I'll hobble, I'll curve, I will be a scythe, but I'm going out there to fight
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23-the summer inhabitant of Magnitogorsk has told how he is fighting in southeastern Ukraine on the side of the militias
Alexander Ivanov is 23 years old, he limps on one leg. Lameness due to injuries, which Alexander received under Lugansk, where he volunteered to fight with the troops of Kiev. Once recovered, the inhabitant of Magnitogorsk is going to return to their comrades in Lugansk region. Departure is scheduled for 15 September.

– How you first decided to go to Lugansk?

– My friend, his Callsign Catfish, and two boys, Talib and Bright, (their names cannot be called, only call signs), wrote to our commander of a Mongoose, he's from Perm. He needed experts in Lugansk who know how to fight. He there met, we were in reconnaissance and sabotage group. Engaged in the exploration and diversion.

– How your parents reacted to your decision to go to war?

Mom, of course, against. She didn't know that we went there, I didn't say long. Dad didn't know. I called, crossing the border point "Izvarino". I called my dad and said "Dad, I'm at war, will be home a month and a half or two, so we'll fight a little and come home". Need to change clothing and a little rest from this war, because many people heading off the roof. He ceases to sleep, is to get ahead, lose the fear, and if you lose fear, you fell swoop kill, such long do not live. And people are fighting a month and a half, home on leave post because it is hard. I called my mom and said "Mom, I'm sorry, I'm at war." Of course, hysteria was at it, and my dad treated it properly. He knew that I was going to war, I got a new uniform, bought boots, and sometimes the conversation would slip the word "Lugansk". Normal parents will never go to war, therefore, I did not. Here went, to war, still going.

Where have you fought?

We were in Lugansk, in the battalion "Zarya", fought against the famous battalion "Aidar" — it is purely some mercenaries, where there are no Ukrainians. Mainly the Turks, Georgians and people from all surrounding countries. There all mercenaries, all the terrorists.

In the battles I was every single day. The first day took shape, and then began a reconnaissance, ambush, sabotage. Went in the afternoon — they came at night. Slept for four hours, was tired strongly, but once used to it, was not discouraged. No thoughts, as it were, to sleep. All on the go did.

– How long were you in Ukraine?

Almost a month and a half. The commander was three months exactly. It's basically the human psyche can withstand for two months-two and a half, then psyche begins to break down. Constant bombing, constant collision, constant body, the corpses of children, women, to see this worth a lot.

– That is what is shown on TV that there destroy innocent people — is this true?

– That's an understatement, to say the least. When we "Aydar" got ambushed in the village with the name of Verboncu, whether Verbovsky, where we burned two of their tank and "Ural" with the infantry. We went and knocked them out. But at night they returned, went into the house, laid an ambush and when we have heard reports that they are there, we walked back to the village. They have launched surrounded and closed. And all the kneading. We pulled out women and children because all tanks churned. It was our last fight, now the recon team Mongoose does not exist, the commander was killed and the company dispersed to different units. Many wounded, so I came home to injury.

– What wound did you receive?

– For me two times hit the tank. We Ossetians were surrounded, tried to pull his grandmother from the basement. Grandma, apparently, was the Soviet training, she yelled from the basement: "Get out of here, fight in another garden!" But we pulled her out by the legs, hands. Guys its yards away over the fences. And we started mixing. We had nothing, no RPG-rocket-propelled grenade, we only had "bumblebee", Napalm, and we decided to set fire to a tank. We took a pot shot at him, he saw that it was useless, and in response he took a pot shot at us. I saved the gate, because instead of running out, I closed it. Shards repaid a wicket. The second time he fired, I fired sneakers, I got concussion and a shrapnel wound of the thigh. It was all in our last fight.

– Tell us about his dead commander.

The commander of the "mongoose", Perm region. He is survived by his wife and three children. He went there to fight for the civilians, he is an honest man, brave. When we were going somewhere, he such spoke! So no one would lose courage and believe in. Everything. Really believed. All thanks to him. Even in battle, when the tank it is hit or mines of the 120th, because there was a strong explosion and fragments, he took all his body, every one of them. And right under his feet landed, he crushed them a little. He even went to the village first. Then, when we learned that there is an ambush, we rushed inside to help him. He ordered to withdraw peace, women, children, from their homes, because the tank ran to the Central square and began to work out a "Christmas Tree". "Herringbone" is when riding a tank, followed by infantry fighting vehicles and one tank. They begin to destroy this house, this house and erase from the face of the earth. Will I stop at the house and starts Ironing while the basement does not fail, and go back already punishers-Nazis, black plate, red ribbon, genuine Nazis, and here we were. We sat in the garden and, when the tank started this house be ironed, they understood that we were there. Our guys started with life to part, who pulled a grenade. The last attack. There Sklar. Sklar — the man who fought that spetsnaz was in the special forces he worked as an instructor, he is Ukrainian, he's actually well done. He showed where to retreat, where the wounded away, and he, Anton and I remained to cover. The battle began around 11 o'clock in the afternoon, and we went out already dark, the hour in 12-m, there are long dark and the battle was heavy. We stayed on the horn and the shell in his pocket there was nothing. And we somehow made it, and when it came the commander of no. Learned later that the commander was killed, the boys either, killed.

– How the locals live?

They spent an hour in the city, and then all hide. Their national guard is very pedantic. They get up in the morning, wash, eat Breakfast, start the bombing half an hour. As soon as half an hour passes, half an hour rest. Have lunch, after lunch half an hour of silence. Then bombed before dinner and after dinner, night in three hours. They watch to compare.

Lugansk partially in ruins, every second house is a hole without glass. There are no shops, light, communication, nothing. Humanitarian aid helps but its not enough, still not enough people. Are our drinking water because no drinking water, no gasoline, nothing. Medication is not enough.

Life in the city, young people not only alcoholics and those who have nowhere to go. I remember we sat there, all black, someone stripped yet, someone in the blood, the fight was hard. Grandma came out, brought a bucket of water, which she was the last, for sure, we only got a bottle and gave her a bucket, because there is no drinking water. She handed us candy. I remember her words: "Throw the Nazis off the land". The locals are good to us, but when we the other grandma out of the basement smoked all kinds of things we have learned about myself.

– Where people were hiding during the bombings?

– Mostly in basements, although the basement of a house hiding was not an option: there's always a grenade flew punishers. The national guard went and cleaned the house. Or perhaps starts a house from top to burn, people basically baked alive, and was gasping for breath. And when their bodies were found, it was scary.

– Why do people not leave?

They say, "This is our land, we won't get anywhere". It's not their fault that they have such power that their power to care about people. You know, really beat on the soldiers, the warriors, and beaten by civilians. They want the city to bulldoze that nothing is left of it, well do it already.

– You have time to rest?

– Yes, we were given to rest. We have performed the operation, was stolen at night BTR. I liked it. All APCS trophy. Here we are desperate. The driver is the famous Chef from Moscow, he did a mad man driver. At night when they are relaxed, we patchcom on Kostochka crawled, lifted the guard and removed the driver. We wound up, they didn't understand what was happening, we with shouts and whistles "go, Russia!", "Ukraine, forward!", "LPR, go!" went. They were in shock, for a minute or two didn't open fire on us, didn't understand what happened. And so we had the armored personnel carrier. We were given a day, or rather six hours of rest. We rested on the beach, they have nice beaches, bathed there, as normal people sat and ate barbecue the whole unit was photographed. The camera also captured because it was a video of torture of our soldiers. We gave a USB flash drive, camera left.

– Watching videos?
– Yes, we did, they are very harshly treated. Mostly ears cut off, throat cut like a pig. Well, cheek cut, eyes put out. Basically these are trying to intimidate. Of them still mean what body then mine under the body lay a grenade or something worse.

– That is, the body was dangerous to take out, you had no possibility to bury the bodies of their comrades?

– We tried, but if there is a fight... That's my friend, we left, as we began to chop, we could not. Before him was the meter, but we couldn't even crawl, because that's what this meter was on the hill is fired and we didn't just pick up. And so all bodies we try to dig, it takes ten minutes. Tried, buried, the mark put on the map and wrote on the tree, the one, the one buried here. Reported to headquarters, when it was conquered, came from staff and was sent home. Even their bodies we buried, because it is not good at all. Man, whatever it was, deserves to be in the ground. Mostly they were forced to bury, and the penalty box — drug addicts, those who sell drugs from local. Catch him, he does chores

– How would you describe your opponents?

– Arming them is very good. One they lack is courage. We here fell into an ambush of 20 people, no more than twenty, we have a small exploration. The forest mines are set, an ambush was arranged. Fought against us regiment, a tank regiment, they had the BMP, we burned it and the tank. Instead came two more tanks and an APC with APC, after the fight, we had five-hundredth (dead) and four three-hundredth (wounded). And them we put people 40-45, because they didn't have the courage to break through. My best friend from childhood was not afraid of the Som, ran out, gave with an RPG-launcher in this BMP, where sat a full crew, and we burned it, not even fearing that the BMP tank, we went their to shoot.

And in that village did so: there is a fire, you rush in, blow the gate, there goes the sweep of the houses. You burst in with a gun see the child, see woman, grab them under the arm throw, covering your body. Go to the "Ural", we took out their "Ural". The Nazis don't regret none, it makes no difference. We knock, if we didn't open — was beaten out the gate, because many were asleep, many rested. We awoke, because I knew that now I will start Ironing. A friend was wounded when he covered the woman and I dragged the child. The bullet went through the vest and hit the shoulder blade, protruding, as it were. This woman is kissing us there early, to thank. When out of the environment, there is one house left intact, and the burned, I guess. There the village from the face of the earth erased. Field, bricks and iron only. We ran from house to house, and they exploded — they were aiming to beat. Then another village and "Castle" were cut, and the mortar. In General people have no chance of survival, immediately burn up, suffocate. We were standing on one side of the field, Nazis in another, all the while shouted back and forth. And we shouted to them that they didn't throw a grenade into the basement, because the majority of women die that way. And them what? He threw the grenade and went further... then When you come to the basement, whose body is covered the child. See a woman, through and through shrapnel, and under it child. This is very scary.

My friend Dan in that fight died, he was 22 years old, the wedding was to be soon. A wonderful person. He didn't have to go first. I don't know why he went down. We sat at the house, we were ironed, and whether he thought he saw someone running — or woman, or child, — he jumped out, and there's the KORD machine gun, he was shot. His last words: "I'm hit". All. Then we have the heavy shot, he threw the gun and went to the us, where all the bones were broken, all through, all sprinkles. It's the consequences of taking drugs. Entered a house, and it's all syringes, all that stuff. We went into the house, where they ambushed and found drugs, syringes with drugs and such they have.

– So you want to say that your opponents often take drugs?

– They are very well pumped. They do this still somehow stupidly fought, they stupidly walk up and shoot. We had one Italian, a real Italian citizen, owned a Russian-obscenely good. The tank in the fence gave, in the fence a hole was left and they went to ours. The Italian came out, it shot through the brush, got stuck in the handle of the machine, this Natsik fully in it the horn blew and hit only the handle and brush. A Nazi shot him too, and in its place came the second, the same stoned, as stupid, and its just put.

When we took them prisoner, they said that they do not want to fight, that they are mercenaries, but they don't pay anything. Ukraine has no money at all, they have nothing to pay. All the mercenaries throw with money.

And for us to surrender was not an option. The national guard and mercenaries don't like Russians very much at all. They Russian plague, and people long dead. We saw bodies that were brought in, they are disfigured, the marks of torture — did famous the national guard, "Aydar", some mercenaries. They are all bloodthirsty. We also rarely captured in the take, but tormented. We had a kid Barbie — like this Callsign because I bought daughters on birthday "Barbie," he hit him, and when he awoke, he was cashing his ears cut off, filmed it all on the phone and were teasing him in the end shot in the heart.

On the other side were deserters?

– There were but few. Basically, they are conscripts who are fighting for one thousand hryvnias, but are reluctant to even shoot. The battle begins, you hear me, conscript yells "I surrender!" They usually went on the left side, a white bag or a white rag in the hands took. We all understood, didn't, behind them came the relatives and took them away. As mercenaries we did not take prisoners, because it depends on what they are doing, tried not to be pitied, nobody pitied.

– Ukrainians from your side fought?

Ukrainians are at war with us, help good, for life watching. Guys from Ukraine are at war such as we are 20-23 years, fighting and Dedkov, pensioners mostly. The rest of the men they prefer to take in an armful and dump abroad, in Russia. When we crossed the border at Izvarino, said to her grandmother. The four of us to her grandmother. We missed, wished good luck. And at the border there were such men who can really against the tank in Mano-to go, but they all run to us in Russia. If they had been braver, I think the war would be over. With Ukraine at war with us very good guys. Was a tank commander. When the three of us broke out of the encirclement, the last three alive, I, Sklar and Anton, he supported me. When I was really freaking out when we gouged with the "Castle" busting rocket launchers "Hurricane", mortars and we got out of this environment. Yes, I had tears in my eyes, because my eyes he killed a comrade, friend Dan, a fellow officer, and we are unable to pick up his body. I went to the battalion commander and asked, "Where's the backup?" He said that reinforcements will not. And I started shedding tears, reassured me that the famous tanker of world man. When we started to leave, he wasn't afraid, left against three tanks and burned an APC with infantry. Was not afraid, went and for that we are grateful.

He and the Mongol people, who are fighting for their land, for their homes. It's just a brave people, impressions from them I mountain. The Mongols fought many wars, we were engaged in training of young personnel. He entertained us, cooked for us, he's somewhere previously worked as a cook. There is not a single speciality there is no military. I was in shock. Mongol — the chef, Talib — geography teacher, were the gym teachers, Bright we was studying at the Institute, just finished and went to war, lawyers, doctors fighting, engineers, miners, fishermen. She fought 75 years from Russia, Orenburg region, he arrived there under its own power, seven days in "the Field". Seven days! They say the weapons have good. Yes, weapons are good, but anti-tank I was surprised by the famous "vacuum Cleaner" — anti-tank gun of the 44th year, the first time I saw it there, and I saw it in action, I'm shocked. I don't know how this guy got the machine. But such Dedkov we in the guard were often kept watch while we sleep in the barracks, guarding the area. But, too, in which case they went into battle, the alarm was raised. There were many, an entire floor of pensioners, we have them "persiki" and called, calls them.

There's generally all very friendly, I never seen someone on somebody swore, everything is friendly, United. We all really respect. We were given new machines immediately fed upon arrival, wished us good luck. Local there well done all. We immediately went to the front, we took the mongoose. He arrived in the evening on the bus, we were given new weapons. They started mortar shelling and came for us, the local soldiers who gave the spirit, to whom the first aid kit, whom a pack of raw eggs, fat with you, because I do not yet know to what battalion will get which company. We are constantly on the front line, in danger, we were given the best of everything.

– I can say something about phosphorus bombs, about which our media was saying that it's done by the Ukrainian army?

It's all true. And cluster bombs. We slept in the APC trophy. Well, as it turns out, all the night riding, these hollowed fennel. Then in the morning we figured out that we are in the woods and we started to work out cluster bombs, I saw it. Explodes on the mile five to ten above ground and fall from the needles, sometimes the balls. A needle pierces a person through and through, he doesn't understand what's going on, after it will sew 100 needles it another 20 minutes still alive, falls, bleeding. Needles rotate and reel up all of the human and fly through. This weapon is prohibited, as is phosphorus. How to determine phosphorous weapons? When it explodes, starts to spray all the phosphorus, the phosphorus, which burns on the earth leaves a white spot. When you touch it, begins to eat the skin, that's how we determined. Well and glows well at night. Of course, they all use. Us little fire was directed mainly hit the city of Lugansk. Not on our positions, our troops were behind Lugansk, on advanced. They knew where our parts. I don't know why they we not hollowed, hollowed the city with "Grad", "Hurricane". When we were sitting cleaned the gun, we departed the stage. Depart stage — the rocket begins to accelerate and goes back into the earth, and a massive explosion. They still have night vision, thermal imaging, new rifle...

– When you arrived, that shocked you?

– I got hit by a shrapnel in the thigh, a splinter of charcol. Then the second came back the same, only this time deeply. We arrived, loaded boards, unloaded, dropped mine and killed Roma crane operator, civilian.

– What was the most creepy?

– Body. Many phone street riding, a very strong smell of corpses, because many are closed for the night, go to bed and night near Mina falls and splinters sews everything in the house. They remain in homes and there's a lot of smell. Even the worst of it was to catch mine, because used in different mines. For example, 120, it is very much shrapnel hits. "Hail", everyone was afraid of him, because it is better from bullets to die than from the shard.

The most terrible is when the battalion "Aidar" before to storm the house, throws a grenade into the basement, not knowing who is there and what is. This is the most terrible, and then, when we knock the house, and they retreat, you go to the basement and see the bodies of women, children, young boys, grandmothers, grandfathers. Grenade f 1 — shrapnel, killing all shards. Another very embarrassing moment was during my first fight. I jumped into the pit and saw a severed female leg.

Then when we were walking down the street, on the road there were a couple, the guy is 19 years old and the same girl. Not managed to escape from the tank, it is impossible to run in a straight line. He gave a large-caliber shot, and they fell. They left the girl an orphan, that picture remember. There are terrible things happening in General.

I didn't expect... I knew there was a war, but I didn't know what civilians would think. On TV they say that a day for 70 people killed, Yes there are more dying! Just don't go in those apartments, homes, where the shrapnel flew. Anyone out there tore, who was burned, they do not gather, they are there and remain. There are people crying, men cry many. After the battle comes, quiet first 20 minutes, then everyone starts to giggle, make jokes, and then begin the tears of those who were killed. The first time I saw men cry, right really. There tears exactly friendly when you lose a comrade, friend, the commander, the tears very much. We are now fifth going to go to a Perm four of us, we all go to the family of the commander, we'll help as much as they can and go to the grave, just to say goodbye. His body actually somehow pulled out, and I haven't seen, because I drove away with the wounded. The body got two days, and the locals helped because the Mongoose's head was the reward.

I'm not afraid that I "aydarovets" find, I realized that it's not people, I just don't know how to call them. When women and children are killed, you lose fear when you see him, bare hands ready to rip. And once again, I'll go there.

– Do you often nerves passed?

– No, but we had a Fox, he got the first concussion, and when we were surrounded, he received it a second time. He is now somewhere in the yellow house is. But you can understand him, he really hit the roof because we had seen a lot. As a person alive by tearing. Here he is in front of you, then Mina beside him falls, and it shatters. It's scary. Actually, we had a wonderful commander, he always went forward, first, he reconnoiters all, then the group tightens. Was giving the orders, and we without any fear of going.

– Why you want to go back there?

– Many don't understand us, they say, why? It's not our war... But it killed young girls, children, so many children, very much. That was not in fighting battles before, never was, and when I first had to kill a man, kill that mercenary, my hands were shaking, I didn't eat for two days, it was unpleasant. And when I saw what they are doing, I have lost fear and pity for these people. Because when the bodies of children, bodies of women, old men, pensioners out on the street, when a small child dies, it is on the strength of one and a half years, he did not understand why the war. When you body this out, somehow it all disappears. All at once disappears. All the pity. There I have not seen a single soldier of the Ukrainian, there are some mercenaries and a very well trained mercenaries, but they have no courage and so, if they had courage, there would be hard. They are very cruel.

I'll hobble, I'll curve, I will be a scythe, but I will go there to fight because there are friends and comrades. Where appear the friends in a fight, only there because he's always got your back.

– There is a chance of winning?

– Well, I guess we'll meet, we'll win. They already are near Lugansk, where about five kilometers from Lugansk six, but if they go into the city, street fighting they can get. Not planning on moving. They didn't have the courage to do as our guys. Our guys, when they run out of ammo, they took an antitank mine or a grenade and tossed. Many had time to throw a mine under the tank and escape, and many remained there with mine next.

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