Sergei Glazyev: "the Job from the USA for the Ukrainian neo-Nazis — world war II"
Material posted: Publication date: 24-07-2014

"Ukraine de facto does not exist, — said Sergei Glazyev. Before our eyes unfolds another World war. The aggression of Pro-Western punishers in the Southeast primarily directed against Russia.

Now unfolding already not the Third, and the Fourth World war. Third, the Americans won, because the USSR collapsed. Second in the West is also called good, because it brought the US great economic benefits and new opportunities for development. Americans now face the threat of losing global economic leadership. Their main rival in this matter — China. Now the U.S. provokes a "brain drain" from Europe, which somewhat helps them relieving the debt burden.

It was American aggression led to the collapse of Ukraine. USA wants to make his colony from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Therefore, it is now in the Donbass, will there be a Fourth World war or not. The main challenge that puts Obama to the Ukrainian puppets to unleash a World war. For this great neo-fascist sentiments in Western Ukraine. They use the followers of Bandera's ideas for personal use.
As you know, the historical name of Ukraine — Ruthenia. Now we have a new state — Novorossiya, and this is a predictable reaction to an attempt to break the close links of the Russian people, will of destiny appeared on the territory of different countries after the collapse of the USSR. Policy was to pit the brothers in blood and faith. Once Ukraine and its citizens were advanced country with a developed political system, science, army. But it all collapsed. Began the process of creating "Antirossii".

I believe that Yanukovych was able to make one important thing not to sign the slave agreement with the European Union. In fact, all power in case of signing was given up. So now is not strange that to Poroshenko are treated as ordinary puppet doll even her own subordinates. Each of them is controlled directly from Washington. And when Barack Obama talks about de-escalate the conflict, you can expect new bombings of peaceful cities.

All perfectly remember, how did the Maidan. Was done information explosions that were intended to manipulate public opinion, and then everything went on well-known scenario of "color" revolutions. Then they began to enact laws that can be reconciled with the Georgian and realize that this is almost literal translation.

About possible punitive war for the Crimea. This is not possible. The Peninsula is officially recognized by the Russian entity, which makes it impossible to transfer to any third party. If the puppet governments of Ukraine you still dare to send his troops to the side of the Crimean border and take tactics, open aggression, Russia will be forced to defend their territory.

I am very sorry for Nazi-occupied Ukraine. The people there today are afraid to lift the head, so as easily can get a bat on it. But still I do not lose hope for a peaceful settlement of the situation. It can provide USA, giving an indication of its proteges in Kiev. But my main hope is Ukrainian citizens. In their hands the fate not only of his country but all over the world. They can do anything to stop it".


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