Ukraine is only a cell on a chessboard
Material posted: Publication date: 05-06-2014

Civil war in Ukraine unleashed by the Kiev thugs and supported with arms and money of Washington, NATO and the European puppets, continues killing their compatriots from the Eastern Donbass region. The Kiev army and the death squads accompanied hundreds of mercenaries Academi (formerly Blackwater) and the CIA advisers. Their main task is to ensure that Kiev's troops had deserted, and executed their orders on the conduct of hostilities and killings of their brothers and sisters, risking otherwise to be executed as traitors.

The reliability of the criminal Kiev army takes no prisoners and shoot them on the spot.

Not to mention the hundreds of Ukrainians who were killed just a day before the illegal coup on 22 February 2014 (which came to power the current neo-Nazi government). They were shot the infamous snipers of the Maidan, which, as we now know, were mercenaries who worked for American money.

More and more compassionate people from around the world, including Europe, unlucky, lose the rest, impatiently asking: how Much more blood must be spilled? When will Russia intervene? A natural question, therefore, he was asking from the beginning. It can be understood, since the situation is obvious – the illegal "regime change" was sponsored, paid for and had provoked the US, CIA, NATO, EU, and were prepared for more than 10 years that was worth at least 5 billion dollars – several times boasted of Madam Nuland.

The U.S. and EU organized a coup that is now leading Ukraine – once a thriving country, the breadbasket of the Soviet Union and the cradle of Russia into chaos, designed to make her easy prey typical Western money sharks, the IMF, the European Commission (EC) and European Central Bank (ECB). Behind them are the fed and wall street, tending to do what they are told. No mercy. To begin with, that us $17.5 billion IMF loan, with usual conditions "a La Greece" (full-scale privatization of the social security system of the country, i.e., reduced (half) of retirement pensions, subsidies for food and fuel, higher taxes), rapidly turns into a nightmare for the average and especially low-income citizens.

In this case against the movement "Pro-opposition", now also referred to as the self-defense forces of Novorossiya, started destroying killing machine of the USA-NATO.

So why silent Mr Putin is not responding, saving lives of Russian brothers? Why is he, apparently, recognized the fake elections, which came to power corrupt and corrupt multi-billionaire, chocolate king Petro Poroshenko?

Now another, higher priority task.

Ukraine is just a field on the chessboard wider and long-term geopolitical game, which should cause a slow but steady tectonic shift of forces. In the last couple of decades in the preparation process is a symbiotic Union between the two giants – Russia and China, the largest economy in the world. He suddenly ripe with aggressive arrogance of Washington, tossing empty threats, useless sanctions, anti-Russian and demoniziruet Putin's lies and propaganda.

Historically significant signing between Vladimir Putin and President of China XI Jinping on may 21, 2014 gas deal value, equivalent to 400 billion U.S. dollars, had an important symbolic meaning. It complements oil deal equivalent to 270 billion U.S. dollars, was signed in June 2013 between the Russian "Rosneft" and China. These agreements are denominated not in dollars but in local currencies of the two countries. In the broader context of $400 billion, or about $13 billion a year, are nothing extraordinary. The annual volume of Russian trade in hydrocarbons alone is estimated to reach a trillion dollars.

However, the contract indicates something more than just gas. It signals about the Alliance, trust and sustainable partnership is not limited to the time frame of generation Putin — XI Jinping. In parallel with the gas deal is the crystallization of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO), a Eurasian political, economic and military Union. Founded in 1996 as the Shanghai five of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, with the chairmanship in 2001 China, the SCO has expanded its membership by adoption in him, and Uzbekistan.

The further strengthening of the Eastern Covenant is done by the Organization of the collective security Treaty (CSTO) established in 1992 by Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In 2012, under pressure from the West Uzbekistan suspended its membership, relying on Association with the EU. The current membership includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan with the presidency passed in rotation. Iran is a possible candidate for membership in this Alliance, which so far consists entirely of former Soviet republics.

In addition, on may 29, 2014 was signed the Treaty on the Eurasian economic Union, based on the idea of the European Union. The initial membership of the organization includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Treaty of Union will come into force on 1 January 2015 (subject to approval by the parliaments of each state) under the umbrella of the Eurasian Commission (created in the image of the European Commission). The Union includes countries with a population of 170 million people and expected to produce the equivalent of 2.7 trillion dollars. Further candidates for membership in the organization are Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

And then there is the New silk road – which the President XI XI Jinping recently announced in the German Duisburg, inviting Germany to become the Western link road connecting Russia, several former Soviet republics and China. Interested in joining this new Alliance are also Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, all of which last week were presented at the St. Petersburg economic forum, the Russian equivalent of Davos, where one of the priority themes was the New silk road.

The new silk road is ready to become a trading giant magnet, attracting in the West, most if not all current member States – whose largest trading partner at the moment is Germany – and in the East can reach Mongolia in the North and Malaysia in the East.

These alliances and partnerships, established for the purpose of trade, cooperation and security, are associations based on mutual trust. Europe would do well to ponder the meaning of the word TRUST. Maybe she would have seen that NATO is merely a form of neo-colonization developed in Europe with a view to its retention in the Anglo-Zionist sphere of influence as a kind of buffer zone between the West and the East, avoid "switching" on the rapidly growing Eurasia economic Union which already looks more attractive and promising than economically hammered the EU in Alliance with the United States. Not to mention the attractiveness of the new silk road.

So it hard to notice that a gang of Washington-NATO is a simple bunch of lies and intemperate promises? – Proved by the course of the cold war based on false anti-Soviet propaganda, which was to strengthen the American military-industrial complex, already former the only hope for the salvation of the American economy and the basis for its wasteful consumer society. The lies only grew when in 1990 the then US Secretary of state James Baker gave President Gorbachev the USSR that NATO would not expand eastward. The promise was totally ignored when in 1999 NATO entered Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, and in 2004 followed Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Besides, who can trust a nation whose counterinsurgency units, which are having a destabilizing influence, deployed in 134 countries? The last figure given to ex-army officer from West point Joachim Hakobyan.

This just crystallized Eastern Union – SCO, CSTO, EEU and the New silk road marks a drastic geopolitical changes that Washington and its allies-the minions hard to swallow. They just won't give up. Their vision, although nearsighted, based on the idea of global hegemony, control of resources, people and economies of the world.

Now – what if Putin just for a moment deviates from its long-term goals of peace and cooperation and would intervene in Ukraine to save lives? If he's at risk of retaliation by the USA-NATO, in which Europe prepared for the role of cannon fodder?

What are the Kremlin's options in addition to direct involvement in the conflict?

i) indirect participation through the new Russia arms to the teeth, to a certain extent the same as the US-NATO are acting against Kyiv;

ii) waiting until until the economic collapse tied to the dollar in the Western world, will not deprive it of the military power of USA-NATO. This does not prevent substantial collateral damage, including the growth in the number of victims in Ukraine;

iii) a combination of both – weapons self-defense forces and to provoke an economic collapse of the West entering a new currency and economic system, what is currently working for the BRICS. This would immediately reduce the number of deaths in Ukraine and to exclude the possibility of a new cold war.

Why? Because to broke a second cold war, the rest of the world need confidence in the dollar, taking into account that the American printing press may be going crazy, setting up worthless greenbacks, flooding the market with debt that had to be absorbed by Central banks as reserves. But much of the world, this trust is gone. Meanwhile, those who still hoped to get some "crumbs" from the plunder of the Emperor that kept him faithful to the end, will be less, and they are all on. Europe, undoubtedly, is not so strongly supported by the White house and the intimidating tactics of Obama.

There is a risk that utterly desperate Washington will begin destroying nuclear war. This is unlikely, as banking and corporate elite of the Anglo-Zionist Empire – the ones who are pulling the strings, controlling the actions of Obama, too love myself, to take the risk of self-destruction.

In the end, visible from the bird's eye view the Big picture Ukraine can become just a field of the chessboard where the arrogant and greedy Queen has eaten a humble but wise pawn.

Peter Koenig


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