The Royal Navy is Britain ready to strike Syria first strike
Material posted: Publication date: 26-08-2013

Vessels of the Royal Navy of Britain are preparing to take part in a possible series of cruise missile strikes along with the United States, while officials of military agencies finalize the list of potential targets.

Government sources say that the talks between the Prime Minister of Britain and the leaders of other countries, in particular, with Barack Obama, would continue, and that any military action on which agreement is reached may commence during the week.

The escalation comes as a direct response to the conviction of the government that gas attack carried out on a civilian neighbourhood in the suburbs of Damascus was carried out by the Syrian government.

Syrian state media accused of using chemical agents in rebel forces, saying that as a result of the attack suffered and the soldiers of the government.

After several days of delay the Syrian government finally allowed the UN team access to the area. However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Britain William Hague believes that the offer of access four days after the attack, perhaps "too late".

A government source added that even if UN inspectors visited the scene of the attack," they "will have to convince us that it wasn't attack mode, because we think that everything indicates that it was he."

Cameron broke off his holiday for talks with Obama, French President Francois Hollande, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. After discussions of the problem over a secure telephone connection over the weekend, all the leaders agreed on the need "serious response". Government sources confirmed that military action present in the discussion among the answer choices, but said that no action was taken.

The Prime Minister is believed to have abandoned hope for a meaningful response from the UN amid opposition from Russia.

Cameron will be criticised for any military involvement from many MPs, who believe that the armed forces already overloaded, and should not interfere in another foreign conflict.

Any attack as "retaliatory" measures will probably be organized with the sea since the Syrian air force strong enough to destroy enemy combat aircraft.

Nuclear submarine of the Royal air force is said to be present in this region, in addition, a number of warships recently left Britain for exercises in the Mediterranean sea.

If military action is approved, the first wave of missiles can be launched within a week.

At the moment in this area there are four destroyers of the U.S. sixth fleet with guided missiles.

The Royal Navy in the Mediterranean sea also have the power to perform tasks by rapid response. The group includes two frigates and the helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious.


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