Secrets of a South Korean Boeing
Material posted: Publication date: 28-07-2014

What recently happened in the skies over Ukraine has led many to recall another disaster which occurred on 1 September 1983 in the sky over Sakhalin. Both of these cases is very ambiguous and mysterious and something tells me that catastrophe with the Malaysian Boeing will not be similarly investigated and jammed like this old incident.

So, 31 years ago, the world was shocked by the news, at once made the Soviet Union a bogey civilization and the "evil Empire".
The Western media reported: "Boeing-747" "Korean airlines", EN route flight 007 new York - Seoul refueling in anchorage (AK), violated the Soviet border and was shot down over Sakhalin island by the Soviet fighter. Killed 269 people.

The cold war was in full swing, and the US immediately accused the USSR of cold-blooded murder of innocent people. The Soviet Union to the Western world forever became the "evil Empire". The Soviet press has confirmed that the airliner was shot down, but with all sorts of reservations.

This incident is considered one of the most mysterious in the history of civil aviation.

Chronicle of the lost liner

September 1 at 6.05 am flight KAL 007 was to arrive in Seoul. At the airport there were an impressive sight. But in 6.05 or 7 or 9 in the morning on "the Boeing" it was known nothing. Finally at 10 am the Minister of foreign Affairs of South Korea with reference to the CIA announced: "the Plane landed on Sakhalin island, the crew and passengers are safe". Soothing the crowd dispersed to wait for the relatives, and the Vice-President of the "Korean airlines" immediately flew to Japan to organize the return of the passengers and crew. However, when he arrived in Tokyo, Ministry of foreign Affairs officially reported that flight 007 was not landed on Sakhalin and its location is not known.

Then began the rescue operation, which is more reminiscent of a military action. At the same time with air support search of the aircraft led fleets to Japan, the USA and the USSR.
The number of forces was more representative of a small war than what was supposed to be just humanitarian action search and rescue of the victims of the civil airliner... search The largest civil aircraft ever made, with the most modern methods lasted two months. November 10, 1983, as if by universal agreement, the search was terminated. No wreckage of KAL 007 was not found. The average depth in this area hardly reaches 160 meters, and the ocean bottom is almost flat. How could they not notice the plane? The Boeing 747 seemed to evaporate.
The official reaction to the incident was as follows: September 3, TASS announced that there was a violation of the border, after which the aircraft disappeared from radar. On 9 September, the USSR recognized that the Korean airliner was shot down, but until then knowingly violated our borders for study of the Soviet air defense system in the area. The plane repeatedly warned about inappropriate behavior, but he ignored any messages, after which he was shot down.

Americans, his position was formulated immediately: the pilots of the Boeing deviated from the course accidentally, they were killed by the Soviet bloodsuckers.

Oddities and not the dock

But in a statement, the Americans have believed not all. French Aviaexport Michael Brune interested in conflicting messages about the tragedy. He conducted his own investigation, which took more than 10 years, which resulted in the book "Sakhalin incident". In her Bruin has collected and analyzed a huge amount of facts disproving the accepted version. According to the Frenchman, that night on the territory of the USSR was made a provocative sortie of the enemy, which ended in a real air battle were shot down at least nine planes. Details inquisitive Frenchman leads a lot, but the main discrepancy is the time when "Boeing" was shot down. In the American version, the plane was shot at 3.38, and Japanese - as much as 9 minutes earlier, at 3.29. And each side was brought in the proof data their radars.

"When I in the spring and summer of 1985 was reading the newspaper files in the Japanese national library, I was most struck by the fact that the differences between the two versions of this story meant, wasn't made one interception, but several, over Sakhalin and was shot down not one, but several airplanes. It completely changes the whole picture". More - more...
"As you review the Japanese press, we find three distinct period when the Korean airliner was allegedly intercepted, four terms of starting, when the rockets were fired and hit the target four times; when the aircraft reportedly disappeared from radar screens, and four different period of his death. Data indicate four interceptions and at least four or possibly five downed aircraft".

These assumptions are confirmed by the fragments which were found in different places in the first weeks of a rescue mission. The fact that the wreckage was indeed plenty, but none belonged to Boeing! Below is a description of these fragments, according to which French Aviaexport concludes that they all belong to several American combat aircraft. "Specialists from the Pentagon, to whom I showed one of the photos, immediately recognized the seat, even before I told him where it came from... We deal with the catastrophe of an American military plane, the pilot managed to eject and descended by parachute".

Floating wreckage of a military plane found the Japanese Maritime safety Agency to the North of Moneron island within three days. The object on the left in the photo is part of the flap No. -111. The object at the top — the seat of the catapult pilot, used as intended

Partition. Floating wreckage was found on September 14 in Abashiri on the Eastern end of the Hokkaido coast, washed by the sea of Okhotsk. An object similar to a wheel — partition with a military aircraft, at least one of which crashed in the sea of Okhotsk.

Actually in this story a lot of strange things. Here's one of them - there are documented records of the pilots of flight KAL-007, appeared on the air after 50 minutes (!) after the destruction of the Soviet fighter. And signals for help no they not filed. This confirms the theory that the Soviet pilot Gennadi Osipovich has shot down some other plane, probably American reconnaissance plane RC-135, which looks very similar to the Boeing 747.

And what about the flight "KAL-007"? He calmly flew on its track without turning. The Frenchman came to the conclusion that someone wanted to hide the fact that the Korean airliner was not shot down near the island of Moneron in Soviet waters, as is commonly believed, and 400 miles South, near the Japanese city of Niigata.

But then who and, more importantly, why destroyed the airliner with passengers on Board? Apparently, it was destroyed by mistake. Night battle over Sakhalin and Kamchatka seemed possible war between the USA and the USSR. The alarm was raised and the Japanese air force. Everyone's nerves stretched to the limit. The plane was beyond the reach of Soviet interceptors, so their attack to the North of Niigata seems unlikely. "KAL-007" exchanged the ordinary, though mysterious messages with other aircraft much later after he flew over Sakhalin. He sent no distress signal and never reported any problems. Korean airliner disappeared suddenly, a few minutes before a pass over the Japanese Niigata, without any apparent reason. Either the airliner was shot down by the Americans, who decided that it was a Soviet plane, intended to take vengeance for what happened to the North. Or it was shot down by the Japanese, who decided that this was a Soviet aircraft, which threatened to involve Japan in deepening armed conflict between Russians and Americans.

Where are the passengers?

On Board were 269 people - passengers and crew members. However, a search expedition was never found a single body: only small fragments. Interestingly, the missing bodies of the dead aroused the imagination of some American journalists in the Western press there appeared a version that the Soviet military burned the bodies in crematoriums to cover his tracks.

Later, in the early 90-ies, amazing testimonies will give the Soviet divers.
"We haven't seen any bodies either in the first or second day... the Plane was filled with different objects, but there was absolutely no trace of the bodies. There was no Luggage, even hand Luggage. On the other hand, there was a lot of things that you would not expect to see on a passenger plane... We picked up spools of film for computers and recording devices". One of the Soviet divers who participated in the search, recalled: "I did not miss a single descent. I have a very clear impression: the plane was stuffed with garbage, and there were no people there. Why? Well, now if breaks the plane, even a little, as a rule, should remain suitcases, handbags, albeit, handles from suitcases... And there was this, which, I believe, should not take on the plane normal people. Well, let's say, a roll of amalgam - like a garbage... Clothes are all, as from the landfill - from her torn pieces... We're a month almost worked! ...Little was and of clothing - jackets there, raincoats, shoes - very little. And what they found - some rags!"

"With this skeleton divers raised two hundred baskets sizes five feet by two, continues Bruin, filled with papers and electronic equipment. Finding such a large number of documents and electronic equipment indicates reconnaissance aircraft like the RC-135, which is full of secret documents". All in all, as it turned out the Bruin in different places were found nine skeletons of different planes. And they were all military.

All this gave grounds to say that discovered a few weeks after the disaster, the liner is a falsification.

A week after the disappearance of the liner small fragments of Boeing, pieces of skin, the remains of Luggage washed up on the coast of Honshu and Hokkaido. Experts have put forward the version that "evidence" brought over to Japan from the Soviet district of Sakhalin, which was hit by a liner. However, there was one "but". The fact that in September 1983 in the Sakhalin area there was not a single movement, which drove the waves from the South to the North. Detailed weather reports claimed the wind was blowing in completely the opposite direction. In other words, the wreckage of the plane could get to Sweden only in the South, but not from the North.

"Crime against humanity"

U.S. President Ronald Reagan, upon learning of the death of a South Korean airliner, called the incident "a crime against humanity that should never be forgotten." And Washington was its expense to the actions of the Soviet air defense because the crash killed U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald - spirited anti-Communist and very promising politician.

However, for unknown reasons, the offense was forgotten by the American side very quickly. George Schultz, U.S. Secretary of state, at the beginning with great enthusiasm took up the case: a group of the best investigators of the office of transport security was sent to Alaska to investigate the tragedy. However, after just a few days, investigators came back to Washington and starting the investigation.


Lieutenant Colonel Gennady Osipovich, shot down allegedly a passenger liner, for a long time already on pension and to remember the events of long bygone days does not like. But on the investigation of Michel Brune Gennady, of course, knows...

I can't say with absolute certainty that shooting is in "Boeing", - said the Colonel. - Was the pre-dawn hours, visibility is unimportant. Still, I saw the double row of lights portholes and what plane then it could be? Receiving orders for destruction, I released it two missiles. One exploded directly under the engine, the second - under the belly. The fall I didn't see it - reported that the missiles hit the target and returned to base...

It is interesting that Gennady Osipovich in different interviews from different years was saying the exact opposite. Before he was sure that his target was not the civilian side. In particular, Osipovich had expressed doubts that such a large aircraft as a "Boeing-747" could be shot down with only two missiles R-60 that he has released. The feeling of a terrible lie from which the conclusion arises that in the case of KAL-007 on the face of the conspiracy. For the official adopted by the American version — one plane, one fighter. Only silent overseas fighters, but what happened to their planes that were raised Soviet exploratory vessels and minesweepers.

Apparently, in the US and the USSR decided to hide the truth about this aerial battle. The Japanese joined this conspiracy of silence. But in the US quickly figured out how to portray the death of a passenger plane and what propaganda benefit to extract. And this operation was brilliant. "Behind this was the growing arrogance of American policy in the spring and summer of 1983 and the reluctance of Councils to publicly challenging her. If it became known that the Soviets have shot down several us military aircraft, there would be quite a strong likelihood that public opinion, regardless of the circumstances in which it occurred, would have led the administration to resign. "–wrote the French Explorer.

Remains a riddle of Moscow's passivity in this situation and its obvious the game into the hands of Washington and not only in this but also in several other tragic situations that occurred much later.


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