Syria: a new stage of information war
Material posted: Publication date: 23-01-2012

On 21 January, the AFP news Agency has opened a new Chapter in information warfare against Bashar Assad. More precisely, this Chapter was novel only in Syria, techniques described below were one of the "visiting cards" of the Libyan war. AFP reported that armed groups of Syrian rebels, consisting of deserters, radicals and sympathizers, completely captured the city Duma, with a population of 120,000 people.

This city is known to be situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Damascus, and is essentially a suburb of the Syrian capital. According to AFP, the capture of the Duma was preceded by a fierce battle between rebels and Syrian army units, which were routed, and the rebels took the entire city under their control. At the same time, "there were armed clashes in Deir Assore and HOMS". Located in the North-West city of Idlib, which has a similar status of the suburb, another large item of Aleppo, shooting, though, has been underway for several days. CNN also said that during the January 21 killed at least 54 people.

However, we quickly learned that the information on the sensational successes of the Syrian rebels, who still didn't rise above the level of conventional terrorism, comes from the organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This structure is actually the press service of the Syrian rebels, and after a number of blatant falsifications and fraud cannot be considered an objective source of information. Moreover, soon came clarification — "the invaders" of the city Duma left him immediately after his brilliant success. This, according to representatives of the rebels, was dictated by concern about the civilian population — it is, they say, inevitably would suffer in response to the attack of government forces. One thing is unclear — what was the point in the "capture" of the city Duma for an hour or two? And why attack government forces must be applied to the civilian population more damage than the RAID of the militants who, according to CNN, cost the lives of dozens of people?

Implied in Western media by default, the status of the rebels as humane and civilized fighters for freedom and democracy in recent years has tarnished. The French newspaper "Le Figaro" confirmed that the death on January 11 in HOMS, French journalist Gilles zhake was the result of "mistakes" made so-called "Syrian liberation army". We will remind, the employee of TV channel "France 2" zhake Gilles was killed in the city of HOMS as a result of attack of fighters. Along with him were killed 8 Syrian civilians.

If considered the attack on the Duma as an element of opposition to tyranny — that he looks quite strange, if not stupid. If the aim of the attacks were robberies and looting — is justified. The more that are about to place a new twist of international policy towards Syria, which will happen after the publication of the report of the observers of the Arab League. A new surge of violence in Syria into the hands of the supporters of foreign intervention in Syria.

Obviously this is inspired by the words of the Syrian opposition. The report of the Arab League had discussed in Cairo on 22 January, in a fairly complex environment due to the lack of consensus in the League. Emir of Qatar calls directly to the input of the foreign military contingent in Syria, other members insist on resolving the conflict by diplomatic means. At the international level, with the Emir of Qatar jointly and severally USA "called" LAG is not to direct new observers, and focus on a detailed description of the "atrocities regime". As stated by Secretary of state Clinton Hillary — to make "the Syrian authorities are unable to avoid responsibility for what is happening in the country." "Moderate" party in support of the Arab League, Russia and China, who welcomed the League's efforts to find a peaceful solution.

One of the leaders of the Syrian opposition residing in France, the sociologist Burhan the Latrine, during the time of the mission, the Arab League announced that stiff enough against Syrian President Assad, the report will not be recognized by the opposition and its Western friends of a legitimate and objective. In the end, the Arab League took a decision to prolong the mission for another month. The number of observers will be increased and they will be given further training by the UN.

If the mission will continue for another month, the results will be announced in March. And it was in the first week of March, President Assad promised to hold a national referendum on the new Constitution, and in may-June parliamentary elections. So that a peaceful settlement will go smoothly in the observation, after which to accuse Bashar al-Assad's undemocratic will be much more difficult. And, judging by the fact that the loyalty of the Syrian people to their government is much higher than in other States in the region, it may well be that the upcoming elections only confirm the existing status quo.

Watching the preparation of the elections, one cannot escape the feeling that the opposition is not interested in peaceful reforms. In this case, the Syrian government under the mediation of Iran has offered the opposition a number of key posts in the new government. However, the Syrian units of the radical organization "Muslim brotherhood" has taken control in Egypt and gaining weight in other countries, rejected the offer. The representative of "Brothers" Muhammad Farouk Tayfur stressed that the demand for the resignation of Bashar al-Assad is non-negotiable, and offered the opportunity to participate in the construction of peace does not interest them. Tayfur sure that the violence in Syria, is a exceptional problem of a government that is "by their actions pushes people into more and more resolute resistance to the authorities". Moreover, in his opinion, the Syrian leadership is consciously spreading enmity between representatives of different confessions.

In reality, alas, everything happens exactly the opposite — in the Syrian cities are full of "preachers", not calling for loyalty to Assad, but, on the contrary, agitating for the speedy destruction of all the representatives of the Alawite minority and the partial disenfranchisement of all non-Muslims. The theory that the opposition fighters taking revenge on "the Punisher" is a myth too. Here's the latest example: on January 22, as a result of the terrorist attacks was killed by General of the radio-electronic Department, Hassan Abdullah and several officers of the same Department. I wonder what the motives are driven by militants in cases where their hands are killed by the military, not involved in the suppression of riots, but able to resist foreign invaders?

"The international community must take responsibility to protect civilians and establish security corridors," he Taifur. In this case we are talking about being lobbied by Turkey and France's version of the creation of "security zones" and "corridors" for the free movement and safe holiday "fighters with a mode". The presence of training camps of the Syrian "opposition" in Turkey already recognize Turkish policy — for example, the representative of the Republican people's party of Turkey Refik Eryilmaz.

With "Brothers" in solidarity and Mr. Head. At a press conference in Istanbul, he stated that the only item discussed on the agenda "can only be the requirement of immediate departure of Assad from his post". The head called for the "continuation of the peaceful revolution in Syria and expanding the popular base of the uprising".

Meanwhile, the "peaceful revolution" has already resulted in the deaths of 5500 people. And, as you can see, her shadow leaders are not interested in compromise options. If the preliminary decision of the Arab League will remain in force, and in Syria will continue the work of the international mission that will provoke a new surge of violence. Given the fact that the preliminary results of the mission do not justify the hopes of the radicals and their foreign sponsors, it is impossible to exclude that during a new mission, the opposition will redouble its "peace efforts". The recent incident in the city Duma confirms these fears.


Aleksandr Krymov


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