Experts have created a software that creates a virtual portrait of a person based on his Internet habits
Material posted: Publication date: 18-08-2013

How many can tell about the person metadata collected from his e-mail? It turned out quite a lot, judging by the results of work of specialists of the media laboratory Massachusetts Institute of technology.

They created an application called Immersion (which means "immersion"), which (with user permissions, of course), analyzes the history of e-mails and builds a kind of map of life, "connecting the dots".


What exactly is taken into account? The names of senders and recipients (including those who are sent copies of the letters), time of dispatch and receipt. The messages themselves remain intact.

And even on these meager data it is possible to obtain quite an impressive result – depending on how much information (referring to the period and intensity correspondence) Immersion may have. That at first glance seems an unordered list of people with whom you somehow have to communicate, is found a certain logic, there are unexpected connections. Then again it all depends on a correspondence over what period of time the application processes.

"All this data about people. By themselves they have no meaning, says one of the creators of Immersion Cesar Hidalgo. – When you assemble this mosaic, it reminds a bit of experience out of body existence".

Of course, on the Internet ordered pizza anything particularly interesting about you don't tell, but if to collect and analyze the metadata for a long period, life takes definite shape, with specific links and logic.


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