Obama pushes new U.S. policy in the middle East region
Material posted: Publication date: 22-12-2013

Obama said that uses the right of veto and block a bill relating to the adoption of new sanctions against Iran. Hard confrontation with his policy on Iran is not surprising - the situation is far from stable and irreversible.

His Iranian counterpart is facing similar challenges with their opponents and opponents is so flimsy design arrangements are trying to destroy both sides.

If we consider that the position of Israel and Saudi Arabia towards construction of regional order looks extremely hostile, it is clear that war is necessary on many fronts.

The next step and a new phase to consolidate the outcomes of the new U.S. policy in the region would, of course, the conference on the Syrian settlement. While not quite understand the format of this conference. From a purely formal point of view, it must be a contract between the Syrian government and the opposition, as the guarantors of this Treaty should serve invited to the conference to over 40 countries and international organizations.

Most likely, the organizers of the "Geneva-2" will go the way of private agreements, and twist the arms of the signatories of the agreement, after which I will try in the shock temperature to conclude it. Thus all invited "guarantors" will be simply put before a fact and will only be able to support the agreement or refuse it - yourself removing himself beyond the agreement.

In this case, the abundance of invitees, making the conference the notoriously unhealthy, only covers the real behind-the-scenes work. Decisions can be taken prior to the conference and as a Plenum of the Central Committee - with speeches on a piece of paper and vote on a predetermined draft resolution. If Russia and USA are working in this direction - we are already in January may witness another "breakthrough" solutions.

It is clear that Iran in this case will get the full freedom of hands in Syria and be able legally to provide all required assistance to the government - including the military. The task of the United States and Russia in this case will be the reaction to the actions of the Israelis and the Saudis, who will inevitably have to confront the Iranians - strengthening Iran in the region does not suit them completely. We, too, albeit to a lesser degree. To change an awl for soap - not the smartest strategy.

So in a sense, we not be amiss on some of the issues to support at least Israel, and the establishment of closer contacts with the Israelis is inevitable. With Saudi Arabia the question is more complex - Russia has no instruments of influence on Saudi elites or even some part of it, so with princes to agree is virtually useless. There is always a danger of deception or falsehood.

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