The crisis of the Islamist strategy of Washington in connection with the overthrow of Morsi. Protests in Egypt directed against the U.S.
Material posted: Publication date: 10-07-2013

Fast action military of Egypt on July 3 arrest Mohamed Morsi and key leaders of the organization "Muslim Brothers" marked a major failure of the Washington strategy of "Arab spring", which consists in using political Islam to spread chaos across the rich energy resources of the Middle East from China to Russia itself.

Morsi rejected the request of the Minister of defense to resign to avoid bloodshed, saying that remains true to its "constitutional posts" and demanded revocation of the army of his ultimatum. For future generations of historians these events can be an important turning point, marking the start of the decline of America as the sole superpower.

A year after closed organization "Muslim Brothers" had seized power, putting a man of its President, Mohammed Morsi, and having control over Parliament amid street protests by millions against Morsi's introduction of strict Sharia law and inability to cope with the collapse of the economy in the case entered the Egyptian military. At the head of the coup vestal the Minister of defence and commander-in-chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Most importantly, al-Sisi was appointed by Morsi last year, as more young General and a devout Muslim. In addition, he was trained in the US and enjoyed the location of the leadership of the Pentagon. The fact that he headed the coup, indicates the depth of rejection of "Brothers" in Egypt. On the evening of Wednesday 3 July, al-Sisi announced that the head of the constitutional court will temporarily perform the duties of the President and form an interim technical government that will lead the country until early presidential and parliamentary elections. He was supported by Christian, secular opposition and Muslim leaders. Al-Sisi said that all the efforts of the army to influence the course of national dialogue and reconciliation were welcomed by all factions with approval, but were blocked by President Morsi and his "Muslim brotherhood".


The anger is directed at the U.S.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the mass mobilization of protesters in recent weeks, culminating in the decision of military action to take control, was clearly antifashistskiy the nature of street protests. Demonstrators carried homemade signs denouncing Obama and his fellow "Muslim Brothers" Ambassador in Cairo, Anne Patterson.

The Ambassador in Cairo Anne Patterson was the special target of the protests. June 18, Patterson made the remarks, intended to cool the ardor of the protesters against Morsi. She said to the Egyptians: "Some say that street action will produce better results than elections. Frankly, in this regard, my government and I are deeply skeptical". In addition, in a more candid interview with the Egyptian Ahram Online in may, the us diplomat refused to criticize Morsi and said: "the Fact is that they participated in a legitimate election and won. Of course, work with any new government difficult. However, state-organizational level, we have, for example, continues to maintain contacts with the same military and civil servants and, thus, have retained long-established ties".

Military actions were also directed against overt intervention of the US President Obama and his Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General Martin Dempsey. Obama spoke by phone with Egyptian President and Dempsey phoned chief of staff to General Sedki Sobhi, hoping to alleviate the crisis between the regime, the army and the protest movement. Now Obama was more than stupid.

Importantly, king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and head of the conservative Emirates in the UAE, characteristic for exception support "Muslim Brothers" of the Emir of Qatar openly welcomed the actions of the military in Egypt. The state news Agency of Saudi Arabia SPA announced as an official Declaration by the king: "on behalf of the people of Saudi Arabia and myself, we congratulate the Egyptian leadership in this crucial period of history. We pray to God to help you bear assigned to you the burden of responsibility to fulfill the aspirations of the brotherly people of Egypt".

News blog, close to Israeli military and intelligence circles, says that the Egyptian military acted with the tacit support of Saudi Arabia and other conservative Gulf States. According to these reports, if the Obama administration will cease the annual allocation of U.S. financial assistance in the amount of $ 1.3 billion the armies of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE make up the deficit in its military budget. In the same way that they, the Saudis, the UAE and other Gulf countries such as Bahrain and Kuwait, "immediately started to pump significant amounts of money to sustain the Egyptian economy. The Egyptian masses would be shown that in a properly managed economy, they may be guaranteed a minimum level of life and it is not necessary to go hungry, as many had to do under the rule of "Muslim Brothers". According to our sources, the Saudis and the Emirates have pledged to provide an amount comparable to the enormous funds in Qatar last year transferred to the Treasury of the brotherhood in Cairo in the amount of 13 billion dollars."

Whether embodied in the reality of a message that promised help or not, from military intervention in Egypt throughout the Islamic world are tectonic shock waves. A week ago, when in Egypt, the spread of mass protests, openly supporting the "Muslim Brothers" the Sheikh of Qatar Hamad al-Thani unexpectedly handed power to his 33-year-old son – as reported by the man of moderate views. The son immediately fired the supporter of the brotherhood Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim. Qatar gave Egypt "Muslim" Morsi some $ 8 billion, and the spiritual leader of the "Muslim brotherhood" Yusuf al-Qaradawi lived in Doha for several decades, using it as a platform to spread their dubious sermons. Owned by the government of Qatar channel "al Jazeera" also was criticized for in recent years converting it from a reputable independent Arabic news channel in the biased voice of the "Muslim Brothers". It should be noted that one of the first acts of the Egyptian military was closing the Studio Cairo "al-Jazeera".

Shock waves from a major defeat of the Brotherhood in Egypt will reach Turkey, where "Brothers" is supported by the Party of justice and development, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan brutally suppressed mass protests with police using tear gas and powerful water cannons. Erdogan was allowed to use Turkey as the main institutional platform to send to Syria mercenaries in large part funded by Qatar, as part of attempts to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad and replace his regime "Muslim brotherhood". Shortly before being ousted, Morsi called for Jihad for the purpose of dislodging Assad.

The main question now is what will Obama's reaction to the collapse of the Arab spring Washington. Yesterday, the Arab spring has just turned to a nightmare Washington of the Siberian winter.


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