The tragic fate of the armed forces of Arab States
Material posted: Publication date: 08-11-2013

Judging by the number and dates of publications, the theme of the destruction of the Arab armies is one of the real problems of the Arab world.

The destruction of Egyptian, Syrian and Iraqi Arab armies – this is the real and primary target of Israel, the U.S. and its allies, writes the Palestinian newspaper "al-Manar"[1]. In this case, it refers to these Israeli reports confirming that prevailing in Egypt, the chaos that depletes the Egyptian army, serve the interests of Israel. What is happening in the Sinai Peninsula where the Egyptian army is fighting against terrorist groups, will be finished soon, but the real threat to the security of Israel are not terrorists, and the Egyptian army.

The Jordanian newspaper "al Balqa" also agrees that the Egyptian army continues to be a threat to Israel[2]. Terrorist group "Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant" urges Egyptians to wage armed struggle against the Egyptian army, writes canadian edition "MiddleEastPanorama"[3]. The Egyptian army is inferior to Israeli power, but today it is enhanced to resist the threats on the African continent. However, someone (in the Arab world – approx. A. Hakobyan) wants to drain her, satisfied with the bombings against her. It does not do anything against the Israeli army, which occupied the Sinai for many years, writes the Lebanese newspaper "Jarida"[4].

Destroy the Libyan army, as well as Syrian and Iraqi, Libya has become a state which recognizes the power of armed groups, writes the Lebanese author "Caridy"[5]. The blame also the former leader of Libya – Muammar Gaddafi, who, instead of forming a strong army relied on mercenaries, cites the opinion of Libyans from the author.

Similar events in Syria also can't help but have a negative impact on Israel, quoted as Israeli sources. Israel is important not to allow recovery of the Syrian army. Moreover, it must be destroyed, what will be possible if in Syria there will be several States with their armies. In other words, the country would be divided. However, the most dangerous neighbor Israel is Iraq and this country will be completely divided into parts, the danger cannot be considered neutralized. As writes the edition, Israel are dismayed by the restoration of military and economic power of the country, you can destroy resorting to methods of terror.

"MiddleEastPanorama" over and over again recalls that the idea for the purpose of the enemies of Syria is to destroy the Syrian Arab army and partition of the country. "What is happening in Syria has nothing to do with the concept of "revolution" implies change and freedom. ... Why, after Syria agreed to give up its chemical weapons, Washington has not committed to strike? Because the US is not concerned about the fate of Syrians and the security of Israel"[6].

The Syrian government army is the permanent object of attacks by the printing authority "Syrian opposition" publication "Orient news". "Syrian Arab army" fell to "Assad's army" and turned into bandits, looters and robbers, the newspaper writes. To describe the "reduction" of the army it uses a verb derived from the noun "dwarf"[7]. The theme that the Syrian army from the military organization of Syria has become "the ghostly army with ethno-religious loyalty to one family"[8] is one of the favorite themes of the publication. Oppositional the Internet project "Al-Haqiqa", created by London's European center for the study of the Middle East, quoted Israeli defense Minister: "the Syrian army came to an end"[9].

Thus, currently in Syria attempting to destroy and demoralize the Syrian army. Mainly used irregular methods of warfare. Deliberately used a combination of direct military techniques and methods of psychic terror. The soldier of the government army getting calls from unknown persons and threatened with physical violence over him and his family, offering to defect and join the opposite side. For agreeing to a soldier in the Syrian army offered a reward of $10,000.

From left Syrian refugees houses and apartments are going passports, military IDs and other documents confirming the identity of the owners. Subsequently, they are used as "confirmation of the facts of desertion from Assad's army" and to identify supporters of the Syrian President. Besides, terrorists are actively searching a database of persons having the documents. Under pain of death, ex-neighbors were sometimes forced to report on the whereabouts of Assad's supporters or those family members serving in the Syrian government army[10].


Armine Hakobyan, eXpert on the Middle East, orientalist-Arabist


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