Energy controlled Chaos - Ukrainian master class
Material posted: Publication date: 22-02-2014

A relative lull in Kiev continues the second day. Relative, because individual confrontations and even shots still happen, but the ceasefire looks more fragile. However, the government does not prevent the rebels to capture new buildings around the Maidan, but blocked access to the Maidan vehicles with new batches of tires and firewood, as well as trying to block the supply of weapons. Now a lot of misunderstanding of what is happening and its internal logic from all sides.

The rebels surprised at the same time the fact that they haven't won yet, while numerous calls from the West and forced Yanukovych to resign and cede power to them-volunteer force and the fact that they themselves are still not completely dispersed and transported to "places not so remote". Not by chance the Rabbit, last night appeared on Maidan after another meeting with the President proudly declared that he managed to agree that "today's dispersal of the Maidan will not." Moreover, it was filed as his personal victory. Catch a significant change in rhetoric?

The power behaves externally no less strange. For example, on the website of the SBU was rather interesting history. First, it was published the text of the order of the head of the SBU beginning of the counterterrorist operation from the evening of 19 February and throughout Ukraine. The text of the order appeared on the Internet with comments that managed to make a screenshot while the hackers have hacked the site and removed the document. Then after a couple of hours appeared on the same site, another document that is not a counter-terrorism operation begins, but begins preparations for it. And that the operation will involve not only the forces of special troops of SBU, but also part of the Ukrainian armed forces, i.e. army.

With the army, too, is very curious. On the one hand, there was information about the direction of the Kiev brigade of the airborne forces, and that the dispersal of the Maidan will accept the brave paratroopers. Then it turns out that it's only five hundred Marines, which are designed to protect weapons warehouses from looting. A bit later suddenly there is a change of chief of the General staff of the armed forces. On Admiral close to the marine corps.

In Western Ukraine resumed seizures of local administrations, the destruction of police stations and even the seizure of the arsenals. Vengeance replicated information about capture by fighters of a thousand units of weapons and large quantities of ammunition. But the government pretends that nothing ordinary happens and does not react. Do not react to what is actually in the Western regions of chaos and complete anarchy with predictable consequences. By the way, banks, jewelry and other "tasty" shops already completely looted. Against this background, the regional administration in the Eastern and southern areas took a sharp and clear position towards what is happening in the centre and West of the country, until ready to complete the separation in the case of final destabilization.

Its own war, with the same chaotic unfolding in the network. Hysteria "zapadocesky" and opposition resources and authors, almost instantly shifting from the triumphant reports to the panic calls to salvation, are already becoming commonplace. But I was recently surprised (and often unpleasant) panic the activity of many popular bloggers who instead seek to ease tensions and to push civil slaughter, only add fuel to the fire, while masquerading as supporters of restoring order. Thus one can only obtain the opposite result. Not on purpose?

If to summarize all said and mentally to rise above the particulars, it seems utter chaos that reigns not only in the streets but in the minds of both government and its opponents. Chaos, gradually sinking until recently quite prosperous country into the maelstrom of utter chaos and anarchy. But it only seems like that.

Actually (hate to be wrong) is indicative of a workshop on the elimination of conspiracy and rebellion by methods of controlled chaos. That is, using the technology that is developed and traditionally, and successfully, used by the Enemy. Obviously, the analysis of all previous "revolutions" have shown clearly that any attempt by the traditional authorities responses on released into society the virus of chaos by keeping an ordered system is doomed to failure. At least under the conditions when the power is not as strong and does not enjoy unconditional support of the majority of the population of the country. Alas, in Ukraine we have such a situation. For years of Board of Yanukovych's power has got so many criminal stupid mistakes that any instant restoration of trust of even relatively loyal of the population, hostile to the Maidan and "zapadenets" is not necessary. In these circumstances the government's actions by a rigid suppression of all points of chaos and operative tough power of order almost doomed. Moreover, the main information support for all these events, even within Ukraine itself, not to mention external, will not be on the government's side. As it is now.

I will try to explain the problem from the point of view of energy processes. One of the most significant pairs of antagonists in our Universe is a pair of Order-Chaos.

The procedure is excellent in that all its elements are in a clear relationship, defining each of them and their unique needs throughout the system. To live (as an element) into an ordered system very comfortable to until you are satisfied with your role element in the System. But such an ideal is unattainable. But because the Right has two very significant drawbacks. Absolute order is dead, since life is present only in movement but in order of position of each element is firmly fixed. The second drawback is that any ordered communication consumes energy, but does not generate it. That is, the Absolute Order is objectively energy-deficient system, is able to obtain it only from the outside.

Chaos, on the contrary, power system, not experiencing any problems with her. But all the elements of this system are in constant Brownian motion and dynamic contradiction between each other. This system in its pure form also cannot exist, because it is all against all.

And that is why any viable system, especially social, is a specific combination of Order and Chaos dominated the first. Chaos it manifests itself through constant purposeful destruction of private internal communications systems and use the released energy to form new, better bonds. Examples of such systems are many completely different levels. For example, any reorganization of a commercial company with partial dismissal, recruitment and redistribution of official powers, this is exactly such an example.

At the level of all States occurs in a similar way. Because in principle the existence of a civilized opposition to the authorities, periodically change, as a change in government priorities and policies, the existence of social mobility of various kinds, it is all important for the country, leading to its development and prosperity.

But this occurs only as long, as long as we consider the country as an isolated system. That is, all the energy released in it by the destruction of the outdated and inappropriate domestic relations, is used in its construction, i.e. on the formation of new links and elements. In the case where the destruction of any ties within the system is initiated from the outside, there is a huge probability that the energy obtained from this destruction will also be used outside of the country. The very initiators of the destruction. The outflow of energy causes a gradual disintegration and simplification of the system until, until the outflow stops. This is actually the essence of the system of controlled chaos. The result of her destructive actions today we can observe on the example of Libya, Syria, Egypt. Today is triggered by something similar in Thailand and, of course, Ukraine.

But you have to understand that any destruction of connections from the outside requires two things. Energy greater than the energy consumption of existing communication destined to the destruction, as well as its own viral streamlined Microsystems that acts as a direct element of destruction. Immediately explain the apparent contradiction. If the fracture requires more energy than can be obtained from its destruction, then what is kosher? This apparent contradiction. Every major (type of government) system there are a lot of similar ties. First destroying and absorbing its energy, you get the opportunity to influence at the same time on two or more other relations. After all, energy cannot be wasted, it all stays in the system until the command output. Just goes to intercept the control power from the MCC of the system to the virus.

Now let's see what exactly was happening until now in Ukraine. Have all the necessary elements. Stuffing huge funds on formation and strengthening of opposition and layered. There is a "decent" parliamentary parties have militias, and there is a huge amount of "sympathizers". All of this structure is the embedded virus. Here it is necessary to understand the simplest thing. When financing any sort of structure begins to come from the outside, this structure automatically becomes viral, acting in the interests of an external funder.

Due to the fact that power in Ukraine was itself not sinless, in particular actively parasitized the country, bringing money abroad, as it is not sad, but actually it is money paid Ukrainian oligarchs Ukrainian blood.

But until Yanukovych's refusal to sign an Association agreement with the EU requirements in the destruction of Ukrainian statehood did not actually exist. After all, under the leadership of the Ukrainian power, the country itself is in full force peacefully fled into bondage, Bouncing with impatience. All the destruction was supposed to start later, when the trap would be sprung. Chaos waited for the economy, producing at first and then the rest. While initially it was planned to "recycle" (to withdraw in favor of the West) energy from the collapse of economic relations, then social, and finally due to the widespread domination of despondency, misery and anger among the common people to turn Ukraine into a permanent base for infernal egregore behind the scenes.

But with the failure changed dramatically. All virus structures that were supposed to "doze" until the elections in 2015, had to be awakened and engaged in active destruction of the state now. First, simply through the blocking of normal work controls, and then more moving the confrontation into the street. Stupid, and the main failure of dispersal of the Maidan in December exacerbated tension and allowed to pass to a more open and fierce confrontation.

The process of destruction of Ukraine as a state with its goals and objectives superimposed two additional factors that exacerbated the situation. First, the balance of energies between the two main opposing forces of the Universe, Love and Inferno, was very quickly shifting towards the first, which led to the rapid depletion of global infernal egregor, which required nourishment from new sources. And the Maidan was chosen as one of those. Secondly, the Russian Olympics with her mystical ritual of the opening was the factor most strongly fear the Enemy and he was trying to avoid by all means. Especially because every day, even in the West, Russia begin to perceive as a natural leader, capable of holding the planet from the breakdown of civilization in the abyss.

All together this has led to what we have in Ukraine now. Most normal people really do not understand why the power shows a surprising softness, while allowing the victim, including among law enforcement officers, but does not use the available capacity for violent suppression of the rebels.

However, it is only at first glance it seems that the government is confused and paralyzed. Actually, while all that happens, happens exactly according to her script, not the script of Western puppeteers. Will repeat what I have already said more than once. Both the most obvious and simple way is to hand over power to the opposition or to make it to the dispersal of this would be the moves on someone else's script, calculated, and leading to inevitable defeat. It is the restraint of power will allow it in the near future to do the same (to crush the rebels) and maintain its legitimacy. The fight is not with the rebels. Their strength is ridiculous, even with weapons. War, real, goes behind the minds of millions of Ukrainians, who have long lost faith in the government, but not adopted the Maidan and "Zapatista". If the riot would have happened even the day before yesterday, not to mention earlier times, the fate of Yanukovych in the end would be sad. Today it is already possible. Here are just a few factors that you need time.

Even before yesterday after a force of rebels Yanukovych was obliged to take a break and try to convince the opposition to back off, keeping loyalty to the authorities, but Ukraine. He did it the night before, and the opposition has missed its chance. The President was obliged to address the people in explanation of position and a statement that he is taking all the forces for peaceful resolution of the conflict, acting in the interests of all the people and the country.

If you remember, until the very last moment, the army observed a complete neutrality. And it was right up until the speech (at least outwardly) was about political disassembly. But the authorities forced the opposition to become rebels, threatening the authorities, but the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian people. This was compounded by the looting of military arsenals in the West Ukraine. Now and only now the army was given the right not only to intervene but also a duty to take the side of the legitimate authorities. Not for her sake, but for the sake of the people and the state of Ukraine.

The government agreed to a truce, proposing a completely fair and legitimate demands of translation in the negotiation process and conflict exclusively in a peaceful manner, showed a willingness to reach reasonable compromises, as recently demonstrated in practice through the January Amnesty "Pasadena". Today it is the rebels again moved into action with a weapon that finally put them outside the law, translated them into the category of terrorists that are subject to direct elimination. And that is why "the Eagle" was distributed to military weapons.

The authorities have forced the West to fully Express themselves and their position in relation to what is happening in Ukraine. You think coincidence Obama for so long on the sidelines, not making any statements? He thereby retained the right to become a referee, which would have had to listen to both sides, if the script is Western puppeteers would have been violated. But yesterday he was forced to openly stand on the side of the rebels, than finally brought US beyond the borders of possible intervention in the process as the third peacekeeping force. Before this right is lost by the EU. But Russia and Putin this chance fully preserved, so far staying in the shadows and calling on ALL parties to the settlement and peace. And this is almost the most important victory, which will manifest itself in the future. And even if the situation Russia will be forced to intervene directly (and this is possible only in case of direct intervention of NATO forces), and in this case the truth will be on her side.

Finally, only two days of the absence of legitimate authority in the Western oblasts of Ukraine and management of the "people's Rada" clearly showed everyone what they can expect in case of victory of the rebellion. Banks and shops looted, the police are absent, a mess, chaos and Kingdom armed bandits. You wanted this? Receive and sign. Nothing could so clearly work against Maidana as his success in the Lviv region.

All said unequivocally puts the power in the role of defender of Ukraine, the defender of the people from chaos and lawlessness. Returning to the issue of chaos and order, the authorities did not try to prevent the Chaos, it further stimulated it, without having to create an orderly management subsystem, and began to turn from a managed to an absolute. And this chaos does not need anyone. Today even the West is able to channel it and suck its energy exclusively on the Maidan, where even established Pyramid. But this is hardly what is required. At the same time within the Ukrainian society began one after another to form ordered structures that are not associated with power in General, or associated with the district authorities, but opposing the onslaught of Chaos.

And now and only now gradually there appears an opportunity for an organised and ordered the suppression of the rebellion by all means. This is no longer the struggle of the authorities against the opposition, but the fight of the entire Ukraine for their future and basic safety. Now on the government's side works the instinct of self-preservation from society to individuals.

And I very much hope that the government, subtly passing over the edge today, do not miss their chance. Not only is it a chance, it's Ukraine's chance at life.

Alexey Sidorenko


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