Global Scam: existence conditions
Material posted: -Publication date: 20-08-2013

Our readers probably already noticed: in mid-August, there are articles on the topic of the global financial system. Of course, it is not by chance because we kind of celebrate a very important date for the world event. In mid-August 1971 Nixon decision to cancel the gold standard, untied the us dollar from the gold price, thereby finally destroying the post-war global financial system based on the Bretton Woods agreements of 1944

Uncontrolled emission of the dollar was to be the Federal reserve system (FRS) the USA in the interests of a narrow group of people actually control the world. This circumstance essentially determined all subsequent financial crises. 15 years and one of the far Russian economic crises we are celebrating these days.

By the way, a few words about individuals determining the fate of the world, it is easier to say about a world government. I have a friend who believes the only true teaching of Marx and yet against all, as he says, the conspiracy. When we are discussing the topic of world government, we both agree that Marx in his interpretation of the surplus value actually entered in the economic model of the new subject – con, appropriating this surplus value. This is the main difference between the theory of Marx from other economic theories. But recognizing the presence of fraud on the company, industry, etc., my friend does not want to admit the possible existence of fraud on a global scale, i.e. the world government. Meanwhile, this logical step is quite natural and logical.

Yet to convince my interlocutor, and the results of the research specialists from the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich, who in 2012 published the data of mathematical analysis of links 43 thousand transnational corporations. Modeling the global corporate system, the researchers treated a large array of data reflecting ownership relations between the largest financial and industrial groups. They came to the conclusion: the world is ruled by one giant "supercorporation", consisting of 1318 companies that owns 60% of the world's income.

The world "walk" tens of trillions of dollars, which should be on the watch. So I think that the researchers just did not have sufficient source material to further strengthen my conclusion: most likely, the world is run by no more than 10-15 companies. If the number of centers of decision-making is large, for example 1318, an effective management system is a huge cash flow do not build, there needs to be hierarchy management pyramid, forming the effective centres of power.

Perhaps my friend restrains the attitude of some mass media to this issue, who believe that world government is not and can never be, that all this is fantasy of the sick and mentally impaired people. But ask yourself a simple question: how do journalists know for certain that world government is not and can not be, it doesn't work. In my opinion, the fact that sharp rejection of a world government implies to its existence. Or, at least, on the process of its formation, which, given the sharp deterioration in recent years many problems of the world system can be accelerated and completed within several decades.

But let's not talk about sad things. Let's ask ourselves: if the issue of the dollar raises the global financial pyramid, in which 2/3 of assets denominated in US dollars, why is she still not collapsed? Where the reasons for its stability, and what tools they are provided here for 42 years?

The answers to these questions is not complex. The stability of the pyramid can be achieved in two ways: involvement in the circulation of real values and support the existing world order with brute military force.

We will begin consideration of the first group instruments connected with the nourishment pyramid real values.

First is taxes, or rather all fiscal fees and charges. They are of paramount importance. No wonder a few weeks before the founding of the fed in 1913, the U.S. Congress approved a bill on income tax. The taxes collected by the government from the citizens, enable the payment of interest on issued government loans. Note, loans due to the simple issue, ie by printing paper or "electronic" money, when any clerk fed up with the computer just puts the new numbers in an electronic database. Simply put, a significant portion of tax payments is the income of the Central banks of many countries, which are linked into a single financial system with the center at the fed.

To assess the scale of tax payments can be oriented on the Russian conditions – so readers will be more obvious. How much total taxes paid by the citizens of the Russian Federation in relation to their income? Not to hear something stupid, when you start to count with 13% of the tax to incomes of physical persons, preemptively, let me answer this: if everything tidy sum, it appears that the sum of all tax payments corresponds to the income of citizens. In order to reach this conclusion, we must note that the manufacturers of the products and services that You buy, you pay VAT, profit tax, social taxes, etc., which they, of course, then include in the cost of buying Your products. I.e., buyers overpay significantly.

It is possible to tell precisely: if it were not for the tax system, citizens on their income could buy in 2 times more for goods and services.

Usually you start saying all sorts of foolishness, like "taxes are necessary for national defense, for the operation of free health care and free education system" and etc. etc. do Not believe: what we have "free" healthcare and education system is well known. And in what state of defence. Ultimately, through various channels a portion of those tax revenues flow in to a world Central Bank.

And notice, the tax pressure is only growing stronger, devising new taxes, fees and fines. Here, for example, concerned with the legalization of prostitution. Think it care for morality? No, just someone else, to the delight of bankers, the opportunity to impose a new tax. And a word about ethics is just a cover.

Now you need to explain how these taxes are collected ostensibly in sovereign countries, pumped in a world of Central Bank – Executive element of the world Scam. In principle, it is not difficult. For this purpose there are the so-called international reserves of countries. If to speak again about Russia, that gold in its gold and foreign currency reserves – "a cat naplakal" - about 10%. The rest of the assets and liabilities of other countries, i.e. essentially the paper clone paper dollars and euros.

The return on assets international reserves below the global inflation rate. Placed there so the funds originally charged for selling on world markets real Russian products are guaranteed to depreciate gradually. Unless, of course, will not be blocked by Western countries, something pissed off at Russia.

But for this there was such an order, it was necessary to do three things. First, create the possibility of carrying out of such operations to the Central Bank, e.g. the Bank of Russia. This is easy: at the time the relevant provision of the Bank of Russia was actually written under the dictation of the IMF.

Secondly, to take the bankers of the Central banks of the countries in share, giving them the opportunity to use part of the proceeds from such arduous work.

Third, to provide a reliable "roof" for the bankers of the Central banks from the adverse action of the state authorities of these countries. But it's all easy.

In his memoirs, Boris Berezovsky recalled how he first bought the company. But enterprises need to manage, and it is not always easy. And then he realized: why buy a company when you can buy the Directors of these enterprises. Why am I saying this? And then that similar schemes operate in respect of whole countries: it is not necessary to win, when can I buy it manual. Moreover, to buy for printed dollars, the benefit of paper and green paint.

In this sense, we can understand the saying Chernomyrdin, given as an epigraph to this article. The world financial elite capitalizes on the public administration in many countries and is doing everything possible to maintain this condition for as long as possible. Therefore, the designated national leaders often sit down for additional compromising their "hooks" designed to strengthen their loyalty and to prevent possible excesses.

Thus, a channel of the pumping in the world Scam collected in other countries taxes. And the heads of financial authorities of these countries, in gratitude appointed by the best financiers of all times and peoples. So keep in mind: when You talk about the advisability of introducing an additional tax on young people to support their elderly parents, ultimately, is an additional tribute by the fed.

Studying the world economy it is advisable to look at the surrounding reality from that perspective – many, at first glance, strange things will become more clear.

For example, recently adopted in USA "the law Magnitsky" and the corresponding strange the Russian law banning adoption of orphans by foreign citizens and also a law banning officials from having property and Bank accounts abroad. Seemingly everything is correct, it works on the interests of our country.

But it may be that the background of all this is quite different: in Russia there are many people who have accumulated a lot of foreign money, which they wanted to buy abroad real value. For the organizers of the world Scam this is strange: in their printed green pieces of paper have to be played in the country they are issued for its real value: raw materials, products, services. In their view, is still that the savages who have received multi-colored beads for their gold, would want back to exchange them for gold. This can not be allowed. This creates various obstacles for the acquisition by foreigners foreign real values, something like a new "iron curtain". It is clear that the organizers of the curtain on both sides in the loser does not remain – their work is paid accordingly. In other words, the representatives of the highest state authorities are playing on the side of the world Scam against their own wealthy citizens.

Although taxes and other fiscal payments in many countries of the world – the most significant channel of engagement of the real values in recharge of the financial Scam, but its capabilities are limited. It is impossible to endlessly increase taxes without risk of social upheaval. Even more dangerous to increase them dramatically. It is therefore desirable to make it so that the people themselves willingly handed over their money. As they say, the best slave is the one who does not know that he was a slave. Came up with several ways. One of them is associated with the functioning of stock market: the stock market and derivatives market, i.e. financial derivatives.

Again, make it right is clear: from the point of view of the organizers of the global Scam should not be allowed to dollars back and they bought the real values. But when returning the dollars, invested in securities long-term desirable and most risky, do not resist, but rather welcomed. As stock markets perform the function of a sterilizer of the money supply.

These markets can be easy to inflate, and then at the right moment to unleash, organizing the next financial crisis. The global financial system is quite capable. And it turns out that people like ourselves have lost, missed his chance to become rich. Nobody was pulling the hand, was compelled to invest in potentially profitable but risky financial assets, it all happened by itself.

About the negative role of derivatives market in the crisis of 2008-2009 did not write only the lazy. Therefore will not be repeated.

But the market shares of high-tech companies, most of which are traded on the American stock exchange Nasdaq says not enough. But it is also used as said Ostap Bender, for relatively honest obtaining money from the population.

By the way, remember how the underground millionaire Koreiko in the "Golden calf" was an established profitable production? In the room there were two tubs of water – one on top, another from below. They were connected by a thin tube, through which flowed the water from the upper barrel to the lower. We had some snotty kid who was holding the bucket of water from the bottom of the barrel, climbed to the 2nd floor and pour it in the top. And water again, busily murmuring, flowed from the top down. That's all the production.

Many so-called high and nanotechnologies arranged on this principle. Don't believe?

Take for example something visible and clear. For example, the world's largest social network Facebook. At the end of the 1st quarter of 2013 its market capitalization on Nasdaq was $65,43 billion, while a year earlier it was estimated at $100 billion.

You think there really high technology? Wrong, everything is quite simple: a simple interface for users ' communication with each other via the Internet, laced with advertising. Typical two barrels, an almost perfect scheme for the involvement of a large number of participants and subsequent rapid collapse when the next financial crisis.

Those who still doubt in the main purpose of modern stock markets, you can go and, like Pinocchio, to invest their money – the rakes have already been laid out, feel free to step on them with predictable effect.

Due to the joint action of the abovementioned instruments, tax system, international reserves, stock market annual inflow of financial capital into the US from other countries is approximately $1.2-1.3 trillion, ie, 8-9% of US GDP. For those dollars has already acquired real value, and therefore they should be withdrawn from circulation or are running in a new circle. If the fed had not organized such a system, the US wouldn't win in economic competition with the Soviet Union.

But that's not all, there are other possible comparative fair taking money that will strengthen the Foundation of the world Scam.

For example, artificial stimulation of demand for new goods and services. The scheme is simple – the old item disappears suddenly or after a short time begins to deteriorate, and in its place comes a new, allegedly improved consumer properties. But the thing is that the change of the price of a new product are not comparable with the change of its value – it is much more. And the consumer has no choice as myself, mind you, by choice to buy a more expensive product. The reader can cite many examples of such "updates".

Therefore, the presence of many new perishable goods in good packaging, but fitted with hidden defects is not a coincidence, but one of the main features and ways of existence of today's virtual economy.

In particular, the so-called fashion products: clothing, cars, real estate, accessories, prices in the tens or even hundreds of times higher than normal. Well, tell me, what is the difference between watches in a few tens of thousands of dollars or euros from hours for a few hundred rubles, which I take when I go to the woods for mushrooms? Functionally nothing. Only the slope, as they say. But this price difference will be paid by taxes, which under the above scheme through several phases of transformation will be in the fed.

Or modern art for millions of dollars, most of which are blatant smear or trash? For example – established in 1915 "Black square". Whatever may be said thin connoisseurs and critics, portraying its rich inner world and practicing his salary, but these works (there are three versions of the black square) in the best case can be considered as a joke Malevich. By the way, Wikipedia describes the interesting fact from the same series: in 1893 there was exhibited a picture by A. Allais with a dull black field of the canvas titled "the Battle of blacks in the deep cave dark night".

But the potential of this group of methods is limited. Not in the sense that limited human shit (it's infinite), and that there are restrictions on the degree of income inequality of the population. It is impossible that this value was too high. For example, decile ratio, is the ratio of incomes of 10% richest citizens to the income of the poorest 10 percent, the criterion value is 8-10. If income inequality is greater, the degradation trends of the economy and increased social tensions. By the way, in Russia on average according to official data, the value of decile ratio is 15-20, for Moscow – 40-50. Many businessmen to ensure their safety and the safety of their families spend as much as they consume. This is clearly not normal.

Therefore, the organizers of the world Scam understand that it is necessary to seek other sources of filling of the real values, and to consider opportunities for expansion of the zone of influence. But if you look at the world map, it appears that the possibilities of extensive growth is practically exhausted, all of the territory occupied. Remain Africa, Antarctica, Siberia and the far East.

In Africa and the Antarctica prospects a little. So the focus is on sparsely populated Russian Siberia and far East, rich in raw materials and territory. It is in these areas in the near future will begin the intensive penetration of foreign capital, development of infrastructure, large-scale migration. It is not excluded the gain of the disintegration and separation from Russia.

And finally, on that note, gradually moving on to the second group of tools stabilization of the global Scam: old, but not good, force. About them already it was much written. Briefly I will repeat.

Look at the magnitude of military expenditures of various countries, which is determined annually by the Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI): in recent years, the USA's military expenditures account for nearly half of global. In other words, US military spending is roughly equal to the total military spending of the rest of the world. I have the feeling that the US is preparing to fight with the rest of the world. Natural question: why? Which joint and several claims may present other countries to USA? Possible answer – they may refuse the use of the us dollar, presenting to pay their accumulated dollar reserves as it is in the pack made de Gaulle. This will be a serious blow to the us economy, already largely virtual, based not on real and artificial values.

So the US and its satellites are opposed to those countries and leaders who are trying to withdraw their assets from under American influence. Examples: Iraq, Iran, Libya. But even more they prevent the emergence of new international currencies, is able not only worldwide, but in some region to compete with the dollar. So it was with the "gold Dinar", which was supposed to enter into circulation in the middle East and North Africa, and even earlier – with the Euro. Perhaps in the coming years the same will happen with the Chinese yuan when the US and China will fight each other for resources necessary for economic development.

Such opposition shall be in the form of a democratic (in the American sense of the word) actions, for example, in the form of protection of the rights of certain Nations, ethnic groups, religious societies or some social groups within the country – which does not matter. The main thing – time to throw some "dead cat" to divide society on some basis and then artificially enhance this split. For example, it is possible to defend the rights of sexual minorities is quite a versatile tool potentially applicable to many States. To colored the public the majority of residents in all countries the attitude is negative, which could be used for aggravation of social contradictions.

But it turns out that the prospects of power tools to ensure stability of the global Scam is also limited: military force requires a significant investment on their existence, which are rising faster than income is growing Ponzi scheme. These costs are like a cancer sooner or later will devour the world is a Scam. According to some estimates, this can happen up to 2020-2025 this is not surprising: all pyramid schemes once thwarted. Moreover, collapsing at the peak of his apparent prosperity.

When I thought how to finish this article, I had a few options. But then I thought, but I'm not going to finish it.

To be continued.

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