'Influence through social networks'
Material posted: Publication date: 28-09-2013

Before You design the book, which States that in the mutually-relationship of people today occur the inevitable changes.

Communication in social networks have become much more intensive, time compressed, we got fast access to the hearts and minds of people in every corner of our planet. Social networks have become a new, progressive stage in the development not only of communication between people, but also in the fields of marketing, advertising, Commerce, Economics, public administration. Most importantly, they have a growing influence on the solution of acute social problems of mankind.

Authors: Vadim Chernets, Laboratory of social marketing "Word of mouth", Tatiana Bazlova, the Foundation "FOCUS-MEDIA", Eleonora Ivanova, the Foundation "FOCUS-MEDIA"

Editor: Natalia Krygina, the Foundation "FOCUS-MEDIA".


Tags: assessment , information war