To destroy together with the population
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The farther time separates us from the victorious spring of 1945. Veterans who have met her in different cities they liberated Europe, they leave. And the smaller becomes the participants of the great Patriotic war, the arrogant behavior of the falsifiers of history. They do everything to discredit the feat of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who saved the world from "brown plague". Today the main weapon forgers becomes a lie about the identity of Hitler's and Stalin's regimes, the similarity of their ideologies and equal responsibility of the USSR and Nazi Germany during the Second world war.

This finding is actively promoting the PACE in which the Russian delegation until the end of the year was denied the right to vote. On the main myth, as on a skewer, enemies of Russia strung dozens of others. And although they do not always match, because do not live by the laws of logic, their pernicious influence on public opinion is obvious. In the conditions unleashed by the West against Russia, a massive information and psychological warfare to expose the myths, discrediting our country and the generation of winners, must be a systematic and not occasional.

The Nazis on the occupied territory of the USSR

The differences between Communist and Nazi ideologies not only see those who see their wishes. Need to try hard to not detect the difference between hateful racial theory and the slogan "Proletarians of all countries, unite!". To convince the "blind" is pointless – dogs.

Not all the falsifiers of history to such a degree of mental "humpback". Some, grimaced, reluctantly, recognize the difference between the two ideologies. But comparing the behaviour of red army and Wehrmacht soldiers and the SS, they assure us that there is no difference. Supposedly the Nazis in the USSR and the red army in Germany behaved the same way: killed, robbed, raped... But this dirty fake refuted by the many firmly established facts and documents.

In war the conduct of military personnel depends on a number of circumstances. The most important of them – the orders of command that clearly defines the scope of what is permitted. Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler outlined them thus: "180 million people, a mixture of races and peoples, whose names are unpronounceable, and whose physical nature is such that the only thing they can do is to shoot without pity and mercy".

In preparation for the attack on the USSR, may 13, 1941 Adolf Hitler signed the decree "On the application of military jurisdiction and special measures of the troops", which says that soldiers of the Wehrmacht, "has committed any actions against the civilian population of the enemy side, not necessarily prosecuted, even if these actions are war crimes". June 6, the joint command of the Wehrmacht issued Instructions on the treatment of political Commissars, where "treatment" refers to the extermination. Such a fate the Germans were preparing not only to political workers. In a special memo to the officers and soldiers of the Wehrmacht said: "you Have no heart and nerves – in the war they are not needed. Destroy itself in pity and compassion, kill all Russian Soviet. Don't stop in front of you if the man or woman, girl or boy – kill".

The Stalinist leadership and the Soviet high command directives such officers and soldiers of the red army was never given. But this does not prevent Russian liberals and their Western patrons for many years with impunity to denigrate our grandfathers and great grandfathers.

But documents showing how used was obtained from the leaders of the Third Reich "indulgence" soldiers of the Wehrmacht and SS – sea. In materials of the Nuremberg process does have such evidence: "16-year-old L. I. Metchnikov were taken by soldiers on the orders of an officer of Hummer into the forest, where they raped her. After some time, other women who were led into the forest, he saw on the tree Board, to which was nailed the body of the Mechnikov. In the eyes of the women the Germans had cut off her Breasts". Litigation representatives of the "civilized" Europe itself is not a burden. In Soltsy Leningrad region teacher Ageev and young rams, which came under suspicion of sympathy (not support!) to the partisans, were immediately planted on the green. Their corpses as a warning to local residents that the Germans were not allowed to take off two weeks.

16 February 1943 the Germans destroying the village Velichkovichi starobinski district of Belarus had been burned alive and shot 351 farmer, including 169 children under the age of 16 years. In the occupied territory of the USSR the enemy burned so many villages that to write about them must be not the article, and a multi-volume study. The falsifiers of history, equating the USSR and Germany, did not give examples of German villages destroyed together with the population. Such facts have no! No orders similar to the order № 109 of 203 th infantry regiment: "the Chief of the army General field Marshal of Rundstedt ordered that out of hostilities, in order to preserve German blood, the search for mines and clearing minefields to produce Russian prisoners".

Soviet soldiers in Germany

70 years ago, when the Red Army crossed the "threshold" of Europe, its liberation mission was obvious to all. Newsreel and photographs 1944-1945 brought us the boundless joy with which the inhabitants of European cities met the freedom fighters. As recalled the happiest day of his liberation of prisoners of concentration camps. All of them, as former French Prime Minister Edouard Herriot, remember that the salvation of the Soviet soldier.

However, today in Europe about this prefer not to remember. The Europeans, the right to life which gave our grandparents and great-grandparents, sprinkled them with dirt. Without a shadow of a hesitation they gave a second life to the unfounded accusations against the red Army chief liar of the Third Reich Joseph Goebbels. Popular and its propaganda techniques. On 19 April 1945 in his last speech on the radio Goebbels declared: "Our enemies claim that the Fuhrer's soldiers were held in all the countries of Europe as conquerors; we can say: wherever they went, they carried with them happiness and prosperity, order, peace, harmony, abundance, work and a dignified life." The same "independent" Western media asserted against the NATO mission in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Demanded by the West and another time Goebbels. Hardly the Red Army crossed into Germany, as he stated: "In some villages and towns countless raped all were women from 10 to 70 years." Goebbels aide Werner Naumann later admitted that "propaganda about Russians and what the population should expect from them in Berlin, was so successful that we have brought the Berliners to a state of extreme terror". The result of "successful" propaganda become the suicide of the Germans. On 4 April, the member of the Military Council of the 1st Ukrainian front, Lieutenant-General Konstantin Krainyukov reported: "Before the arrival of the red Army, the Nazis waged a deceitful propaganda among the population about the "atrocities" that supposedly will fix the Red Army over the German population... there have been even cases of suicide. So, at the entry of the red Army in the village of Mednitsah not had time to evacuate 58 women and teenagers cut their veins on the hands..."

In our time the Goebbels ' slander was picked up and expanded the British historian Anthony Beevor. In the book "the Fall of Berlin. 1945," he writes, "the Appearance of a soldier with a burning torch over the faces of the women who had taken refuge in the bunker, which selects a victim, characteristic of all the Soviet armies, acting in the Berlin operation". Goebbels would have envied the flight of fancy of Beware, because at the Berlin direction had more than 2.5 million Soviet soldiers and officers. And not wanting to put all their rapists prompted the Englishman to the statement that the red army in Germany was raped "at least 2 million people"? For completeness I will add that, Beforu, red army soldiers raped not only German women, but also freed from the concentration camps of the Ukrainian and Russian women.

Like Goebbels, their unbridled imagination of a British historian "forgot" to confirm the documents. As correctly stated by major domestic military historian Oleg Rzheshevsky, conclusions of Beware built "as a rule, on common phrases ("Berliners remember" and "one doctor calculated") or given with a reference to "the experience of raped women". This method is far from scientific research, which claims Beevor". American military historian albert Axell called his book "shame", filled with "wild accusations and insults".

Although the findings of Bifora was denied by serious historians from different countries, his "discovery" immediately, as if on command, picked up the "independent" Western media. In 2002 in the article "red Army troops raped Russian women who were freed from concentration camps" by the British The Daily Telegraph claimed: "the Soviet soldiers considered rape, often carried out in front of her husband and family members of women, as a favourite method of humiliation of the German nation, who considered the Slavs an inferior race, sexual contact is not encouraged. Russian Patriarchal society and the habit of riotous sprees, also played a role, but more important was resentment at the sight of a relatively high welfare of the Germans." The opportunity to kick the Eastern neighbour did not miss the Ukrainian media. Not just their help to the "big brother" was awkward. For example, the Kyiv weekly "Zerkalo Nedeli. Ukraine" "said": "up To two million German women and girls were raped by Soviet soldiers since the start of fighting in East Prussia until the fall of 1945, of them 500 thousand – in the territory of the Soviet zone of occupation, that is the future of the GDR." Where red army soldiers raped one and a half million Germans, the Kiev journalists out for 12 years...

From the above it does not follow that rape and misconduct unworthy of the soldiers did not commit. But as soon as the facts of violence and robberies were committed, the Soviet high command, unlike German, has responded quickly and harshly, because, writes historian Elena Senyavskaya, "purely a criminal offence in the eyes of the USSR leadership had taken a political turn". For example, the order of the Military Council of the 2nd Byelorussian front, signed by Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, ordered to shoot looters and rapists. Several thousand soldiers and officers for abuses against the population were convicted by military tribunals.

Was used and other methods of influence. To implement the decree of the Military Council of the 1st Belorussian front No. 056 dated 18 April 1945 on the prevention of venereal diseases in the army 33rd army was issued this leaflet: "dear servicemen! You seduce German women whose husbands went to all the brothels of Europe, became infected and infected their German women. Before you and those German women who were specially left by the enemies to spread venereal disease and this display of soldiers of the red Army out of action. We must understand that our victory over the enemy and that soon you will have the opportunity to return to their families.

What eyes will look into the eyes of a loved one who will bring contagious disease? How can we, the soldiers of the heroic red Army, to be a source of communicable diseases in our country? NO! For the moral character of the soldier of the red Army should be as clean as the style of his homeland and family!"
To violence it came rarely, and for other reasons. In "confessions of a renegade," the great Russian thinker Alexander Zinoviev recalled his impressions of Germany 1945:
"Germany has stunned us with his fabulous (in comparison with our Russian poverty) riches... Germany struck us also an abundance of public women. Almost all were available...
In one village we were split up for the night home. The owner of the house, the old man came to us and offered us a daughter and a granddaughter. In his hand was a sheet of paper, which was signed by those who enjoyed his "hospitality". The Germans felt complicit and guilty of Hitler that the German army created in the Soviet Union. They expected something similar from the Soviet army. And were ready to serve anything, and in the first place – the female body".

And here is the testimony of the poet-front-line soldier Boris Slutsky: "In Europe, women gave up and changed before anyone... I was always amazed, baffled, disoriented lightness, ease shameful love relationships. Decent women, of course, disinterested, looked like prostitutes – hasty availability, desire to avoid the intermediate stages, neinteresen to the motives which impel a man to encounter with them. Like humans, from the entire lexicon of love lyrics learned three obscene words, they brought the whole thing to a few gestures, causing resentment and disdain for the most inexperienced of our officers..."

The behavior of German women shocked and mortar man Nahum Orlov: "we Went to some German city, located in the houses. There is a "Frau", years 45... She says that is responsible for the quarter, and has collected 20 German women for the sexual (!!!) service Russian soldiers... the Reaction of our officers was angry and abusive. German woman ran together with her ready for service "detachment".
And although the services of "friendly" Germans our soldiers and officers have refused not always, generously paying for them, to reproach them only in violation of moral standards. However, Bevore to talk about morality.

The children of enemies

The difference between the Nazis and the red army clearly shows the attitude of the children of enemies. Soviet schoolgirl told about the tragedy in her family, typical for that time: "It was in the der. Sandalova Rzhevsky district. In the house, where we were sheltered by the hosts, they camped for the night Nazi thugs. The night my brother 6 years consistently something everyone asked her mother. He even cried, breaking the calm of the Nazi fiends. They took my brother away behind the barn and shot".

About another terrible tragedy that occurred in the area of Rzhev in January 1942, citing RGASPI found in the document, told historian Nina Petrova: "Band of Soviet spies in the night entered the village, on the outskirts of which have survived one house. A hundred yards away we heard the weeping and screaming woman. The scouts broke into the house and gasped at what she saw. On the doorstep sat a German officer in front of him was kneeling by the sobbing woman. From the burning plate of two German soldiers burned in a hot pan with two children: one was suckling, the second – two years. In a large cast iron boiling water cooked four-year-old child."

The horrors were going on not only near Rzhev, and throughout the occupied territory. Everywhere the Germans smashed babies heads hitting the wall. Children were impaled alive buried in the ground, thrown into the fire, attacked by dogs and turned into a target for fire adjustment. The EOD guys used for demining of minefields. German doctors took the blood in children and spent on them the monstrous medical experiments. Children starved, tortured, mutilated, raped.

The attitude of our soldiers to the enemy's children were sealed in the monument to the liberator soldier in Treptow Park. The participant of storm of Berlin Ivan Perfiliev, talking about how he and other soldiers "had in the darkness, almost by swimming, to get German kids, women, old people from the Nazis flooded basement", he added: "neither did we, Soviet people, to look at the death of the children..." Elizabeth Staum, who was hiding with her three children in another basement, recalled that the soldiers went in there "we are not touched, and little Werner was even given a piece of bread and a packet of biscuits. I could not believe my eyes... Hitler and Goebbels the liar". The Yeller and Beevor, who should know that shortly after the German surrender, the Military Council of the 1st Belorussian front had adopted a resolution on the supply of milk in Berlin, children under 8 years of age.

Humanism, manifested by the overwhelming majority of Soviet soldiers, is the main thing that distinguished them from the "blond beasts". Impression of shocked the Germans expressed Elizabeth Sneer: "January 3, from the front came to leave my son. He served in the SS. Son several times told me that the SS in Russia were doing incredible things. If the Russians come here, they won't "pour rose oil". It turned out quite differently: the defeated people, the army of which so much harm Russia, the winners of the give food more than we gave the previous government. To us it's hard to understand. Such humanism seems capable only Russians."

Oleg Nazarov

Source: "Literary newspaper". 2014. №17 (6461). 7 – 13 may

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