Pulling Russia through Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 11-09-2013

We are witnessing a grotesque convulsions of the dying Empire. When she threatens humanity with destruction, among other things, causes nausea in those of us who still has her mind. This is achieved by its endless farce as, for example, in the case of the hypocritical statements by Kerry that "this is no time to be silent observers of a massacre", but, John, you're cynical lie – how long has the world asks you to be a silent spectator of American mass murder? But johnny wants more, much more.

Ex-pet and anti-war presidential candidate from the Democratic party with mock indignation talked about the chemical attack in Syria, which, apparently, was the work of most of America, made by the hands of its crazed terrorists, though Washington is trying hard to convince incredulous listeners that it somehow made the Assad – only to the States was a pretext to destroy him, along with thousands of innocent Syrians. Putin called this explanation nonsense, and even branded Kerry a liar, and in the UN generally concluded that an earlier chemical attack, the blame for which rests with the Assad regime, was taken by the "rebels", supported by America.

As in many other wars, the US must save civilians by killing them or maiming, and poisoning of the century their habitat. Despite the fact that to choose as targets for attacks are objects of civilian infrastructure like power plants and water treatment plants, and use means of warfare that kill long after took off the last bullet, for example, cluster bombs and depleted uranium deal for U.S. customary, now they tear and throw out-Assad for the alleged use of sarin.

But deep in his soul poured ketchup Kerry knows perfectly well that the American aggression against Syria – not because of sarin gas, and over natural gas. First, the main supporter of Syria, Russia is the leading exporter of this business in the world and covers about 40 percent of needs in Europe, so there's a lot of leverage, Watson. If the American puppets in NATO will be too to piss off Russia, it can respond by cutting off gas, as has been done in the past.

To get out of this relationship, we needed another source of natural gas, and Qatar has offered to make Europe pipeline through Syria, under the condition that they would accept Assad. But Russia is the main defender of Assad, and Russian warships enter Syrian port of Tartus since 1971. Having received a refusal, the USA, France, England, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others decided to support the terrorists, to depose him. With a view to the destruction of Syria, this charming company calls itself "friends of Syria", but what else? A longtime enemy of Syria, Israel also supports this hostility, although the course of the aggravation may come to him the fact that a good chunk of this country-the outcast can be erased from the map.

However, Syria has agreed to a pipeline that starts in Iran. Being much less significant source of natural gas than Qatar, Iran will hardly be detrimental to the income of Russia, and since he and Russian ally, the gas flow to Europe will still be controlled by Moscow. So Russia is holding Europe, as they say, for a sensitive place, especially in winter, when no heat a lot of people will freeze to death.

War with Syria in this case is an attack on Russia itself. That's why Russian warships are patrolling the Mediterranean sea. Reflecting the American threat, Russia will certainly not be a silent observer, and to demonstrate the support of Russia and Syria showed up and Chinese military vessels, and their number will increase. Although Washington and speaks of a "warning shot" or "adapted stroke" – a transient operation on the principle of "fire-away" that will not greatly detract from an invigorating start of the football season may simply erupt the Third world war, and yet we already half a century not been so close to this universal scourge now.

Two weeks ago, only 9 percent of Americans approve of a military strike on Syria, but now, with such rabid propaganda, it supports up to 42 percent. However, this figure could be inflated, given that it was reported on NBC News, "daughter" profit from war "General electric".

Dissenting voices were heard even in the corporate media, but only for smart people who can't do anything, only to realize that the war against Syria and Russia will bring much grief and terror, including those who is absorbed by contemplation of a failed attempt to stop the player or refund of the shattered ball. "New York times" even showed on its front page a photo of Syrian "rebels" seeking to execute on a belt of naked prisoners, on their knees head to the ground. There are much more killer shots, and the times certainly know about them, but I prefer to put this stuff just now, like how to shove Obama and his warmongers. On CNN showed psyched for the war McCain, who at a meeting with voters went from angry citizens, though given the old voennoplennie to say the last word in the interview live.

While America under the influence of his attraction to death oscillates, Obama himself ignores the facts. We can only hope that Barack will just continue to be unnatural, unconvincing nonsense, but will not produce missiles "Tomahawk" in the direction of Damascus. It's hard to believe, but this man was a big misunderstanding than Bush, so if this trend holds, our next President will be a mummer, like luchadora, or (why not?) a real Rodeo clown. In any case, it was quite a sight to see, as Obama flies to Russia to become Putin's court jester because of his over-the-counter one after the other jokes, most of which were unintentional.

On the way to St Petersburg, Obama stopped in Sweden, and there promised that he will torture Putin with questions about Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who died in Soviet captivity in 1945. The Nobel peace prize winner will never miss the chance to show the humanity and nobility, and the Swedes did not remain in debt, pursuing Assange on allegations that the CIA organized the Threesome the three of us. However, we can assume that the real reason Obama dug up this man, was to draw Parallels between Wallenberg, who defended Jews during the Second world war with themselves, trying to "save" the Syrians today. Brilliant! He is drawn to the image of the famous rescuer of Jews to massively kill more Arabs. In the process, however, he will become a cause of countless deaths, perhaps even yours.

Linh Dinh,

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