Shoigu prepares ice-free Arctic special forces
Material posted: Publication date: 07-11-2013

Famous Russian Admiral Vladimir Komoedov, has served his time in the Arctic, welcomed the new idea of defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Yesterday, he told that to protect the active construction of Russian infrastructure in the ice have a new connection, a patrol icebreakers. But in the abilities of the domestic shipbuilding industry to support the impulse of the Minister Mr. Komoedov doubts.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Komoedov before joining Parliament gave my life to the fleet. He managed to serve almost all fleets. Including in 1997-1998 he was the first Deputy commander of the Northern fleet. The idea of the Minister of defence on the establishment of a connection patrol ships with ice class, announced Wednesday on "the selector", the Admiral Komoedov liking. Patrol icebreakers, on the idea Shoigu, need for protection of already constructed objects that move cargo and support vessels through the Arctic route.

Shoigu said yesterday that the Arctic is planned to restore airfields and berthing facilities in the archipelagos in the Arctic ocean — the Franz Joseph and the new Siberian Islands. As reported to the Minister of war, on the island Boiler ready runway and built a Parking lot aircraft.

"The Arctic will soon become navigable in the active direction, the shortest route between Europe and Asia, — says the Admiral Komoedov. In this regard, there is a possible encroachment, and the protection of the shipping fleet does not hurt". According to the Ministry of regional development, the capacity of the Northern sea route in 2020 will increase seven times.

"As the development of mineral resources on the continental mainland Russia is forced to go on the shelf, — says military expert IMEMO Vladimir Yevseyev. — It is about the development of several major fields, primarily natural gas." For influence in the Arctic, the rivalry will unfold between the major Arctic Nations.

However, Komoedov, and Evseev acknowledge that icebreaking plans Shoigu not quite ready to meet with Russian industry. "Shipbuilders can't cope: we constantly hear about delays, unfinished, failures, failures, — says the head of the Duma the flick. — Now in the United shipbuilding Corporation changed its management, it is hoped that he will be able to solve the existing problems".

The last icebreaker in the USSR was built in 1990. Since 2007, it was built only three icebreakers. It is noteworthy that the day before Shoigu's statement of LLC "Baltic plant — shipbuilding" announced the beginning of construction of the most powerful nuclear icebreaker in the world — the project 22220. The icebreaker should be built and passed to the "Atomflot" by December 2017.

According to first Deputy General Director of Rosatom Ivan Kamensky, recently, documents have been signed for construction of two serial icebreakers of this project. Already declared the tender for choice the contractor of the contract, both the icebreaker will cost more than 80 billion roubles and should be built to 2019-2020 years.

"The most powerful icebreaker in the world is good, and he in the Arctic is obviously useful, — said the Admiral Komoedov. — It will crack a huge ice floe, but you still need to remove from the fairway: if the three-meter boulders to fuck and leave, no one's back will not work. Therefore, Shoigu is absolutely right that proposes to create an ice class, but then the question arises — will there be the state for more funds."

The defense Ministry explained RBC daily, that specific plans for the development of Maritime icebreaking grouping in the Arctic don't have. "The Minister announced plans to detailed outline on paper and only then with the approval of the political leadership of the country consistently implemented," said a source in the defense Ministry.

Ivan Petrov


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