Nedotko A. P., Fields, A. I., 'Clean water: environmental consciousness and the consciousness of ecology'
Material posted: Publication date: 26-11-2013

The authors explore the differences, parallelism and communications between ecology as the improvement of human consciousness and consciousness of ecology, as technical influence on the outer sphere of human habitation in order to secure a positive outcome, where the authors are encouraged to support innovative projects and programs aimed at reaching people spiritually-moral and psycho-physical well-being. To this end, the authors conducted a comparative analysis and reviewed the possibility of combining different innovative projects: "Project Russia", project "Clean water" and "common Program of Evolution of the Universe".

The book is designed in the form of a collection of articles, each of which has an integral, finished look to sweep a whole range of problems associated with the creation of a "two-storey" - the material-ideal projects and programmes. Stories are organically arranged one above the other in ascending stages, which facilitates their perception. The pluralism of approaches and assumed ways of successful development of States and the international Community contributes to the implementation presented in the book ideas in practice aimed at exiting the crisis faced by modern civilization.

The book is addressed to all those interested in questions of spiritual development of man and humanity who understands that without the heights of spirituality cannot be expected to maintain the integrity of society and its prosperity.

People find it difficult to unite only with the help of changeable mind and its ideas, as they are all people different and all together run into the problem of consensus, differences and the forced compromise of opinions. If the consensus collapses, it leaves behind the confrontation of mutually exclusive opinions. Therefore, people are held together by physical violence or economic coercion. But in order to become a new person and live in the new century, we must first learn to think in a new way and to stop thinking in the old way. But it is a very difficult task of humanity, among whom we live and try to bring it all a favor.

People used to consider projects and programs something written on paper, so they write a paper the laws and regulations, through which legislators create the ability to circumvent and even violate any laws. With the same purpose come up with innovative projects and programs eligible for receiving material resources through a competitive (bidding) commissions. But in the end it always turns out that the favor is not the best and the worst "paper". Their dominance over people turns people into "insects", forcing them to engage in bureaucratic "pedantry". At the behest of paperwork, which many people love to abuse, society crowds in the material World and cannot get to a higher spiritual World, even with the help of various Holy Scriptures, which are differently interpreted by world religions in the struggle for the mastery of the minds and wallets of believers.

The complexity of studying causal relations lies in the fact that the investigation appear in Dense (Earthly) world, where people live, and the causes of all human diseases are hidden in the Subtle (Celestial) World. Therefore, People as the dual - dual being must exist in two Worlds at once. In a Dense World to be his body, and the eternal soul dwells in the Subtle World. For this reason, the human mind is split in two - the outer and inner "I" and is forced to play the role of mediator between these different worlds. Inner self is the temporary body in the form of "particles of God in man" and the outer "I" is intended to be present in the Subtle World and to be able to understand it.

In other words, the human mind is a "mirror" in which the Dense and Thin Worlds are recognised both immediately and their reflections are superimposed on each other, what gives a person the opportunity to compare them, to feel the differences and act on them, shifting their differences aside identities. This Person is able to observe the causal relations that determine either a painful or a happy state of the people and of societies in their "body and spirit", and have the ability to normalize the crisis state at the expense of their own physical and spiritual strength.

All of these processes occur in human consciousness as a mediator of two different Worlds. When dominated by the corporal-material productive forces of personality, humanity sinks into the abyss of spirituality, and before it there is the problem of treatment of water, air, soils and biota of the Earth's biosphere from industrial waste formed by the process of life of the human community. If the spiritual dominating the productive forces of the personality, the person goes into the Subtle World, where draws a powerful creative force and opportunities of improvement of the biosphere of the Earth, but cannot use these powers and opportunities because of mass resistance are configured on the material consumption of people who know nothing about the productive forces of spirituality.

In order to harness and make productive use of their material and spiritual-the perfect productive forces, people need to learn to set your mind in their harmonious balance. However, people's consciousness is split in two: one part of consciousness it seems that the biosphere they can be cleaned and kept clean only through their mentality, leaving your mind intact and unchanged. Another part of the consciousness, on the contrary, it seems that this thing can handle alone spiritual productive forces, if it is good to clean the human consciousness from contamination, characterized himself as such.

Consciousness causes people in the productive power of the human mind and spirituality. Therefore in the human world now presents both of these situations. On the one hand, people has been much talk about the environment of the external environment and the need for its purification from all kinds of pollution, on the other hand we are talking about the ecology of the consciousness, which is immersed in an unclean environment. Therefore, the authors investigate the possibility of harmonious coexistence in the minds of the people of these two opposing principles of life and demonstrate the possibility of constructing such innovative projects and programs that are "two-story", where "First floor" should be placed in the material world, while "Second floor" must be placed in the spiritual and ideal world. In this case, the projects are "mirrors" and the human conscience, and human consciousness, reflecting both the world immediately in their interaction in human deeds and thoughts.

An example of such a "storied program", allowing the consciousness to travel "from floor to floor" and self-cleaning from the informational debris from both outside and inside the consciousness is a "common Program of Evolution of the Universe" - the same for the entire Universe and, together with the bifurcated due to the presence in it of two different worlds. To think differently is to change your consciousness and improve it by a radical change in its inherent ecology. He thinks his head and tries to hold in her mind. However, not always people can think in such a way as not to harm themselves and the people around him, sometimes using his mind someone suddenly becomes smarter, more cunning and meaner, causing problems for others. Quite another matter "particle of God in man," when man thinks, and thinks, and does it intelligently and in harmony with higher laws. He puts in the particle "germ of mind", is able to achieve a Higher condition of mind and even to surpass it. So this bit in the man called "Conscience".

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