Vasilev L. V. `ASEAN in the twenty-first century`
Material posted: Publication date: 01-02-2012

The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the complex and often contradictory processes of regionalization in Southeast and East Asia, shows their significance for the strategic interests of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region. Discusses the construction of the ASEAN community in its component parts: security community, economic and socio-cultural communities, the content and the value entered into force in December 2008, the ASEAN Charter.

Relationships of ASEAN's main dialogue partners, especially with China, USA and Japan. A separate Chapter is devoted to the main directions, potential and prospects of cooperation of Russia with the countries ASEAN. Based on extensive factual material and the works of Russian and foreign scientists, the authors attempted to dispel, unfortunately, in recent years in these countries, the myth that in Russia underestimate the importance of the region and do not see the specifics of the historically there is a relationship.

Publisher: Forum
Year: 2010
Pages: 368

Tags: USA , China