Who rules the world. Assets of the richest dynasties in the U.S. only 1.7 times less than Russia's GDP
Material posted: Publication date: 13-07-2014

The phrase "Rich as Rockefeller" is no longer relevant: with a fortune of $10 billion dynasty of oil tycoons is "only" 24-th place in the list of the richest families USA, has estimated the American Forbes. The aggregate value of assets of all participants list was equal to $1.2 trillion, which is 1.7 times less than Russia's GDP. The greatest number of billionaires among the members of the food industry, and richer all owners of chain stores Wal-Mart.

Residing in the United States 185 families of entrepreneurs with more than $1 billion, follows from the rating of the American Forbes. The aggregate value of the assets of all the participants of the rating is $1.2 trillion. For comparison: according to the world Bank, this amount is less than Russia's GDP for 2013 is just 1.7 times.
The sample included only families "with a history": the magazine estimated the assets of not only individual entrepreneurs and their immediate family and "side" branches of the family: the most numerous family was the clan DuPont — 3.5 thousand people. At the same time, the rating did not consider entrepreneurs who created his business Empire own from scratch. In determining the value of assets included shares in various companies, real estate, art objects, as well as the volumes of cash. The assets that members of families bequeathed to charity in the calculations was not included.

The aggregate amount of assets of all participants in the rating — $1.2 trillion — distributed among the families is uneven: half of the state, namely $606,7 billion, occurs in the first 15 positions of the list, while the top 10 has $529,9 billion Almost two-thirds of families in the rating have assets worth less than $5 billion, and the state of the seven participants are estimated at a threshold of $1 billion.

First place in the ranking was taken by the Walton family with $152 billion, the Waltons control a 51% stake in the largest company in the world by Fortune magazine stores Wal-Mart, founded in 1962. The retailer's revenue last year was $476 billion, it owns more than 11 thousand stores in 27 countries around the world.

Now that family is under the control of six people — descendants of the company founders, brothers Sam and James Walton. In Russia the network is not yet represented, although the interest in our market the company shows since 2002.
The second place ranking with $89 billion is brothers Charles and David Koch. In 1983, the entrepreneurs bought shares of his brothers, William and Frederick, in company Koch Industries, founded by their father in 1925. Currently, the holding is one of the largest private companies in the U.S. with revenues of $115 billion Initially, the company specialized in refining, but eventually became diversified. Koch Industries owns units for manufacture of pipelines and fuel production, pulp and paper, chemical, electronic, food industry, etc. In our country offices is also no.

The third ranked American "chocolate kings" — the Mars family, which owns Mars, one of the largest manufacturers of food products. Mars was founded in 1911 by Frank Mars, now on the Board of Directors of the Corporation, his grandchildren Jacqueline, John and Forrest Jr. The company produces a wide range of products: from chocolate bars known brands (Mars, Bountey, Snickers, Twix, etc.) to pet food. The company has regional offices in 13 countries, including in Russia: at the moment there are nine Russian factories of Mars.

A rating of the richest families in the USA is divided into sublists by category of business through which the family made their fortune: they include energy, construction, financial, logistics and other sectors.

It is noteworthy that the group that owns the largest number of business clans, is the food business. In this category are 25 dynasties, their total assets amount to $207,2 billion, or one-sixth of the entire state's richest families.

Among them, in addition to the "chocolate" of the Mars family, there are such families, as Dorrans (assets of $12.8 billion, the company on manufacture of canned soups Campbell Soup Company), Gallo ($9.7 billion, wine company E&J Gallo Winery).

Energy accounts for only ten of 187 clan-billionaires, the most famous in the world the Rockefeller family ($10 billion) is the richest of them.
Famous oil tycoons in this category was ahead of the founders of the oil and gas company Enterprise Products Duncan dynasty ($25.4 billion), and in the General list the Rockefellers occupy 24-e a place. In General, the power clans of billionaires have $52,9 billion, more than $10 billion of the family wealth Cargill ($43 billion), the fourth line of the rating. Their food company Cargill produces a range of products for crop and livestock production, and food additives.

With the construction and engineering works related five families from the entire list with assets of $19.8 billion Richest of them, Bechtel ($8 billion), founded the eponymous company Bechtel. Among completed projects, the construction of which was attended by this family enterprise, the Hoover dam and the tunnel under the English channel. Family, the founders of the business associated with cars in the ranking, only one is the clan Moran with a fortune of $5 billion of Their automotive company JM Family in 1968 became the first U.S. distributor of Japanese products of Toyota.

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