The catastrophe of the Malaysian airliner over the Donbass: the monstrous lie, the more readily believe it
Material posted: Publication date: 18-07-2014

On 17 July over the territory of Ukraine crashed airliner Boeing-777 airline "Malaysian airlines" that was performing a regular flight on the route Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) at an altitude of 10100 meters and about 16.20 disappeared from the radar screens of the Dnipropetrovsk area control center. The incident occurred near the town of Torez, Donetsk region (to the Russian border over 50 miles), and the wreckage of the plane that, according to eyewitnesses, collapsed in the air, fell at once in several settlements.

According to the revised data, killing 283 passengers and 15 crew members. The tragedy of amazing proportions, but even more shocking is the cynicism of the authorities of Ukraine on the territory of which occurred in this calamity.

Yet been conducted no investigative activities, and Kyiv has already made several statements which clearly followed the hints that the Malaysian Boing-777 was shot down, shot down from Russian territory or, at worst, the separatists.

Already at 20.00, the press service of the Ukrainian President said: "in the last days it already the third tragic accident after the Russian territory were downed aircraft "An-26 and su-25" the armed forces of Ukraine. We do not exclude that this plane was also shot down and stress that Ukrainian armed forces did not commit any action to defeat targets in the air." Already this statement leaves little other options – allegedly to blame for the Russian military. It remained only for the small – to provide irrefutable evidence of the involvement of Moscow to the disaster. However, there is a small caveat – so far Kiev has not been able to provide these "proofs", but promised it after the fall of the An-26 and su-25.

At 23.00 Ukrainian security Service posted a recording of which was made on the assumption that the airliner was shot down by a group of Bezler (call sign "Demon"). From the negotiations that allegedly militias ascertain the fact that the fall of civilian aircraft and state that fired at him from one of the checkpoints.

Immediately the question arises, by what means defense supporters of federalization could shoot down the plane, reaching at altitude above 10 thousand feet? The fact that portable anti-aircraft missile complexes "Strela" and "Needle" are the upper limit of the lesion, only 3 kilometers, and "Strela-10" hits up to 5 kilometers. Only Buk missile system, information about the capture of which was circulated last week, Donetsk militia. But this complex is not so simple, as they themselves Ukrainian military immediately said that it is defective and for use for its intended purpose are not suitable. Moreover, that "Buk" is not "Shaitan-pipe", and a simple infantry Vanya for screens of this complex did not go to jail – you need trained professionals on the use of complexes of army air defence. Not to mention the fact that when working on air targets the complex "Buk" has protection "from the fool", and the elementary inclusion complex and run test procedures require considerable skill. Equally experienced experts required for the repair and restoration of this complex set. Especially the work of several radar means SAM "Buk" does not go unnoticed for numerous posts of electronic intelligence of several countries, including the United States and Russia.

But the most incredible information was spread by some Ukrainian media, in which, citing an unnamed source in the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine, it is argued that the Malaysian plane was shot down by anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk" or "s-300" with Russia. But as the plane fell at a distance of 50 kilometres from the Russian border, the probability of such a statement is virtually zero, because the Buk missile system is simply unable to fire at targets at such distances, and "s-300" not to be so powerful, having a range of 75 kilometers. So Russian trace in the crash were quickly frustrated and more than anyone, except probably the Americans, not raised.

But we stand before the fact – the crash occurred. Who benefits from this provocation? It is a provocation, because the media and the experts together "relish" statements by high officials of Ukraine, who on the eve of the crash of the Malaysian airliner has repeatedly stated that the militia of Donbass has long-range AAMS. Oddly enough, but most interested in the crash of civilian aircraft turned out to be exactly the Kiev authorities. Civil war already puts Ukraine on the brink of economic and social catastrophes. Hundreds of coffins coming to his family, enthusiasm for population adds. All this adds up to a wildly rising prices for energy and fluids. Of course, the plane could suffer an accident (this is rare but it happens), but this option is really unlikely. And the only side of the conflict, which has all air defenses capable of hitting any flying object over the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk areas is the armed forces of Ukraine. It is not surprising that in the Internet there are reports that the Malaysian airliner was shot down by Ukrainian fighters.

But in this situation, as is usually the case in the information war, the Ukrainian side has accused Russia. This is logical, as Kiev works in close cooperation with Washington and American specialists immediately put the ultimate goal in this confrontation – whatever happens, blame Moscow. The principle of Goebbels still nobody cancelled: "more monstrous lie, the more believe in it".

Pavel Kovalev

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