In anticipation of the third world: Iran, Russia and China against USA
Material posted: Publication date: 20-11-2012

Now that we have chosen a commander for our upcoming war, let's take a look at how we come to this. As is always the case, to understand the future, you should look at the past.

Bretton woods, new Hampshire, July 22, 1944 – 730 delegates from 44 allied Nations in world war II signed the Bretton woods agreement, while also creating the international monetary Fund and set the US dollar as the world reserve currency.

This system meant that one Troy ounce of gold will cost 35 U.S. dollars, and the U.S. will exchange at this rate the Federal reserve Bank notes from other countries, although the country abandoned the gold standard for almost 12 years. Other countries tied their currencies to the dollar, thereby fixing the exchange rate for member States.

The Federal reserve quickly accumulated huge reserves coming from all over the world gold in exchange for paper currency, which other countries were kept in reserve for use in international transactions, and which, unlike gold, earned the U.S. financial markets interest.

Washington, August 15, 1971 – due To military spending during the war in Vietnam (exceeding $ 500 billion), many countries have realized that the Federal reserve Bank prints money in excess of the amount the U.S. could redeem in exchange for in his possession of physical gold, which was only about $ 30 billion. President Johnson began his program "the Great society" by declaring war on poverty and adding to the beneficiaries for the welfare of another 4 million people, while simultaneously refusing to raise taxes.

All this threatened to devalue the currency. In 1970 the gold coverage of the dollar from the American government fell from 55 to 22 percent. The amount of money in the us in 1971 increased by 10 percent, which prompted Germany and Switzerland to withdraw from the Bretton woods agreement, rather than to devalue their currencies to support the dollar.

Other countries started to return to the Treasury its notes, demanding in exchange for their gold. After France demanded gold for more than $190 million, and another $50 million took Switzerland, President Nixon gave the "Nixon Shock", unilaterally breaking the Bretton woods agreement. That it would happen, was not even warned by the state Department. Now the dollar became a floating currency, and the value of such currency relative to other currencies began to plummet.

Washington, 1973 – promising military protection of oil fields in exchange for cooperation, President Nixon convinced Saudi Arabia to sell oil to foreign countries only for US dollars. This caused a surge of demand for the dollar. Other countries now had no choice but to export needed goods and services to pay for them to print money out of thin air. Then the currency collected all oil-rich countries in OPEC, and became known as the petrodollar.

It was the biggest Scam in history. We had only to do press, and get all the desired goods and services because our customers had no choice if they wanted to continue to maintain the ability to obtain oil. The U.S. was the richest country in the world for nearly a hundred years, and the most powerful and influential for 30 years, and this state of Affairs seemed to have cemented the dollar at the centre for international Finance, while its cost is falling fast against the major European currencies.

The standard of living for those who received the status of a direct benefit, skyrocketed, and they rapidly accumulated a large fortune. They rose higher as in the sense of political and financial power.

Iraq, 1991 – in an effort to protect Kuwait from aggression, the United States invaded Iraq. The war was over one hundred hours after the first shot, and the Iraqi army was destroyed. We destroyed Iraq's hospitals, water treatment plants, bridges and other necessary for life infrastructure.

All the time that the Clinton administration continued to be in power, crippling sanctions have created for Iraq's decade of death. One million civilian dead due to famine, disease and lack of health care. Five hundred thousand children died in the time of troubles, about which Secretary of state Madeleine Albright later stated that, "it was worth it". Cost of what?

Iraq, November, 2000 – After a decade of death, Iraq announced that he will not sell its oil for US dollars, but exclusively for euros. This napadu on the dollar can not stand steel because it reduced the profits received by US as a mediator.

Using the power of the media, the U.S. government convinced American citizens that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that he gives shelter to al-Qaeda.

Iraq, 20 March 2003 – the US invades Iraq. The result is a five thousand American soldiers dead, 37 thousand dead Iraqi military (civilian deaths has added thousands more), no weapons of mass destruction and no al-Qaeda. Once control was achieved, the oil trade is immediately switched back to dollars, despite the fact that due to the strengthening of the Euro, Iraq had to give up 20 percent of the profits. The occupation of Iraq lasted nearly 9 years.

Washington, March 2, 2007 – Former Supreme allied commander of NATO General Wesley Clark in a television interview, repeating on 20 September 2001 with another General conversation, said the following:

"I just received today a note from the office of the Secretariat of the Ministry of defence. The document sets out how we will conquer 7 countries". "Let's start with Iraq, then Syria and Lebanon. Then Libya, Somalia and Sudan. Finish Iran".

Libya, February 2011 – Muammar Gaddafi is organizing a group of North African countries to create a gold-backed currency called the Dinar. The planned purpose of this money? To get rid of dependence on the dollar and the Euro to member countries of the plan was adopted in exchange for their goods and resources only for gold dinars.

U.S. forces and NATO unleashed on Libya airstrikes, allowed the brutal murder of Gaddafi, and immediately founded similar to the fed, the Central Bank, which, of course, have to deal only with dollars.

Iran, February 2012 – Iranian Central Bank Governor Mahmoud Bahmani announced that as payment for oil will start to accept gold. For some time Iran has actively tried to get away from the dollar, which resulted in a decade of "minor" sanctions. This statement was preceded by an immediate and powerful coverage of the Iranian nuclear threat in the media. Which was followed by devastating sanctions with a clear goal to crush Iran's economy.

According to MITT Romney during the recent debate over foreign policy in the presidential campaign, not attacking anyone since 1798, the country suddenly became the greatest threat to the national security of the United States.

I believe that President Obama believed in his every word during the presidential campaign of 2008. He talked about hope and change, transparency of government, reducing debt, and may his every word was sincere. He was a young Senator-an idealist with very little experience "outside the classroom".

I guess he learned who is really in charge when he took his seat.

And those who say to our President, what to do, don't let the dollar fall. If even just one country be allowed to take over oil only a dollar, he will cease to be the world's reserve currency and will crumble to dust. So how many lives is it worth? China, Russia and Syria are staunch allies of Iran, and will not stand aside, disappears when their main source of oil.

We need to take the medicine for decades of excesses that have been given the super-rich. With them, of course, everything will be fine, but you and I... We have to pay everything we have, including many of our lives.



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