Saudi Arabia ready to negotiate
Material posted: Publication date: 13-08-2013

The United States solved their internal problems and ended up with the opposition in Qatar. They are now working with the opposition in Saudi Arabia. However, Riyadh, according to Thierry Meyssan, was more obedient than Doha, and offers a hand to him at the same time ensures the survival and preservation of dignity.

After stepping down from the throne of the Emir of Qatar in favour of his son Tamim under pressure from the United States of America the situation in North Africa and the middle East quickly changed. To the surprise of Washington's Egyptian military found the right moment and overthrew President Mohamed Morsi, a Muslim Brother, sponsored by Doha. The loss of Qatari support has caused the Brothers musliman confusion, and they feel as a threat in Tunisia, Libya and Gaza.

Washington, having failed, reassured the public, saying that he nonetheless controlled the Egyptian army and most political regional forces. But although the coming to power of people in uniform and contrary to the notion of democratization, he quickly adapted to the new negotiators.

The state Department continues, therefore, planned a new section of the region with Russia. However, the United States today are so weak that they hurry slowly. While durable and fair world passes through the joint economic development everyone in the region forces the us plan is based on an anachronistic view of section of zones of influence in accordance with the Franco-British agreement of Sykes-Picot (1916).

In this regard, the U.S. state Department since Madeleine Albright is considered that there will be no peace in Palestine without peace in Syria, and Vice versa. In fact, any agreement with the Palestinians immediately backfired dissident groups that are sabotaging it, while Syria under the leadership of the BA'ath party essentially refuses separate peace. The only solution could be a global solution in which responsibility would be vested, by agreement of the parties, on Syria.

John Kerry managed to sit at the negotiating table, Israel and the Palestinian authority during the nine months before the presidential elections in Syria. The first contacts were icy, but the state Department believes that there is a time to warm up, and invited to present a unified position at the conference of Geneva 2 on Syria. Negotiations are conducted under the leadership of the Jewish diplomat Martin Indika, who was an adviser on the Middle East Madeleine Albright and bill Clinton.

At the same time Mr. Kerry has allowed Saudi Arabia to fill the void resulting from the withdrawal from the international arena of Qatar. It took her seven months to the solution of regional problems. Now Saudi Arabia is not king Abdullah engaged in the testing of stimulants and Prince Bandar bin Sultan and his brother-in-law with 38 years of eternal Foreign Minister Prince Saud.

However, given what happened with the Qatari Emir Hamad al-Thani, and that is another fear in American trap: to no avail to Deplete each other's strength and, in turn, swept out of the international arena, which would mean the beginning of the end of the Kingdom.

Therefore, you should take a closer look at a steep turn them puppets Sheikh Adnan al-Aroura. In the television show July 31, spiritual leader of the free Syrian Army said that he was forced (who made him?) to take up arms and fight against Bashar al-Assad, although military road to anything good does not lead. He lamented that the "noble revolution" turned into "a bloodbath" and that he can understand nothing.

A few hours later his patron Prince Bandar bin Sultan, was adopted in Moscow, and not only his colleague, but also by President Vladimir Putin. After the meeting, was distributed a short communique in which it was stated that it was discussed on a wide range of bilateral issues and the situation in the middle East and North Africa. The press service of the Kremlin distributed a photograph of the reception by the President and an old photograph of the Saudi spy chief, completely inaccessible after the assassination, the object of which he became in July 2012 in response to the murder of high Syrian officers.

Everything happens as if Riyadh was more reasonable than Doha, and accepted the terms of the conference Geneva 2. Their requirement could be satisfied by support Bashar al-Assad in exchange for a symbolic victory in Lebanon and the return to power of their symbol Saad al-Hariri. The latter could lead the national consensus government, which would include representatives of the "political branch" of Hezbollah, as evidenced by the recent decision of the European Union on the division of the "Party of God" in two branches.


Thierry Meyssan

Translation Edward Feoktistov


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