Plett V. "Strategic intelligence. Basic principles"
Material posted: Publication date: 13-10-2012

The author, Brigadier General U.S. army Washington Platt, was a member of the first and second world wars, more than 10 years served in bodies of military and strategic intelligence, he was engaged in research related to information work.

The book covers the basic principles and methods of information work of strategic intelligence and the possibility of using in this work the knowledge and methodology of social and natural Sciences. The author also addresses the issues of training workers for the information service of strategic intelligence.

The book is intended for students of military academies, specialists in strategic services, business and simply an interested reader.


UDC 355.40

Platt V. "Strategic intelligence. Basic principles. — M.: Publishing House "FORUM", 1997. - 376 p.

Tags: assessment , strategy , forecasts