Sergei Glazyev: "Strongly, firmly and accurately"
Material posted: Publication date: 20-06-2014

An interview with academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences S. Y. Glaziev analyst and publicist A. Nagorny ("TOMORROW")

"TOMORROW." Sergey, recently, speaking at the "round table" on the situation in the Donbass, you called to "close the sky" on the new Russia. You thought Russia's military intervention is undesirable, since it would give the U.S. and its allies an excuse to represent our country as an aggressor and unleash a full-scale military conflict, completely severing all links between Russia and Europe. What has changed, why now relevant to you were the words of Churchill: "whoever between shame and war chooses shame, gets war and shame at the same time"?

Sergey GLAZYEV. I think the answer to this question is obvious. After the election of Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine the so-called "anti-terrorist operation in the Southeast" is not terminated — instead, it has entered a new phase with the use of heavy weapons: aviation, tanks and artillery. Victims among the population of Donbas is growing, the flow of refugees coming to Russia, no measures for the peaceful solution of the conflict is taken. This is the first.
Second. Despite the catastrophic state of the economy and the budget, the Ukrainian authorities took a course on militarization of the country. Declared a General mobilization, the full power run military industry. Kharkiv and Lviv tank factories loaded by the manufacture of new AFVs in the amount of 200 pieces and restore stocks of armored vehicles with a rate of 25 tanks per week. Odessa and the Chuguev aircraft factories engaged in the restoration and removal with preservation of the aircraft with the aircraft rate of 2-5 per week. The armed conflict in the Donbass is used as a testing ground for the creation of an efficient army, American trainers are preparing for the enslavement of Donbass and, ultimately, attack on the Crimea.

After the beginning of confrontation with April, the number of ideological militants, funded by Kolomoisky and National guard located throughout areas of the South-East is rapidly growing at an alarming rate. If before the coup a number of illegal armed groups Right Sector was about 2.5 thousand people across Ukraine, so many brutal fascists is only on the territory of Zaporizhzhya region (in Kharkiv – 6000, in Dnipropetrovsk – 4800, in the Donbass – 3500 and almost as many in the Odessa region).

The militarization of the country with the purpose of the war with Russia openly proclaimed Ukrainian leadership as the main directions of the state policy. Immediately after his election, Poroshenko has made several unequivocal statements: "We need to get used to living in constant combat readiness", "the Army and its rearmament efforts of the domestic military-industrial complex is our top priority", "Russia has occupied Crimea which was, is and will be Ukrainian. Yesterday during a meeting in Normandy, I told President Putin – Crimea is Ukrainian. And to the point. No one can be a compromise in the issues of Crimea, European choice and state structure", "But Ukraine was, is and will be unitary state. Dreams of Federation has no soil in Ukraine", "We, the people, who had been separated from their great Motherland – Europe – returned to her. Finally and irrevocably".

Third. We see total anti-Russian propaganda in Ukrainian media space, which is just inciting Ukrainians against Russia, creates "a new political nation", using the techniques of totalitarian sects in a huge, national scale. It was only in Germany under Hitler. The hatred of the citizens of Russia as "subhumans" and "nonhumans" is a kind of "passport of a true Ukrainian".

Fourth. We see the dependence of the current Ukrainian government from its U.S. owners. In fact, in Kiev today operates the puppet occupation government, which expounds on the Ukrainian language that he speaks English.

Finally, the fifth. All the resources of the country that the government throws on the solution of one task only — any way to start a conflict with Russia and to drag it through the mechanisms of the EU and NATO Europe.

"TOMORROW." Speaking on Yatsenyuk, do you mean it instructed the government of Ukraine from June 16 to prepare for the termination of deliveries of Russian gas, accused Russia deliberate unilateral withdrawal from the settlement of the conflict, undermining energy security of Ukraine and the European Union, as well as the threat of appeal to the Stockholm arbitration court?

Sergey GLAZYEV. This is not a standalone application, but a course of conduct that cannot be explained by anything except the fact that the Ukrainian party, and Yatseniuk including instructions from Washington to interrupt the Russian-European cooperation in the field of energy.

"TOMORROW." Should we expect that after the transfer of Ukraine for advance payment for gas deliveries "Gazprom" will completely "close the valve" due to the selection of transit volumes of gas going to European consumers?

Sergey GLAZYEV. It is a common practice of the Ukrainian side, it was used always. And with those anti-Russian attitudes that exist in the current Kiev leadership, this development looks almost inevitable. The only question is when it will happen — immediately after the transfer for the advance payment, or a month or two Ukraine will play in the "energy independence", using the still not paid the volume of Russian gas that it pumped into its storage facilities, since November of last year.

"TOMORROW." What, in your opinion, was referring to President Putin, when told about the possibility of switching to another type of relations with Ukraine?

Sergey GLAZYEV. The transition to another type of relations with Ukraine. This is a very complex and very difficult for Russia to resolve. But, apparently, all our attempts to negotiate with the current Kiev authorities about acceptable to both sides the solution of existing problems and conflicts are not just unsuccessful, but are perceived as a sign of weakness and lead to new requirements inadequate, unacceptable ultimatums to further growth and exacerbate conflict potential.

"TOMORROW." So, anyway, a war between Russia and Ukraine becomes a reality?

Sergey GLAZYEV. This is not a war between Russia and Ukraine. This is a war waged by Russia against the United States. I have already said that today, the field fighting has the following configuration:

  • The USA is the aggressor, provoking a world war to retain world domination;
  • provocation world war is being waged against Russia, which the US is trying to present as an aggressor in order to consolidate the Western world to defend American interests;
  • American geopolitics bet on the growing rusofobstvo Ukrainian Nazis in the continuation of the German and English traditions of weakening Russia;
  • Ukraine actually occupied by the USA organized their coup d'etat and the establishment of controlled neo-Nazi dictatorship.
  • European countries are forced to participate in the war against Russia contrary to their national interests.

"TOMORROW." While U.S. President Barack Obama said that the war against Russia: neither "cold" nor "hot", is not talking and can not go?

Sergey GLAZYEV. You think Hitler never said that he seeks only for peace? It's not in the words. "By their fruits ye shall know them", — is told in the gospel. The fruits of American policy is known to all. This is Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, now Ukraine. It was Georgia that began hostilities against South Ossetia and Russian peacekeepers...

"TOMORROW." Why is this aggressiveness of the United States?

Sergey GLAZYEV. With the geopolitical tradition, which for 250 years they have gone from a British colony to the only global superpower. This is a historical strategy that has been successful, and while over the ocean to give it up not going.

War in Europe has always been the most important source of economic growth and political power in the United States. This is especially true of the two world wars of the twentieth century that led to the giant outflow of capital and minds of the warring European countries to America. "Cold" third world war ended with the collapse of the world socialist system, which gave the U.S. the influx of more than a trillion dollars, hundreds of thousands of professionals, tons of plutonium and other valuable materials, many unique technologies. All these wars were provoked with the active participation of American "fifth column" in the face of controlled, funded and supported by the American intelligence spies, oligarchs, diplomats, officials, businessmen, experts and public figures. And today, faced with growing financial and economic difficulties, the U.S. is trying to unleash in Europe another war to achieve the following objectives.

"TOMORROW." The press has reported that the volume of derivatives reached 710 trillion dollars, of which almost half have four wheel drive banking Corporation: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank and Goldman Sachs. And that the conflict in Ukraine is intended to extend the existence of this financial "bubble" in excess of ten times the volume of the world economy.

Sergey GLAZYEV. The point here is not "the bubble" of derivatives. The world in recent years is transitioning to a new, sixth of the global technological order. In an era of such transitions countries-the leaders of the previous structure very difficult to maintain their lead, because they depend on the over-accumulation of capital in obsolete industries. On the growth wave of a new technological way forward, as a rule, break the developing countries, do not have the massive problem of impairment, accumulated capital, and are therefore easier to concentrate its resources on breakthrough directions of growth. Therefore, leaders still have to resort to violent methods in the foreign and foreign economic policy. Therefore, increases dramatically the military-political tensions, risks of international conflicts.

All three world wars of the twentieth century: two hot and one cold, were linked with the global changing technological structures.

"TOMORROW." So you think the fourth world war inevitable?

Sergey GLAZYEV. It is already underway. And not the first year. In fact, many historians consider the beginning of the Second world war Hitler's invasion in Poland, and the seizure by Japan of Manchuria. This 1931.

"TOMORROW." Already many are comparing present-day Ukraine, the Donbass resistance, with Spain during the Civil war.

Sergey GLAZYEV. The resistance of Donbass should be seen as a movement to protect the local population from Nazi junta, but in Russian protection against American aggression, as well as all over the world — from the fourth world war. Militia fighters of Donbass — defenders of the Russian world, not by choice found themselves at the forefront of a new world war. A city with a symbolical title Slavyansk has become the symbol of this heroic defense. As the Brest fortress, this small city is opposed to repeatedly superior forces of the Nazi invaders. The people there die not only for Donbass, they die for the entire Russian world, for all mankind, saving us from a new world war. Do not think that Russia, surrendering the Donbas will have peace on its borders and peace within the country: the queue will be the Crimea, would be to intensify the "fifth column", from liberals to Salafi terrorists.

"TOMORROW." What, in your opinion, should be the position of Russia in the current Ukrainian conflict? We can and should support militias of Donbass and Novorossiya residents who are victims of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.

Sergey GLAZYEV. We must act decisively, firmly and accurately. You have to understand that in Kiev sit not policy. Not the representatives of the Ukrainian people, and puppets operated by the United States. And the United States over the conflict in Ukraine are trying to solve several interrelated problems.

First, any price to force Russia to bring its troops into the territory of Ukraine, allowing to accuse our country in the aggression against sovereign States and to impose financial sanctions for the purpose of freezing (write-off) of American commitments to Russian entities in the amount of several hundred billion dollars to relieve exorbitant debt burden of the USA.

Secondly, the freezing of Russian assets in the West will result in the inability of their owners to service their obligations, mostly European banks, which will create the last serious difficulties that could lead to bankruptcy of some of them. Destabilization of the European banking system will stimulate the outflow of U.S. capital to maintain their pyramids of debt and an even greater pyramid of obligations of the U.S. private banks.

Third, sanctions against Russia will hurt the EU countries, the damage amounting to about a trillion euros, which would seriously worsen the condition of the European economy will weaken its position in the competitive struggle with the US.

Fourthly, the involvement of European countries in the conflict with Russia will increase their political dependency on the U.S. that will facilitate the task of imposing the EU "TRANS-Atlantic" free trade zone on favorable U.S. conditions.

Fifthly, the war in Europe gives reason to increase military spending in the interests of the military-industrial complex of the USA.

Sixthly, there is the possibility of this "overload" of Russia, in which she surrenders to American pressure and go for complete surrender of their national interests, which will cause an uncontrolled disintegration of the country.

Seventh, built on Soviet technologies and is fully compatible with the Russian high-tech sector of the Ukrainian economy will be totally destroyed, which would weaken the potential of Russian-Ukrainian integration or even make it impossible.

While the situation develops within the framework of American plans — despite the fact that the risks for the United States and the cost of them is minimal.

"TOMORROW." While services Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchynov and Co pays partly Europe and partly USA? I mean those billions of dollars that were granted in aid to the Yanukovych government, plus the cost of unpaid gas... "Against Russia, at Russia's expense and on the ruins of Russia", — the classic formula guru of American geopolitics Zbigniew Brzezinski implemented in practice?

Sergey GLAZYEV. It's a formula from my book "the Genocide" dedicated to the analysis of the effects of economic policy under the guidance of American experts in our country in 90 years. The consequences of this suicidal policy we overcome so far, including in relations with Ukraine. Note that the coup and the war against Russia were organized by the Americans in response to a clear position on the inability to continue subsidizing the economy of Ukraine in case of its colonization by the EU in the format of the Association. The US is stubbornly trying to continue to milk Russia, including those imposed on us funding anti-Russian campaign in Ukraine. And now we actually have to pay the old bills. Take the same situation with Nord stream. If Ukraine and Russia existed in the framework of a single state, in its construction, as in the construction of the underground gas storages on the territory of the Russian Federation, there would be exactly no need.
And such examples are more than a dozen in any field: from ideology to economy.

"TOMORROW." What to do?

Sergey GLAZYEV. First of all, we have to show American politicians and American financiers that they also have to pay a price for their actions, and that the price will be much higher than expected.
Maximum should withdraw from the dollar in foreign trade and in international payments.

Need to limit to reduce or even to liquidate Russian investments in U.S. securities, including trеasures the U.S. Treasury.

We must abandon the currency board principle in the activities of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, not limiting the amount of emission of the ruble sizes available "foreign exchange" reserves, which will allow the domestic industry cheap long-term loans, regardless of Western financial institutions.

Need to change the tax system, reducing the taxes that hinder the development of high-tech production in the country.

We need to develop and deepen the Eurasian integration, strategic cooperation with China and the BRICS countries.

It is necessary, in the end, to dot the "i" in relations with the current Kiev government, which represents not the interests of the Ukrainian people and the interests of the US state Department. You know, it is impossible to seriously talk with rag "Petroskoi" worn on someone's hand. Politics is not the transfer of "good night, kids!"

There are other necessary steps that our country can take, or at least to indicate that the United States "played back". If we have these capabilities do not use now, it will only be harder.

"TOMORROW." Sergey, you talked about the fact that Ukraine by the end of the year will be able to stand against our country produces half-millionth army armed with heavy machinery and intense anti-Russian neo-Nazi ideology. How does this prediction relate to the fact that "nezalezhna" is now on the verge of default, and its government does not represent the interests of their own people?

Sergey GLAZYEV. Judge for yourself. Amid the worsening economic situation of the population on the territory of Ukraine (polutorakratnogo the falling dollar, rising utility tariffs on 94% (target is 50%), for electricity by 40-60%, water 100%, removal of all allowances and subsidies for civil servants and employees of budget sphere), the only place where regularly paid, they become units of the National guard and territorial defense (average salary $ 700). A sharp drop in the standard of living of the population will cause an explosion of social protest, which the media will be directed towards the Russian Federation. This will create a mass anti-Russian psychosis necessary for waging war with Russia over Crimea.

"TOMORROW." First, the "orange" Maidan winter 2004/2005 at least at the level of slogans, on the level of ideology advocated national-democratic values, relied on the development of Ukraine together with Ukrainians. Current Bandera, "black and red" "independence" was a national socialist, "Ukraine above all!". That was ten years something important has changed...

Sergey GLAZYEV. In 2008-2009 was the first wave of the global crisis, is very much marred by weak economies, including the Ukrainian. The fall there was a terrible 20%, about two and a half times stronger than in Russia, and almost ten times exceeding the world average. Accordingly, the "orange" ideology is fully discredited not only at the level of performers (Yushchenko), but also on the semantic level. However, the real, non-Western alternatives on the level of public consciousness has not arisen. "European choice" with out of reach for ordinary people living standards even among the unemployed remained almost ideal. Conflict of claims and real possibilities had attempted to solve by separation of Ukrainians as a distinctive, unique values, for which Russia needs its carriers and holders to pay.

"In all our troubles to blame Moscow, Russia is to blame", — this thesis is hammered into all Ukrainian TV channels, all radio stations, all Newspapers and magazines, I guess even in the whole education system, starting almost from kindergarten. Everything is done according to the precepts of Dr. Goebbels. "Ukrainian democracy" totalitarian today from head to toe.

For example, how to interpret the fact that in Kiev a variant of "humanitarian corridors" for civilians who want to leave the combat zone, will lead to "internment camps"? The conditions in which voiced by the acting Minister of defence Mikhail Koval, require to call them filtration, and concentration. However, while this idea seems to be refused, recognizing "undemocratic", but to bomb residential neighborhoods not refuse. Slavyansk turned in to Ukrainian Guernica.

And the fact that the United States did not find other method to solve their problems by turning to the experience of Nazism, some of the best evidence that they're behind, lose global leadership in the world.

I think this drug illusion, ultimately, costly for Ukraine. But, I repeat, in the current Kiev government, no one thinks. And much of US to expect such is just silly. If their economy drops, what "prosperity" of Ukraine they can help?

"TOMORROW." To sum up our conversation, what conclusions should we make?

Sergey GLAZYEV. First, we must evaluate the Resistance of Donbass as a movement in defense of not only the local population from Nazi junta, but to protect Russia from American aggression, as well as all over the world – from the fourth world war. Militia fighters of Donbass – defenders of the Russian world, not by choice found themselves at the forefront of a new world war. A city with a symbolical title Slavyansk has become the symbol of this heroic defense. As the Brest fortress, this small city is opposed to the much larger forces of eurofascists the cost of the lives of its inhabitants. They die not only for Donbass, they die for all the people of the Russian world and of all mankind, saving us from a new world war. However, they spared the life of Ukrainian soldiers, released at will of the prisoners sent to the slaughter by the Nazi junta.

With all the heroism of the fighters of the people's army of Donbass themselves to stop a world war. To stop it, you need to create a wide international coalition of countries capable of concerted action to stop American aggression. These actions should be aimed at undermining American military-political power based on emissions of the dollar as world currency. First of all, they must include refusing to use the dollar in mutual trade and dollar-denominated securities for placement of foreign exchange reserves. Dollar instruments should be assessed as extremely risky and their use is to require maximum redundancy.

Along with measures to undermine the US ability to Finance the growth of military spending, the necessary political efforts to form a broad anti-war coalition to denounce American aggression and the exposure of its organizers in Washington and Brussels. Of particular importance is the political activation of the European business, which the outbreak of a new war in Europe does not promise anything good.

And, of course, the most important task is the liberation of Ukraine from the US installed Nazi regime. The formation of Novorossiya liberated from the us-Nazi occupation of territory is only a part of this work. It can be considered complete only after the liberation of Kiev by the people of Ukraine, who need to awaken from the Nazi nightmare and support in the fight for the return of the native in the bosom of the Russian world. This requires extensive work on the clarification of the true goals of Pro-Nazi junta, which uses fooled by Nazi propaganda citizens of Ukraine as a sacrifice to God world war.

Interview conducted by Alexander NAGORNY


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