Just A. F. and others "human capital as basis of the noospheric concept of development"
Material posted: Publication date: 03-04-2013

NP "national Union of public experts" represents the results of a study on the theme "innovative strategy of Russia's development" in the format of the monograph "Living capital as the basis of the noospheric concept of development", which offers innovative technologies and combined methods of expert evaluation of efficiency of socio-political and socio-economic projects, as well as the objectivity of administrative decisions. The authors of the monograph Just F. A., Patrushev I. V., Alekseev V. Yu.

This publication is part of "the Federal program of social development", adopted at the II Congress of the International Union of public associations "allied public chamber", which unites about 300 public organizations of the CIS countries. The research was conducted in cooperation with: research Institute of complex municipal researches of the RAS. Academy of Sciences social technologies and local self-government. Research center of national human capital, social structures and communications IGI pack at ranepa. International centre of advanced technologies "Optima-project". Information and analytical magazine "Social expertise". NP "national Union of public experts". School intellectual survival.

This book is devoted to the analysis of universal principles and General laws of development of socio-political structures and socio-economic systems, crisis and transformation of human civilization from the standpoint of noosphere reading of the future by constructing the matrix of objective unity and subjective differences of approaches to the topic. Humanity will have to make another historic leap in the development of civilization through the scientific and managerial revolution, which will create the new system of social relations, the conditions for the formation of a new lifestyle.

Theoretical developments have allowed the authors to put into practice many social, political and commercial organizations the principles of project-oriented management and technology, allowing to structure the information space to plan your desired event to bring different issues under one denominator and one solution to resolve a cluster of problems. The authors believe that this project in combination with scientific, technical and economic innovative programs that will allow you to solve a number of socio-economic tasks associated with the development of the regions and of the savings of the peoples of Russia and will be one of the factors of increasing the country's competitiveness in the modern global world.

The book is intended for senior managers of government agencies, top managers of commercial companies, methodologists, experts and students of the MBA programme.

Tags: innovation