Special instruction on jagdkommando Wehrmacht
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 03-06-2013

To combat the guerrillas, in addition to large parts, use small, well-equipped and armed units — accomandi that need to perform a small but important combat missions.

1. The heads of the rear areas of the armies, every commander of a guard division and any other division, acting in areas where there is a danger of guerrilla attacks, should immediately set adcommand. Composition: one officer — team leader; up to four branches. Each Department must have one local resident (in civilian dress), proven in combat with the guerrillas, who use to conduct reconnaissance. For the transport of food in each Department should have one or two horses of the local breed.

2. Jagdkommandos specially stands out the best weapon. Each Chapter must have at least one light machine gun, one or two Russian semi-automatic rifles with telescopic sights, two automatic rifle, two pistols, four grenades on every soldier and explosives.

3. Training of personnel should be specially selected commanders. Personnel offices should be exempt from guard duty and business outfits, so mostly he could focus on fighting the guerrillas, with all the accumulated in this case combat experience.

4. In the conduct of hostilities it is recommended to use the attached herewith a memo, based on actual experience and data of the study of captured enemy documents.

5. You need to ensure high mobility of accomand in the winter. With this purpose, you should groom skiing, sleigh-scrapers, masking tools and winter clothing. The commanders and soldiers of jagdkommando are selected based on their preparedness to take action in such circumstances".

In the "Memo to jagdkommando" mentioned in paragraph 4, reads:

"1. In the combat area of accomandi should go at night on foot in order to eliminate the possibility of betrayal or warning the enemy about his appearance. During the day they hide in the forest, away from villages, so the local people are unable to notice addcommand neither themselves nor their patrols.

2. Upon arrival at the combat area the squad must act exactly the same as the guerrillas, namely:

a) after a thorough reconnaissance should be to arrange ambushes and traps in places of possible appearance of the enemy, such as wooden bridges, which he usually tries to burn, on the edge of the forest and near the village, which, according to locals, is the food base of the guerrillas;

b) accomandi must destroy the partisans, ambushed, but not to join battle with superior forces of the enemy. In the latter case, must immediately report to the superior officer, so that action has been taken to a larger scale; until the arrival of the troops allocated to this task, jagdkommando remained in their positions and acts as a scouting unit;

b) to organize ambushes can justify itself only in case, if the personnel of accomandi takes great perseverance and endurance. It is sometimes necessary for several days in a row to sit in ambush and patiently await the arrival of the enemy;

g) if the ambush accidentally discovered by local residents and the possibility of surprise attack is lost, the place chosen for the ambush, you should immediately leave if fails silently eliminate these unwanted witnesses;

e) after a successful RAID jagdkommando should not remain in the same area: it should go to another area and begin to implement a new combat mission.

3. Wherever possible, accomandi shall be fitted with radio transmitters. For long-distance communication may be necessary to use also radio-relay stations.

4. Fighting addcommand eliminate hurry; they require a lot of time.

5. During the persecution of the partisans jagdkommando should not make any requisitions or to take a mobile kitchen. It needs to have dry rations for 14 days, which should include canned meat, coffee or tea, chocolate, tobacco and bread.

6. After successful completion of the RAID, jagdkommando returned to the barracks for rest. Here the personnel of agcommand is necessary to ensure good nutrition and privileges to receive goods from military stores.

7. Before the new combat mission the personnel of accomandi again given special training. Special attention should be paid to shooting and throwing grenades. The soldiers, the arms of which are machine guns and automatic rifles, have to train to defeat the purposes of the move.

8. Preparing for actions in winter conditions should start with the first snowfall.

9. The personnel of accomandi be systematically acquaint with the experience of other units and data intelligence.

10. To be part of agcommand is a great honour".

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