Nedotko P. A., Popovich, M. L., Privalov V. A. 'the Meaning of life and the life of the senses'
Material posted: Publication date: 26-11-2013

The book covers issues related to the influence of the spiritual factor in human life, the meaning of his life. The spiritual factor is revealed in the analysis of the meaning of ideas as the limit reference point of human existence. Focuses on the idea that in the age of technology and mass reproduction of anything that should be kept and something unique and unrepeatable in human life. To substantiate this idea of work attracted different people who raise problems related to the search forms of spiritualization of man in the process of its formation. Unusual examples from the lives of people used for a man's life does not become completely unified, screen-filled monotony of technologically produced products, that the equipment did not suppress the person, and was with him in harmony.

The book is intended for those interested in the development of personality, formation of its cultural and spiritual qualities.

The authors come to the conclusion that the essence of most problems is that each is not aware of himself as part of a whole man, a hard, uncompromising battle of two original human personality: the material and ideal. To material first principle is the physical body of man together with the surrounding material world, through which the human person exists and acts as a living organism. The ideal first principle of man is his very identity and the ideal world from which it gets the senses just as it happens with the physical body receiving the meanings of its biological existence of the material world.

The senses are the laws of existence, material and ideal, which always contradict each other, which is manifested in their meanings. Perfect, penetrating into the material, converts the laws of his being, either expanding or limiting their effect, in this connection, previously legal can become illegal and cease to exist. Or Vice versa, to strengthen and extend the existence of the ideal in the material world. The same thing happens in the sphere of the ideal, if it penetrate the material senses.

The eternal struggle between the sense of being original material and ideal in the human being and humanity is forcing people to make their lives meaningful. And people need to comprehend not only the sense of being material and ideal in themselves, how their meanings are mutually adjoint realization in each other and through each other.

Only in the process of implementation revealed a measure of understanding by people of their own self as really existing individuals. If this measure is low, then their existence becomes meaningless and as a result is lifeless and inferior to humans and human communities. The higher measure of understanding the reality of the person, the more viable and vigorous he becomes. The greatest interest is manifested in cases when these meanings penetrate each other and accumulate there.

To understand the intent of the Creator – the meaning of life is to understand and to implement pre-specified meanings, which he initially lays in the man as potentially God-like entity that is able to create material reality out of the intangible nothingness and again to turn this reality into intangible nothingness, that is, in something perfect exists.

Through creative inspiration a Person is able to create masterpieces out of things. In turn, these masterpieces can generate similar creative excitement in the minds of many other people, contemplating such spiritual things. Thus, one person can cause in society movement (stream) of consciousness. This thread covers its impact the livelihoods of many others. Everyone can make this movement their own contribution, providing more or less noticeable effect on the contradictory process of spiritualization of things a person and the spiritualization of man the things created by his hands, the head and the genius of creative inspiration.

Thus, meanings are the spirit of inspiration, in which he must deal with the realization of these meanings to transform itself into a genuine, vibrant embodiment of divine perfect essence. However, people living in the material world where they have to adapt to the physical senses, not the spiritual plane of this world, creating themselves as typical representatives of the material world to the detriment of peace ideal.

This leads to the "split", "confusion" and "highlight-reel" of two indissolubly associated original man (and mankind) – material and ideal. Directing the increasing flow of consciousness in the material world for the purpose of economic development under their vital needs, people will "unplug" himself from his perfect plan. This impedes their ability to adequately understand the meanings of their own material existence. These meanings, too, are of divine origin and indissoluble connected with the sense of the ideal of human existence, and human communities.
As a result, people are robbing themselves of the opportunity to learn objective natural-deterministic meanings of existence in the material world and impose on him their own subjective meanings that confirmed extensive human practice – "touchstone" and the unshakable "the measure of all truth." Therefore, arbitrary reasoning bring mankind health and numerous diseases and the threat of further existence.

Neither of the original material and the ideal of human nature, taken individually, cannot overcome its current crisis state. Any of these first principles if it starts to act in "alone," puts man and mankind into the position of "besmislica", and not in any one, and in many ways at once.

Various relationships of people and things in the present industrialized world are subject to conflicting, mutually exclusive nature of the meanings of the material and ideal, which causes constant conflicts. These meanings – antagonists. They are fighting each other in the Universe of the Universe regardless of the people any of the human civilizations. Man and humanity who do not understand these meanings and their "treacherous character", are "silly" and as such are always in position "between two fires".

The technosphere of the Earth like a living being with identity that locks people in their material and technological space doesn't allow them to get out of it in another space - the space of meanings is perfect. Knowing the meanings and knowing how to use them, people can do everything they need to life themselves out of himself, out of his perfect essence with the help of his consciousness, that is awareness of the sense of the ideal.

Today People are busy all the time testing things and their forced adaptation to meet their household needs, indifferent and alien to the things themselves. To produce, a person has to mechanically shred the living body of the planet and then to put painful things in their high strength, reliability and other human expediency, does not need these things that causes them not only material resistance, but also a spiritual protest. The senseless continuation of these attempts guarantee to humanity a manifestation of technological disasters not only planetary but also cosmic in nature. The authors conclude that to overcome the undesirable consequences should the radical transformation of the biological structures of the physical body in the soul, that is, sensory and emotional terms, but especially in spiritual, with specific productive forces of spirituality.


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