A comprehensive analysis of the fighting near Saur-Grave
Material posted: Publication date: 11-07-2014

The fighting around the Donetsk ridge. Events preceding the beginning of the fighting.

Starting point of the development of hostilities in the South of the DNI and LC was a coordinated attack on the militia of these republics to the objects of the State Border service of Ukraine. The beginning of this offensive was launched on 2 June 2014, when the militia LNR took the first attack on the location of management of Lugansk boundary group and mobile frontier post "Lugansk" (which is essentially a special forces unit).

The garrison of the frontier has strong resistance, to help him come aviation, persistent attempts to break through have taken the garrison of the Lugansk airport. So the fight dragged on. Only after the border guards of Ukraine, it became clear that the Marines from the airport to help them not break, they came out of their locations by arrangement with the leadership of the militia LC corridor. It happened on June 4th. Following this, according to the same arrangements was neutralized by all the departments of the frontier in territory controlled by the LPR, without the support of the special forces they could not offer effective resistance and went to the Treaty of surrender.

At the same time, since June 4, has been taken to ensure the routes from the border to the main settlements of the Republic. This required the creation of a significant fortified garrisons along the main roads, which caused considerable pulling forces of the militia in Krasnodon, Antratsyt, Rovenky, Sverdlovsk, including due to the active sectors of the front. These actions were negatively perceived psychologically unstable commanders of the militia, which resulted in a number of inappropriate public statements. However, further development of the situation is entirely justified measures taken.

The operation of taking control of the border in DNR proceeded in more severe conditions. The operation began later than in Lugansk, which enabled the authorities in Kiev to take action. June 4 in the area of Amvrosievka were advanced military units of the APU equipped with roadblocks. Mobile gate of the Donetsk border guard were deployed in the area of the checkpoint Marinovka. Intelligence DNI not promptly revealed the actions of the enemy. June 5, units of the battalion "Vostok" MGB DNR began the operation of taking under control the border crossing and routes from the border in the area of border departments Dmitrovka and Snezhnoe of Donetsk frontier.

You must make a small digression. The so-called battalion "Vostok" is not a tactical unit in the truest sense of the word does not have a battalion commander. The "Vostok" battalion - a group of groups. Such a structure is quite typical of power structures of Ukraine. For example, "Berkut", "alpha", "omega", "Griffin" is a collection of individual units of the Ministry, related General objectives, principles of recruitment and training. Such is the structure of the MGB DNI battalion "Vostok". Part of this battalion has units formed on the basis of the former Ukrainian power units, local militias and volunteers from other countries who have decided to provide fraternal assistance to the people of the DPR in its struggle for independence. Submission of MGB DNR voluntary choice of these units and commanders. The reasons for this choice have their reasons. Because the operation involved several units of the "East", their co-ordination carried out directly with the DNI GB. In the process of operation have been established strongholds in Amvrosievka and Snow. However, the operation on the checkpoint Marinovka failed, due to the considerable forces of the enemy and support its aircraft. One of the divisions of the battalion "Vostok" together with the Minister during the battle, came to the territory of the Russian Federation, where it was interned by the Russian authorities.

However, the commander of the operation of the militia showed toughness and perseverance. Reformed their troops near the Russian border, units of the Ministry of state security DNR has 7 Jun again took the offensive and occupied strategically important heights 277 and the adjacent wooded area of the Donets ridge. Regroup, of course, took place outside Russian territory.

The strategic position of the height 277 is determined not only by the fact that it commands over the surrounding area. It is equally important that within reach even mortar fire with her are the two leading to the East in this area of the road: through Stepanovka and Marinovka through to Dmitrov, the intersection of the roads near the village of Tarany on the Kamyshevakha river. And, of course, on a Snowy road and Torez. Moving from West to East or East to West between the major cities North and South of the Russian border is impossible to bypass the item. Simultaneously with the occupation of the Saur-grave of Snow began to turn parts of the battalion "Vostok" in the same fortified as Anthracite or Krasnodon in the LC. As subsequent events showed these actions of the battalion "Vostok" are currently the largest operational success of the militia, and have a significant impact on the whole course of the fighting to this day.

The fighting at the height of 277.

The command of the punitive operation could not accept the fact of losing control of the border in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Therefore urgently prepared the offensive to cut off the principal city of the LC and the DNI from the Russian border. Focusing to two battalion tactical groups from the mechanized and tank brigades, the main forces of the 79th airmobile brigade and units of the 3rd regiment of SPN APU, armed forces of Ukraine June 12, went on the offensive.

During the fighting that day, the main forces of the shock group was able to move on Dmitrovka and Djakovo further, passing through the area Saur-grave. Mortar fire, quite a small number available at the "Vostok" battalion mortars could not prevent the movement of armored columns, which came in Lugansk region. However, the attempts of the punitive corps to take control of the Amvrosiyivka, Donetsk ridge and Saur-tomb of the lost units of the 79th AEBR and 3rd Spetsnaz regiment of the APU, which only irrevocably lost at least 11 people.

With the aim to further develop operations in this direction the command of the punitive corps for 13 June has taken a number of actions. It was removed from the front under Slavic at least one task force airmobile troops and transfer it to the area Saur-grave. Took control of Mariupol, as an important transportation hub for operations in the border area. And attempted to reinforce the garrison of the Lugansk airport, expanding the controlled area, to ensure the supply of the break through along the border of the mechanized groupings in the air. The last paragraph of the plan failed, as the IL-76 with reinforcements was shot down by air defense of the militia. In this regard, 14 - 15 June, the main efforts of the border group of the punitive body of Ukraine were aimed at the assault on Saur-the grave and Amvrosiyevka. However, the lack of infantry led to the fact that the actual efforts have resulted in fierce bombardment, and on the evening of 15 June with the onset of darkness sparked heavy fighting near Marinovka. The fight was so close to the Russian border in the morning near the Russian farm Primiussky were found three unexploded mines. Of course, there can be no question that it is the Russian side broke the units of the battalion "Vostok". We all know that the Russian government does not help the militia. The only correct explanation can be that at night the executioners fired themselves. By an amazing coincidence, after this fight punitive with themselves, in the area Saur-graves were howitzers militias, and the Minister of state security of DND was again recorded on the territory of the Republic.

No less mysterious bout took place on 17 June 2014. Before dawn the advanced base punitive body in Alekseevsky district, located at a distance of over 12 km from the Saur-grave near the Russian border were subjected to exceptionally accurate bombing. During the 40-minute fire base was completely incapacitated. According to the official assessment of the Ukrainian armed forces losses amounted to 31 people wounded. According to unofficial estimates hospitals in the surrounding towns are unable to accept all the victims. Rusty gun supplied militia unscrupulous members of civil society, have demonstrated remarkable accuracy. The leadership of the Border service of Ukraine insinuated that the fire was conducted from 8 mortars, but this is hardly possible, because from the very dawn estimates had to step up to the Saur-grave, Amvrosievka of the Donetsk mountain ridge, or at least 2 hours. Of course, such a departure on the open countryside day through punitive position was impossible. Assume the same waste was carried out on the territory of Russia or even more so, the shelling was conducted from the territory of the Russian Federation, there is no reason.

However, the main significance of the fighting at the height of 277 otherwise. To break through along the border mechanized group APU is not able to fulfill its task and to block movement of the LC militia across the Russian border. The shortage of fuel and ammunition binds punitive action in this direction. Russian authorities themselves, fulfill the requirements of Washington to withdraw troops from the border, couldn't reliably close the border in this area. As a result, the flow picked up in the landfill unidentified retired, rusty and totally useless for combat with the militia, things were almost continuous. Pulling two more days in expectation of a miracle, the so-called President of Ukraine was forced to declare a cease-fire, timed to the signing Evroassotsiatsii, without having overlapping the Russian border.

Positions in the area Saur-grave pose big problems to the command of punishers in the Donbass. His major successes punitive manages to reach the qualitative information support. This way it was decided to try in the case of Saur-Mogila. July 3 through certain blogs were launched misinformation about the mass civilian casualties from artillery shelling in Saurivka, Dmitrovka, Marinovka Semenivka. It was about the death of about 1,000 people. Selected items are near the garrisons and main supply routes of the executioners, who are shelling the Saur-tomb. However, the provocation to compromise divisions of the MGB of the DNI and charge them with crimes against civilians failed, as it very quickly exposed the locals.

Who has carried out a manual MGB divisions of DNR in these battles is not known. There is a version that the teams in the area of Snow - Saur-grave subordinate of the Minister of defence of DNR with a call sign "Prapor". This version has a number of inconsistent with the reality of the weaknesses. First, in an interview on 8 July the Minister of defence said that the main combat unit in this area is the "Vostok" battalion, which is known to the Minister of defence of the DNI is not subject to. Secondly, according to the testimony of the same Minister of defence of the DNI on the morning of 14 June, the commander of the militia with the Callsign "Prapor" was slightly wounded in an attack on a checkpoint near Kirovsk in the area of Yampol, a hundred kilometers from Saur-graves. And, third, the first evidence of the participation of the commander with the Callsign "Prapor" in the battles in the area Saur-grave refers to 1 July. In fairness it should be noted that in this area at the moment operational management transferred to the Ministry of defence DND. It is not excluded that the new leadership will demonstrate equally effectiveness.

Prospects for the development of events in the height of 277.

The position taken by the militia in the area of Snow - Saur-grave, have a significant impact on the choice of further actions of Ukraine's armed forces. The fact that to break through along the border of the grouping of the APU remains limited efficient due to lack of ammunition and fuel. It is most expedient to take her back for the Saur-tomb. But such a decision difficult to accept in the Wake of the euphoria of victory in Slavyansk. In addition, the removal of groups will inevitably affect the fate of the garrison Luhansk airport. To make such a decision the political leadership of the punitive body may be very difficult. Judging by the concentration in the area Shakhtersk - Torez - Snezhnoe the 5-th battalion of territorial defense and the formation of local crime bosses, known as the battalion of special purpose MIA "miner", moving units battalion MIA "Azov" closer to the district, the command of the punitive plans to establish a base outside of effective fire Saur-grave. The purpose of this database is the promotion and support of checkpoints around Torez and Shakhtersk, the power of the DNI is not strong enough. In this case, the direct route between Snow and Donetsk is cut. And therefore take a cross-border grouping ago punishers do not intend to.

The great success achieved during the occupation of punitive lossless Slavic fortified area, unleashed a large group of forces for further offensive operations. These forces are now developing strong pressure on Seversk, trying to oust him from the militia. The calculation is based on the fact that the resistance of the militia in the defense, as shown by the fighting in Slavyansk low. Depending on developments, the speech can go as about to cut the Brain group from Luhansk, and that to force her to retreat to Lugansk.

These efforts, however, the punitive body should not distract from other possible developments. Undercover activity at Seversky direction, the main impact of the punitive body of Ukraine will be applied from the district of Artemovsk in the direction of Svetlodarsk and further debaltseve. In conjunction with the actions in the area of Torez and Shakhtersk it will lead to the complete suppression of the message of Donetsk and Lugansk from Russian border. Of course, the best plan for the armed forces of Ukraine would capture or Anthracite Snow instead of Torez and Shakhtersk. Then, with the blockade of Donetsk managed to get around the Saur-grave procurement and establish cross-border groups. But such optimism within the same operation seems excessive, even in the current euphoria in the command of the punitive operation.

It should be noted that all these calculations can be based only based on a small resistance in defense of the militia and the miscalculations of his command. Military objective reasons for such a development exists. Firepower separate groups punitive body may be limited only to the threat of small towns like Nikolayevka or Seversk, with a population of 20 thousand people. A roll forward of the armored threat only to small garrisons, who are physically unable to effect a change, exhausted by the bombardment units or garrison command, having no influence on the events. As the infantry, are able to gain a foothold in the settlements after the withdrawal of these armored vehicles have punitive enough.

On the contrary, when a solid command of their militias are able to go on the offensive with limited objectives in many areas. One of these handy directions - this is exactly the area of Saur-grave. The prospect of completely block the border group of the punitive supply lines is quite satisfactory, because all the main patrol road of the enemy are in range of artillery fire from the Saur-graves. And, consequently, the creation of the battalion strong point on these routes will be provided direct fire support. Especially real will be a success, if the militia will stop using cash heavy armored vehicles in small groups and will support their attack no less than the force of one tank company, which will be released immediately after the engineering equipment of the reference point. The creation of such a reference point will inevitably lead to loss of initiative and organization of punitive response. Free power for the ego of the enemy not many and they're far enough away.

Mikhail Litvinov

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