Robert Monks, `Corporate. As the Director-General take millions of dollars`
Material posted: Publication date: 02-01-2012

Power in the USA belongs to the corporations, and all corporations subject to the Director General. How did the once modest managers, whose main task is day-to-day work for the interests of shareholders and investors, suddenly became heroes in the first lines of business and "glossy" media? Why the amount of their compensation - tens of millions of dollars - comparable with the income figures of show business or athletes? On what basis the CEO at which the company's shares fell in price, still leaving his post, gets a solid severance package? About the causes of the situation and how change, says lawyer and businessman who devoted himself to fighting for the rights of shareholders.

Publisher: United Press / John Wiley & Sons
Year: 2010 / 2008
Pages: 238
ISBN: 978-5-904522-58-2

Tags: USA