that he had not used any weapons, and this is due to the fact the global warming. We warned about this in advance!


7. Burning from the sky...

– Interestingly, the first group companies, which we talked about, give a reasoned factual data, our military experts and meteorologists. Can you believe, can not believe, can check, can be disproved, but given the facts, but the second group of opinions based on emotions – nonsense, nonsense, can not be, because it can never be. The question arises, why would the opponents of the first group do not resent and do not make reasoned rebuttal? But this is not happening.

And because there is nothing to refute. When it was destroyed, the two types of weapons, started fires. Our observers found a connection between the passage over the territory of Russia at night, American unmanned spacecraft Х37В, which is large enough to carry a powerful laser. And a big "accident", for each pass of the drone over Russia, followed by having a powerful fire tornado vortex. I received an interesting message about the fact that there were witnesses that saw the ignited field. Of course, the thermal infrared radiation is invisible, but at the moment of ignition when there is smoke, the smoke was visible beam that moved and caused the fire. This is not just conjecture. Why there was a correlation with passage over our territory of American unmanned spacecraft and the appearance of new lesions, and areas of powerful fire. And the people on the ground saw the accident from the sky reaching the invisible beam burned field, and when there was a fire in a smokescreen could clearly see the beam.

– Are there facts and evidence? Because this is a very serious statement.

– Yes, there are witnesses to this information and special services space control. Someone Grigory Sviridov August 6, 15:14 received such a message. "Yesterday at 6 PM I personally saw how flushed the field adjacent to the forest by a laser beam directed from the sky. The sky was more or less clear, no object in the sky was not. It turns out that the beam can radiate the satellite or object in space. The fire broke out suddenly on the square 2 sq. meter, then the fire quickly fled the field toward the woods. When rose strong black smoke inside the smoke I ran erratically rotating white beam thickness with a ballpoint pen. So this thin beam suddenly burned an area of two square meters." How would he know about such things?

They are very interesting.

– Continues reading messages: "Can be, initially, the thickness of the beam was a different color beam of white chalk and in the atmosphere is invisible, half of it was visible only in black smoke.... The white smoke that the beam is invisible, too. No wonder people are not aware of this, because these rays can not be seen from satellites or from space. This is a real diversion. They know about it those who are supposed to know that? If you know and cover, it means that we have enemies of the people and the state. I will explain soon. Beam coming from the sky to the ground, I have not really seen his presence in the club of black smoke".

This guy does not understand that he had seen the powerful effects of the thermal infrared laser. As I said, our special services also traced the correlation between the passage over our territory unmanned spacecraft Х37В capable of carrying laser weapons, and the emergence of a powerful tornado of fire on the trail of its trajectory. Naturally, the infrared laser cannot be seen in the atmosphere, and only the black smoke he could see. Particular person saw this laser set fire to the fields and walked into the woods. If it wasn't in the sky no planes and other flying objects, this could only happen with a very high orbit, which is not visible from earth with the naked eye, and that the beam is invisible, but only black smoke. It is proof that this is an infrared laser.

– But some foreign astronauts, raise it just to laugh, that from space it is possible to do.

– I will give you one example to make you understand, what the West and including the opinions of their astronauts.

– Bring.

I lived in USA for 15 years and I can say that there is no freedom as they proclaim. I was familiar with one Director of the news Agency CNN in San Francisco. He told me that few journalists aired the material about how it affected the Vietnam veterans and their descendants because they have become victims of the use of "orange" in Vietnam. This is the kind of chemical weapons. Left channel, where he talked about the fact that not only do veterans have become sick from it, but their children and grandchildren were born with mental and physical deformities and pathologies. Kissinger immediately called Turner and told the bastards to fire with wolf tickets and issue a retraction of the material. Here's vaunted American freedom of speech! Continue want?


8. Ignorance is the worst counselor

– It is not necessary. Now Russia needs to cope with the impact of the fires and all the rest. To recover. But, in principle, should there be made some kind of statement or message to the international community or this event in summer 2010 in Russia and will take place as a natural disaster?

I don't know will pass or not, but personally I'm not idle. Tonight at STS was about it. However, from my half-hour interview in the program "Infomania" has a few seconds left, you can see, they had more "important" information. What were the comments before and after me, I'm not interested, because if any sane person heard what I said completely, I would have realized that here smells of fried. In the literal and figurative sense of the word.

And if you don't understand???

– And if someone claims that it is a duck, etc., there is one question – WHO calls the tune? Plus last week on Friday the film crew of the program "Military secret" recorded my interview in which I said the same thing. You can scream anything you want, to invent stories about global warming, but it is a fact that global warming is exposed. Yes, unfortunately, very few people know that this theory is exposed. But due to the fact that few people know about it, continue, sorry, to hang noodles on the ears of the people, are far away from that. Ignorant and do not understand. In the same way as I do not want and do not understand that when the geophysical weapon system that causes raskalyvanii and heat from inside the Earth, can not instantly come back to normal, and may cool gradually.

– By the way, again heard the predictions that this small respite and will relapse. Unfortunately, the few meteorologists were wrong, although I wanted it with all my heart. And 40° heat was, and for 40! Now again they say that it can come back again.

– The fact that at first they did not talk about any respite. All forget about it. They said that all of August will stand the heat. And then suddenly, when there was a drop in the temperature, there are talks about the break. They have nowhere to go. They can say anything. If you will again apply the climatic weapon, the heat will return. But I think that will not be. And if so, will be destroyed again and again. Another factor. Europe was flooded recently.

Is the same order of things?

– Not only of the same order. I'll give you my understanding. The fact is that when the anticyclone began to move after the destruction of these weapons in Europe, the situation returned to normal and the rains came. Until July 20 was heat 40°, and then began 20-24°, even lower than the norm. And the weather front started to move to Russia. And when they realized that there is a recovery, those who launched the climatic weapon, has taken the next step. I think that was especially appropriate ingredients is sprayed into the air space of Western Europe – Poland, Germany to get the air masses coming from the Atlantic, to dump water on the territory of Russia.

– Ay-ay-ay...

– In Kaliningrad, the rains came and stopped in front of our borders and started to dump the water and pour in Europe. I have every reason to believe and even assert that this is so. Known methods, when the flow of air containing the moisture to spray a special aerosol, and moisture falls in the right place. This is a primitive method. Question: anyone working on our weather forecasters, who began reporting that I would be back heat?

– Why forecasters whipped up such hysteria? Our forecasters showed outright cynicism. Immoral. People die, the mortality rate has increased, Moscow is choking and suffering, fires, disasters, Russia's burning! Against this background, are hurray-messages – broken another record, a new record! Mess. As the field of battle, victorious cheers of forecasts. Pressed on the psyche of the people, instead of giving at least a faint hope. A travesty.

– If you know who is paying grants to those forecasters, it becomes clear who calls the tune. So, when it became clear that they are planted over Europe ingredients, dehydrating the air mass that Russia is not the rains came, then it was again taken by a certain intervention, and the air flow went to Russia from the North, what we are now witnessing. Come cold air masses from the North.

– What is the next stuff will be cooked?

– In war you can expect anything, anything. I believe that since September last year declared war on the world government – social parasites – primarily Russia. What to expect from them, what another stuff they can throw, I'm not an expert on filth, my brain is not working.

– Well said. Thank you.

– I can say one thing, it will be clear that they have taken once again, then I hope we will find ways to these threats neutralized.

– Thank you to those who save people from all these climatic and other horrors! There is also a third group of opinions in the direction of mysticism – apocalyptic mood. Waiting for the end of the world. 2012!

– Again, lack of knowledge and ignorance – the worst advisers. Because, if anything, the Earth should have been killed several times over the last 20 years. The last such event was to happen not in 2012, as in 2003. What? Happened? Nothing happened.

– The punishment of the Lord, mankind should understand that this is punishment for all sins. These are the sentiments now in society. This is something that now exists in the minds.

– So argue the people who don't understand what they're saying. I repeat, the mankind have long had to die. Last time in 2003. And then what they would say. Today one would not!

– What was supposed to happen in 2003?

– The fact that in 2003 planet X was supposed to come to Earth.


9. History repeats itself as a farce

– And all understood. Thank you. What in the story in 2010 they were supposed to do?

To bring the situation to a crisis. And the task was – not to allow Russia broke from the spin and went on the revival spoken of not only Casey, who described everything in detail, but many other soothsayers of the distant past and not. They all said that the restoration of peace will begin in Russia. The revival of Russia – is the death of the parasitic world system, you know? The center of the parasitic system of the USA, so they are the main antagonist.

The funny thing is that if you take the past of our planet, it turns out that exactly the same situation, just on a different fundamental level – is now much better situation for the Earth, from my point of view was a little more than 13,000 years ago, when settlers from Europe, the white race, which moved to the big island near Central America, turned into slaves, the red race which lived there, recently, and created the Empire of the Ants. Atlantis, the so-called, or Antler, in which after some time, these immigrants began to fight for world domination and attacked its parent Empire of the white race, resulted in a terrible war, disaster, and all has been pushed to the level of the Stone age, after the moon Fattah fell to the ground, the tilt of earth's axis has changed, there was a huge tsunami washed away everything that could be washed, and nuclear weapons then used, among other things. What is the evidence, not just words. Funny thing is, after 13,000 years on practically the same site, slightly offset, again the same story!

– Yes, almost in the same place and with the same consciousness.

– And the same consciousness. Funny.

Very. And same games with the weather and lost Atlantis!

Yes. Atlanta also tried to play with the forces of nature, but now the situation has changed. They cannot now with impunity to play with these forces.

Unfortunately, while they punished us.

They have already punished yourself very seriously. The situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Already preparing the evacuation of the population, even in Chicago it was already acidic and arsenic rains.

They say that the Russians did.

– That the leak occurred there, blame the Russians? When nothing to say, you can say so! Their greed ruined. In the place where they drilled, generally it was impossible to do that. In that place are joined a few tectonic plate, and there it was impossible to drill. The bark is fragile, so any drilling could lead to what resulted. At the junction of the platforms to drill was impossible, and this is not my findings. But the main thing was to get the benefit. And that's got benefits. At least over the United States our satellites with laser weapons did not fly, and no one was set on fire by order of someone! And we have ignited mostly zones around strategic facilities for defense purposes.

– When did the earthquake in Haiti, as all together they ran to the rescue! But when Russia has suffered, the Pope made an appeal to help Russia! And where are all our friends? Now this help is not as relevant as some time ago.

– No Russia is not going to help. There are, of course, friends, but they don't have a force that could act openly, otherwise they would be also destroyed. Alexander III once said to his son that Russia has only two allies – the army and Navy. Since then, nothing has changed. Russia allies was and never will be. Russia used and used for their black dirty deeds.

– It turns out that this summer Russia has once again sacrificed himself and covered Europe with his chest. If I hadn't discovered what was discovered and destroyed would the climate weapon, Europe is now burning would be the same as Russia.

– In principle, it turns out.

British scientists have found the explanation. It turns out that all the matter in the high-altitude jet streams! Say almost same as you, but from the point of view of scientific meteorology. So-called blocking events. As a unique natural phenomenon. And none of them thought about the fact that if something rests on the wall, roughly, and does not move neither there nor here, it may not be a natural phenomenon.

– Maybe they realize but are afraid to say.

And maybe the mainstream consciousness as blocked as this anticyclone?

– May be blocked. But most likely, I'm afraid to say, afraid to lose their jobs. I spoke with a woman who researched the effects of GMO on mice and found that even the second generation becomes sterile. She has been on many international symposiums, and now her survive everywhere. It turns out that didn't need such things to study! Those scientists who subscribe to the fact that GMO is a genetic weapon, lost job and grants. What does this mean? A number of scientists who receive a salary from the hands of the same parasites, even if I wanted to say, but I'm afraid because of those who plucks up courage and says about it, deprived of work and grants funds to continue research and to simply survive.

– Moscow lost part of its population and no one knows how all this will end? And scientists are afraid to tell the truth! Hardest hit Russia again.

– Of course. The same weapons were used against Russia, and against Europe. If in Russia there are such agents of influence, and scientists, from my point of view, scientists can be called conditionally, for feeders they're willing to betray everyone and everything. Need to bring this information public. Still not all stupid. Many people already Wake up and was awake. And begin to see and understand what is happening. And such actions are parasites, on the contrary, do not alienate and bring the revival of Russia. This is my opinion.


10. The fifth column

About agents of influence. Passed the number of publications rather hysterical emotional on the topic "climate weapon and the aliens". However, the author of this article drifted with his family to Finland, why would it suddenly?

– Well, you see!

– But there may soon come a time, when there is no place at all to drift!

– Of course.

– So, Russia almost was not, if it had not been applied extraordinary measures?

– In principle, Yes. Well, again, if it were not for these measures, and the Land would have been in 2003. Everything here is interconnected. If it hadn't been taken some measures earlier, Earth would have had all these problems no one would like to discuss now. Humanity would not exist, and there would be no problems. But enemies do not rest and continue to do bad things. From my point of view, it is agony. The agony of the parasitic system that dies, but tries to kick. Even a cornered rabbit can be dangerous, you know? But nothing, this agony will pass and this all will end. I am convinced that everything will be all right.

– We finish our conversation on the big positive? Humanity and in particular, Russia can expect better times? By the way one more time. Sources close to NASA – I'm being ironic – much exaggerate this topic, that this year Russia is expected to fierce winter!

– We'll see. This year too, the winter was frosty.

– Obviously, there is something to think about in advance?

– You know, weapons are not applied, it cannot be destroyed.

– Do you think Russia will resume research and development climate?

I think we better think about how to rebuild the country. To develop a weapon is not necessary. It would be necessary to develop antirughe, and it already exists.

– It is clear.

– If you have the opportunity to turn back the hurricanes to those who created them, there are other equally interesting technologies.

– By the way, the hurricane. The same hysterical we gleefully foretell that from this situation we can't get out easily and without loss. Will ask for more tests, when the heat is more destructive – hurricanes, tornado, tornadoes, heavy rains, and so on.

– Wait and see. Who are these hysterical disburse? They scream about the need to those who prepay. While we have a powerful fifth column, unfortunately, happens a lot good that would happen. But regardless of what he wants fifth column, no matter how they carry on, they lose one position after another – more and more, and more. That's all.

– If there are forces that can oppose, – don't just fail all of their toys! – will there be any attempts to neutralize the forces that prevent them to carry out their plans?

They have tried and are trying to do. Nothing came of it. I think that will not work.

– Can Russia and Moscow to sleep well and not to expect in the near future end of the world and natural disasters?

– Sleep is not necessary. Bad things they will continue to do, of course. But I hope they do not succeed.


Interviewed by Tatiana ALEKHINA



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