The US is an ally of Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 08-08-2013

Something happened that had to happen: the US realized that in Syria no alternative policy is to prevent the coming to power of radical Islamists. It is fraught not only the mass destruction of a population, but also the loss of the US and its European allies the most important "bridgehead" in the middle East.

According to the media, "the second man in the CIA, Michael Morell, has stated that the mixture of extremism of al Qaeda and civil war in Syria represents the biggest threat to U.S. national security". Morell gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal in his office in Langley. The interview was timed to the end of a 33-year career of a professional scout. Morell says: "I can not remember another such period, when there were a number of challenges in the field of national security. Syria, perhaps the most important problem in the world today – because of what this country becomes". Morell said that Syria becomes more and more foreign fighters – already more than in Iraq during the height of the civil war. Morell said that the weapons of the Syrian army "will become the prey of the jihadists and will go on sale – as it has already happened in Libya."

Without control over Syria, there can be no guarantees of geopolitical control over the Middle East, and the country now turned into a fight of Western and Islamic civilization with barbarism. All kinds of speculation that the Americans are planning the physical removal of Bashar al-Assad nonsense. In political and analytical circles of the United States (to some extent, even "friends" of Israel) believe that at this stage it is necessary to eliminate the threat of terrorism and radicalism in Syria, otherwise it will move to Lebanon and Iraq, and possibly Jordan and Egypt.

With Syria could descend into a disaster for current world order. How would a critical attitude to various political and ideological currents to the concept of "world order", it exists, and it is supported by both China and Russia, and India, and many other influential powers. In spite of quite strong stereotypes prevalent in political and mass media circles of the USA, understood that Salafi radicalism only in limited situations, it may be used in the interests of certain strategies of the Western community, but in principle, it is the main current threat to U.S. national security.

There are strong indications that the Syrian political and military leadership has developed and implements a plan for the conduct of military operations, which pursue certain goals. Military operation contained many elements that could be regarded by the Western community as "excessive cruelty": "... the loss of the insurgents in El Quseir: 2745 people killed, 344 wounded. Of these, about 200 people enrolled in Lebanese clinics and hospitals. About 1,000 people were detained".

Thus, in the operation for Syria was attended by Lebanese Hezbollah, but the West has not responded, although it was expected a very harsh response. Americans and Europeans realized that in El Quseir, the fate of civilization in the middle East.

Apparently, this operation began the implementation of the plan on a slow and "objective" the expulsion from Syria of the various clans and Taifa who will not accept defeat. This population is squeezed into Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and if that contingent is waiting for a long term stay in these countries, it is quite satisfied these people. If this operation was not carried out successfully, undoubtedly, Turkey has shown greater activity of meddling in the Affairs of Syria, and this time, without regard to the United States.
In analytical American literature appear rather strange materials, leaving the impression that the U.S. administration is in "housing consultants" had a person (even from those who are not very familiar with the Middle East), which deliberately brought the situation in Syria to the current condition to persuade the US political leadership is, who and what are genuine threats. Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but even if it is a bug, then, of course, about Syria in Washington is much revised.
Now the events in Syria can be used in various directions, and in a variety of ways: the argument for a rapprochement between the West and Iran, with it reaching important agreements, including on the issues of Hezbollah in Lebanon; the situation in Lebanon; support the Iraqi government in the fight against al-Qaeda; the discrediting of some political circles in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the decline of Saudi influence in the Arab world; the establishment of a reliable "barrier-lock" on the ways of expansion of Turkey towards the Middle East; education-distance between Syria and Russia, on the basis of providing assistance and support to the ruling regime; at the same time, Russia is interested in cooperation on regional security issues; democratization, or liberalization of society Syria, in exchange for all sorts of preferences and expectations from the United States, France and the European Union; seeking to influence events in Egypt.

In this game it will not be possible, even in part, to resolve the Syrian-Israeli relationship, but this conflict is also part of the regional game. In any case, the "Sunni Caliphate" that sees someone "Scarecrow huge" for demagogic propaganda, will be the subject of the activities of the USA and their partners, not their ally or tools.

Thus, the situation is more complicated, but increase the hopes for the combination of the interests of most Arab States and the West, on the basis of suppression of true and priority enemy and opponent. Someone literally brought to this dire situation, now is the time to disentangle, mainly due to its national security. But there is no need to forget a lot of things for the sake of global security.

Igor Muradyan


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