`Global future 2045. Convergent technologies (NBICS) and transhumanist evolution`
Material posted: Publication date: 15-11-2013

The book was prepared by the Scientific Council of the Public movement "Russia 2045" and devoted to understanding philosophical and theoretical issues of the present and the future of civilization. It covers a broad range of problems, which is defined by three main themes: 1) global future, the singular turn of the mid twenty-first century, scenarios of the development of civilization; 2) convergent mega-technology, their role in the transformation of man and society; 3) issues of transhumanist evolution connected with tasks and projects of Public movement "Russia 2045".

Goals and projects of the Public movement "Russia 2045" associated with scenarios for the future of civilization, transhumanist evolution, transformations of human physicality and society, radical life extension (up to cybernetic immortality), cause in the scientific community various estimates, are the subject of lively debate. All it is clear, however, that acute production issues on ways to overcome the anthropological crisis of our civilization from consumer impasse, change the disastrous trajectory of its development is highly relevant, urgently requires the unity of social forces, the concentration of creative efforts to understand them and to create the means of solving them.

In this he sees his principal task of the Social movement "Russia 2045", which has more than 20 000 supporters, among them prominent scientists, philosophers, artists. It seeks to become a catalyst for a great national, and then international movement, is able to create spiritual and material resources, the real forces to counter global threats the not so distant future.

In February 2012 the organizers of the Movement headed by its founder Dmitry Itskova in Moscow was held the First international Congress "Global future 2045", which took part in total about 1000 people, including prominent scientists from the USA, Western Europe, Australia and other countries. The preparation of the second international Congress on the same subject, which will be held in June 2013 in new York.

Goals and projects of the Movement "Russia 2045" was discussed at a number of conferences, scientific seminars, round tables, at the meeting of the RAS Scientific Council for methodology of artificial intelligence. Despite the critical comments, the participants unanimously stressed the critical importance of the issues and challenges posed by the Movement, high social need in thorough development and resolution.

Given the magnitude and complexity of these issues and challenges, has recently been established by the Scientific Council of the Public movement "Russia 2045" (it includes V. I. Arshinov and V. G. Gorokhov, S. V. Krichevsky (doctor of philosophical Sciences, candidate of technical Sciences and a test cosmonaut), V. E. Lepsky, V. S. Stepin (academician of RAS), B. G. Yudin (member-Corr. RAS), and other famous philosophers, as well as such major scholars as V. L. Dunin-Barkovskaya, A. Ya. Kaplan, A. P. Nazaretyan, A. D. Panov, V. F. Petrenko (member-Corr. RAS), V. G. red'ko, S. F. Sergeev, A. A. Frolov, etc.). Soon the Council will be expanded by attracting foreign scientists.

The Council aims to develop a theoretical framework of objectives set by the Movement, to contribute to the solution of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary problems put forward by the convergent development of NBICS (nano-, bio-, information, cognitive, social technologies and relevant areas of scientific knowledge), from which mainly depends the future of our civilization, to promote reflection, in-depth analysis of the socio-humanitarian component of the Russian scientific because she plays a leading role in the development of convergent technologies and solving problems of the development of a terrestrial civilization.

The initial product of the activities of the Council is the book that you, the reader, hold in your hands. It represents the first step in creating a sound scientific, theoretical, methodological and philosophical base of the Movement. It covers a broad range of issues (as indicated in the title of the book) contacted the three main themes: 1) global future, the singular turn of the mid century, scenarios of the development of civilization; 2) convergent technologies, their role in the transformation of man and society; 3) issues of transhumanist evolution, analysis and evaluation of the views developed in this plan, including a critical discussion of several concepts of transhumanism.

Of course, all three themes are interdependent, closely intertwined and cannot be rigidly delineated. Therefore, the identify the three sections of the book (according to these topics) to a certain extent conditionally. But it still allows you to place emphasis on the key issues of the Movement "Russia 2045".

Now in the world literature close attention is paid to the theoretical understanding of the projects of the future, for it is largely in human hands, dependent on our creativity, from the consolidation of the activities of the advanced social forces to achieve the vital goals of mankind. Before us the task of choosing strategic directions of development of our civilization and the establishment of "management tools of the future". Such a task puts the project "Russia 2045". It aims to mobilize and uplift the creative energies, the power of the spirit of scientific researchers and artists. High goal can unite a lot of people, are very necessary in Russia. On the way to the solution of important task, no doubt, can be successfully solved many private, but extremely important, vital mission for our country and for humanity. In this respect, history has repeatedly demonstrated the great role of super-task, meet the spirit of the time.

The authors give a clear report in extreme complexity and discussionsthe many of the issues raised and discussed in the book. Among them there are some discrepancies regarding the assessment of the feasibility, timing, and methods of solving individual problems, interpretations of the process transhumanist evolution, and relation to Western ideas of the representatives of transhumanism.

We are open to criticism, for intelligent communication with our opponents, for creative discussions. But I believe in our cause. And I hope that many opponents will still be able to contribute to projects of Public movement "Russia 2045" and, more importantly, in their implementation.

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