Saudi Arabia sew "firing the article"?
Material posted: Publication date: 14-11-2013

Growing public conflict between Saudi Arabia and Western countries suddenly acquired a new shape. This time the monarchy had been charged with the desire to acquire nuclear weapons. November 7, the British newspaper "the guardian" published the news that Saudi Arabia, allegedly, intends to acquire in Pakistan ready ballistic medium-range missiles with nuclear warheads. The desire to have weapons of mass destruction is a very serious allegation, which had caused real wars.

The article Statesthat Saudi Arabia once financed the establishment of Pakistan's nuclear capabilities and today expects to be able to get some warheads and delivery systems. In fact, rumors of a possible acquisition by the monarchy of nuclear weapons appeared in 2009, when the authorities of the Kingdom have warned they will not tolerate the presence thereof in Iran.

Moreover, the publication published photos of launchers existing ballistic missiles, placed in 300 km from Riyadh. According to the publication, placed there missiles are also theoretically able to carry a nuclear warhead. The Kingdom was forced to defend himself, Recalling, in particular, that Saudi Arabia signed the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Cooling between Saudi Arabia and the United States – is no longer news. In particular, the overthrow of Saddam Hussein that another monarchy was not exactly, but was a Sunni Muslim, was a blow to Saudi Arabia and its role of the protector of the Sunni Ummah.

Recently in the world media gave wide coverage to the demarche of Saudi Arabia, refused seats in the UN Security Council and declared an independent support some rebel groups in Syria, despite the U.S. position.

However, the initiator of the new relations, like the West. He regularly increases the pressure on the monarchy through the usual "human rights mechanisms". Under pressure from the U.S. in 2011, king Abdullah announced the expansion of political rights of women, including their opportunities to vote and to stand in municipal elections and to be appointed to the consultative Shura Council - the most influential political body. Saudi Arabia even allowed their women to participate in the Olympic games for the first time in history. But the criticism only intensified.

In October Amnesty International suddenly found that the power of the monarchy continue to struggle with the opposition through "arbitrary arrests and detention, unfair trials, torture and other ill-treatment."

Political pressure on the monarchy by the US is constantly growing. USA constantly require SA fight al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, which puts the "protector of Sunnis" in an awkward position. The Kingdom is concerned that Israel – regional opponent of the monarchy already has nuclear weapons. But the US turn a blind eye and did not want to discuss the topic. Sharp criticism of the West has been the involvement of SA in the suppression of the uprising in Bahrain. The recent U.S. pressure on the military overthrew Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the negotiations between the West and Iran have further aggravated the annoyance of Saudi Arabia.

Sometimes, one gets the relation that the West was preparing the monarchy to a sharp demarche, to any new "pearl Harbor". Saudi Arabia is the richest state with global interests, the elite, which is partially integrated into the elite of the West. But money is money, and the country does not have enough military or political resources to protect their interests.

Still the greatest strength of Saudi Arabia was the presence of the world's largest oil reserves equivalent to 25 % of proven world reserves. But today, the United States gradually get rid of energy imports thanks to the revolution in shale oil and gas. Most mutual independence opens to both sides and all over the world for new political prospects.


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