National Interest: Russia has one of the most powerful armies in the world
Material posted: Publication date: 10-11-2014

Determine what the five armies are the most powerful in the world, was a difficult task, recognizes the issue of The National Interest, with the primary goal to make this rating.

Each country has its own unique situation related to security. The size of the army are determined by many aspects — geographical, political, diplomatic, financial. Is there a country in a troubled region, such as India, Afghanistan or Jordan, or in the traditionally prosperous — as the United States, Luxembourg or Canada? Concentrated its troops within the country or are abroad? What amount of military spending can afford the government? All these factors have taken into account the analysts of the edition.

"The end of the cold war marked the start of the shift vector military power to the East. The British army, had in 1990, 120 thousand troops, by 2020, will reduce their numbers to 82 thousand. The French army with 236 thousand in 1996 decreased to 119 thousand. The most extensive reduction occurred in Germany, where from 360 thousand military in 1990, today there are almost six times less — 62 thousand," — writes the magazine.

At the same time, he notes, several Asian armies today have more than half a million army is India, Pakistan, North and South Korea, and China. And each of these, for example, countries like Myanmar, Iran and Vietnam, has armed forces at least five times exceeding the size of the German army.

However, cadres are not all. According to calculations, the army of the DPRK has about 950 thousand people, but armed her legacy, not connected to modern military technology.

Can 62 thousand soldiers of the Bundeswehr to break the 1.1 million Indian soldiers? The very formulation of the question is incorrect, according to The National Interest. And offers its ranking of the top five most powerful armies in the world, incorporating many parameters.

In the first place the U.S. army. 535 thousand troops, many of whom were combat veterans. The modern facilities and equipment, reliable logistics system. Americans are able to lead multidisciplinary fighting far beyond its hemisphere.

On the second — the people's liberation army (PLA) of China. The largest in Asia. Only land forces consist of 1.6 million active military units. NOAH protects the borders of China and is able to conduct combat operations "on a global scale".

Third place in the "five" is the Indian army. It consists of 1.12 million people and is the second largest army in Asia. India is geographically sandwiched between traditional rivals — Pakistan and China — in need of an army capable of defending its territorial boundaries. Frequent internal rebellions and insecurity in the country pushing it to possess powerful ground forces. In the last decade, equipping the Indian army has undergone significant modernization on the Western model, and therefore its increased mobility, the newspaper notes.

Russia's armed forces newspaper placed on the fourth place. The ground forces of the Russian Federation, according to National Interest, there are 285 thousand is about half the numerical strength of the army of the United States. They are well equipped and fully mechanized. However, Russia is a country with a vast territory, and each soldier has 23 square miles (60 square kilometers approximately). At the same time, many Russian soldiers have considerable combat experience gained in the early 1990-ies in Chechnya, writes the magazine.

Closes the "top five" British army with thousands of military 102. Quite small by world standards, it is today the most efficient in Europe and are ready to engage with a wide spectrum of military operations both for the land and in the air and on the sea, says The National Interest.


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