EUROPRO the reality and virtuality of air defense
Material posted: Publication date: 04-08-2012

From 16 to 20 July in the airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia passed the aviation NATO exercise Ramstein Guard 4" where participated a MIG-29 jets of the Polish air force flying the mission for the protection of the airspace of the Baltic States.

The main purpose of the maneuvers was to exercise the forces and means of the United air defense system of NATO in terms of radio interference.

According to the plan of teaching the Polish military contingent "Orlik 4" allocated from its membership a call center a couple of fighters and navigators of guidance from regional centre for airspace control and motion control, located in the Lithuanian town of Karmėlava.

In the course of manoeuvres of the Polish pilots repeatedly performed training tasks to intercept air targets in conditions of use of radio interference statement, which was carried out by electronic warfare aircraft DA-20 out of Ramstein.

It should be noted that these measures for steel poles quality assurance tasks the mission to protect the airspace of the Baltic States and, according to leaders of doctrine, they passed that test successfully. I should also add that quite recently the Polish military contingent "Orlik 4" called for the head of the national security Bureau of Poland General Stanislav kozey to test the activities of military units.

A reasonable question arises, what is so concerned about Warsaw and Brussels? And the fact that the media still do not cease passion about a possible flight over Belarus from Lithuanian side of the aircraft with the Swedes on Board. This is not surprising, it's not every day so brazenly violate the air border of the two States and, twice in one day. It turns out that the Swedes on the strength tested air defense and NATO, which also was full of holes.

In addition to the bases of the Alliance, the Swedish Teddy bear landing force has stained the reputation of Lithuania. Recall that on the evening of 4 July, press service of the Lithuanian army, or apologizing, or realizing his omission, has made a vague statement about the alleged violation of the rules of use of air space of Lithuania. However, on 17 July the Minister of defense Rasa Jukneviciene has officially denied this information. After all, if the fact of violation of the border took place, it turns out that Lithuania had violated signed with Belarus the agreement in accordance with which the parties undertake to inform each other about the appearance of the aircraft at a distance of less than 15 kilometers from the common border. It turns out that the Lithuanian party of its obligations either accidentally or on purpose ignored. To the place it should be added that the state border guard service of Lithuania, which, incidentally, is equipped with the latest technology, did not comment on the flight of the Swedish aircraft.

Looks strange in this story and the position of the Polish side, which pretends that no accidents have happened. Official the silence of Warsaw can only be explained by the fact that the Polish military contingent "Orlik 4" completely failed to fulfill the mission to protect the airspace of Baltic countries and thereby showed the futility of this action, NATO.

It is worth Recalling that the Polish military contingent "Orlik 4" is a very serious military unit, able to independently solve the tasks set before him. Therefore, it includes the headquarters, aviation group, technical support unit, a group of air traffic controllers. Duty crew almost immediately take off upon receipt of alarm. A special place in ensuring the success of the occupy contingent of navigators, who are on duty day and night in the regional center for air space control and motion control in the Lithuanian town of Karmėlava. At their disposal receives all information about the radar environment over the Baltic States, data from the civilian air traffic controllers, it was here that keeps track of all the flight routes of aircraft. In addition to their interest work means electronic intelligence, which are placed not only on the territory of the Baltic States and Poland on the border with Belarus.

This center is a kind of "eyes and ears" of United air defense system of NATO in this region. But, for some reason, these "eyes" on the 4th of July proved to be blind. Because the Swedish pilots had to request permission for departure, as it is a mandatory procedure for all aircraft. No wonder there are air corridors, in which you need to follow in order to avoid a collision. In the sky more stringent laws than on earth, but since the Swedish kamikaze pilot just "flew off" in Minsk, then in addition to the Belarusian-Lithuanian airspace it violated international "air code" that must execute even private light aircraft. After returning to Lithuania, as if nothing unprecedented, Swedes refueled and quietly flew home, and NATO air defense continued her peaceful sleep.

Therefore, Poland is silent, hiding the failure of their "Orlikov" and for good reason. Recognizing the violation of the airspace of Lithuania, the Polish military permanently undermine your credibility before NATO allies. Surely the US and the military leadership of the Alliance had already thought about the fact that because of the Polish sloppiness now under threat is the placement on the territory of this country of the Euro missile defence elements. After all, now have to seek additional funds for security of the system and the reality of the incarnation of this program becomes less obvious.

Nicholas Astrovskii

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