William Kay: the gold by the fed and Germany lost
Material posted: Publication date: 12-07-2013

Managing the Hong Kong hedge Fund William Kay, for 25 years, worked for Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions, spoke about missing gold by the fed and Germany — where it went, and how much gold it owns, the people's Bank of China.

Kay: global hegemony (leadership or dominance in the world) is changing, and most people are not aware of this change. This region of the world, Asia-Pacific, specifically China, has positioned itself as a leading world power, as can be seen in the last five to ten years.

My sources tell me that contrary to official figures, China has at least four, and perhaps eight thousand tons of physical gold...

China is not only the world's largest gold producer but also the largest importer.

This is an ongoing process in China. This strategic initiative. China is accumulating gold in large quantities, which is very fast pace appears from the West. This geopolitical dynamics, and the far East this rises.

In the "new world order", which should occur when this operation is over, the positions of China, Russia, Brazil will be significantly strengthened. The position of the United States, Europe, and the UK will be significantly weakened. This is a serious consequences.

King: bill, if China already has more than 4000 tons of gold, and maybe even 8000 tons, up to what amount do you think they will increase their gold reserves?

Kay: Well, they haven't finished. Gold was rented, and we know about it, because it was admitted by major Central banks. The fed acknowledged this, the European Central Bank admitted it, the Bank of England admitted it. They all recognized that participate in the wholesale leasing of gold to the market.

In practice, it is something like this: the fed communicates with his agent, usually JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs sometimes, and they say, "well, the price of gold should be limited, here 20, 30, 40, 50 tons of gold, we give to you in the lease as his agent. But theoretically we can call him back."

The theory is great, but in reality, when JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs get the gold they sell it on the market. These banks on operations with precious metals are concentrated in a short position on gold, scoring from lowering the prices. And the fed says, "well, we still have a contract under which, in theory, we can withdraw the gold. So in official documents, we will advise that you still speak to them."

But in reality the gold was sold on the market. This gold is moved to places such as Beijing. But before you get to Beijing, it often goes through Hong Kong. And there it goes to our contractors for processing, to the same people with whom we deal. And by the way, Eric, we may own the gold, which Germany considers to be an asset. But Germany will never see that gold because it is stored securely in my account (s) accounts for our investors in Hong Kong International airport.

About this gold, which at the time of arrival in Hong Kong could be the symbol of the Bundesbank, a leading refiner, one of the largest in the world, working with the people's Bank of China, certified: "Yes, we got gold, which can supply. We melted it, we defined the sample. Perhaps it was a sign of the Bundesbank at the admission, but now it melted. It 0,9999 (pure) gold.

Here's how it happens in practice. So gold is the fad that Americans believe their left. Gold, which the Germans said that will take him through 7 years — they won't take him because he's gone (the fed). I've got it. It is also the people's Bank of China. The Reserve Bank of India. The Russian Central Bank. The people of Germany (and America) it no longer belongs.

King: So are these processors, they are then admitted that he had taken the gold of the Bundesbank, got the bars and just melted them?

Kay: what they did, proves that I was right about that. They get gold (ingots) from all over, including major Central banks, including the Central Bank with the sign on them, and melted them.

King: But they confirmed that the gold the Western Central banks, in many cases, where it is taken?

Kay: Reading between the lines, and too much between the lines to read is not necessary, this is all just a farce. The gold is gone. It was pledged and repledged. It has flowed. The fed and Treasury not only does not have more than eight tons, they probably don't have anything.


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