The United States are preparing the ultimate weapon
Material posted: Publication date: 14-12-2014

The West led by the US furious and outraged, "Russian revolt" against the rule "European values of democracy and freedom". The Pentagon is quickly preparing Russia "hypersonic blitzkrieg". After 5-6 years, after a massive statement for US army hypersonic missiles and next generation aerospace planes, Washington is looking forward to achieving indisputable military superiority over Moscow from a position of strength to dictate to the Kremlin the conditions for its full and final geopolitical capitulation.

World Sodom against the "Russian barbarians"

The events in Ukraine clearly showed that the USA, despite its military power, is not ready to engage in open violent conflict with the rebellious Moscow. The NATO military infrastructure of the last 25 years are hard to "sharpen" under colonial wars with third world countries, and therefore is unable to ensure the Alliance's victory in the Great war against a resurgent Russia.

But this does not mean that the West is resigned to this state of Affairs. Adopted by the U.S. Congress in December 2014, the Resolution No. 758 entitled "a sharp condemnation of actions of the Russian Federation on conducting an aggressive policy with the aim of achieving political and economic dominance" States that "Russia carries out political, military and economic aggression" against European countries, but America is ready to confront this aggression within the framework of the "United States' commitment to its obligations under the North Atlantic Treaty".

In Washington, apparently, finally realized that this is literally about life and death of Western civilization, how it has evolved over the last few centuries. And really: after Crimea and the new Russia, after Putin's public appearances, loudly objecting in them the ideology of Russian revolt against the Western geopolitical hegemony, against the dictatorship of Sodom liberal fascism and Satanism – a historical tie in opposition the U.S. and Russia no longer possible.

Or former Western power irrevocably perish in the whirlpool of a new era, and resurrected Moscow will be established on the international scene in all its grandeur majestic brilliance of the Third Rome "the latter days"; or West, having made a qualitative technological leap, will push Russia from the global arena into the abyss of historical oblivion.

It is a winning result, expect Washington strategists, planning the next "crusade" of the West against the "Russian barbarians". So a new Cold war waged by the USA with economic sanctions and financial sabotage, provocations and political advocacy-special operations – is just the first step in an extensive and comprehensive plan for the final solution of the "Russian question".

We, in turn, also have to deeply realize the full danger of the situation. No illusions: in the second stage the plan of Washington provides for the transition of the conflict into a "hot" phase, massive use of US and NATO military force, the dismemberment and destruction of the unified Russian state. That is why the question about the ratio of military capabilities between Russia and the West, about a new arms race in the field of breakthrough military technologies becomes a matter of life or death for both Washington and Moscow. And not just for the next few years, but long-term, long-term, until the victory of one party and unconditional surrender of the other.

Central to this arms race belongs to the development of so-called "hypersonic weapons" and its major carriers – aerospace weapons systems.

The ultimate weapon

Military "hypersonic" today a lot is said and written in the media, but what it is, most of us are poorly represented. If to say on simple, without abstruse scientific terms, "Hyper" is the ability of any material object – a plane or rocket, for example, maneuver in the atmosphere at a speed many times (not less than in 5-10 times) greater than the speed of sound (331 m/s), i.e. at a speed of several kilometers per second. In the military sphere, this speed is available Intercontinental ballistic missiles, but they achieve it only in space, in the vacuum of space, at altitudes where there is no air resistance and, consequently, the possibility of aerodynamic maneuvering and flight control.

In turn, military aircraft today can be effectively applied only at altitudes up to 20, 25 miles. Spacecraft at a height of not less than 140 kilometers (low orbit parameters). The interval of altitudes from 20-25 up to 140-150 km is not available for military use. But this range of heights is available exclusively for hypersonic aircraft is fantastically promising from the point of view of combat effectiveness.

Why the Hyper is so important to the military? The answer is simple. He is just three words: speed, accuracy, invulnerability. Hypersonic missiles, when they will be able to create will be able to hit any target on earth within an hour. Moreover, due to its ability to maneuver, to adjust course during the flight is to hit with precision, literally up to a meter, starting with aircraft or aerospace media tracking are extremely difficult. Moving in the atmosphere, in the plasma cloud, and therefore being maximally secretive, and totally unavailable any missile defense system. Many times surpassing, thus, the effectiveness of combat use of all existing models of weapons, including thermonuclear Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Hypersonic flight is indistinguishable not only for modern radar AIDS. In the foreseeable future is not even in sight of the creation of means of interception of such missiles. Not for nothing, apparently, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, commenting on the prospects of creation of hypersonic vehicles, recently stated that in terms of importance and impact on the strategy of armed struggle this breakthrough can be compared perhaps only with the creation of the atomic bomb.

The appearance of hypersonic weapons will produce in military Affairs a revolution. First, who will be able to massively deploy its army hypersonic aircraft, will receive, in essence, the ultimate weapon, able to solve any strategic problems in the shortest possible time and with minimum costs. For example, quickly, inexorably, with impunity, destroying military-political leadership of any country, an infrastructure of public administration, a key military and economic targets. Simply put, to simultaneously decapitate any opponent, paralyzing his ability to resist and counter strike.

Cold war, hot war...

Thus, it is possible with high probability to assume that the American plan of "containment" of Russia with further "final elimination of the Russian threat" consists of two main parts. Its first phase, which can be roughly described as "Cold war 2.0", will last, probably until 2018, when will be the next elections of the Russian President.

During this time the Americans will try economic sanctions, financial sabotage and massive propaganda campaigns to assess the political situation in Moscow to provoke a full-blown socio-political crisis and launch a "Russian Maidan" as the engine of another "perestroika" and "color revolution".

The main objective of Washington at this stage is to achieve the displacement (physical elimination) of Putin as President, "Stripping" the top leadership of the country, approval in power a Pro-Western regime of the liberals and globalists, the American "agents of influence".

If that doesn't work, then the minimum is to slow down, and it is desirable not to disrupt the program of modernization and rearmament of the Russian army and Navy.

In the field of international relations the main goal of the US in this phase is in any case not to allow the reunification of Russia with Ukraine, strengthening of the Eurasian Union, military-political Alliance of Moscow and Beijing and making Putin's Kremlin recognized leader in global anti-American, anti-Western uprising of the peoples and States that are unwilling to serve as a consumable material and a reservoir of cheap labor for the notorious "Golden billion" in the satanic framework of the project of the liberal Sodom of "globalization".

To ensure the military component of the "containment" of Russia at this stage is intended, in addition to nuclear ICBMs, the grouping of the American cruise missiles of long range (CRBD). In 2015-16, the number of this group have reached 7 thousand KRBD placed on sea and air carriers. Pentagon experts believe that this number of "Tomahawks" enough for to cause of unacceptable damage, even without resorting to the use of nuclear weapons. So, you can effectively deter "Russian aggression", without risking to run into a retaliatory nuclear attack on its own territory.

If the first stage of the American plan will not bring the expected results, then at the second stage, in 2020-25., after service with the U.S. army hypersonic weapons and the aerospace media, to make a transition of the "Cold war 2.0" in the hot phase.

During this period, Washington will seek due to a massive statement for US army hypersonic missiles and next generation aerospace planes achieve undeniable military superiority over Moscow from a position of strength to dictate to the Kremlin the conditions for its full and final geopolitical capitulation. Then the Russian state will be split into several "independent" quasi-public entities (European Russia, the Ural Republic, Siberia, far Eastern Republic, etc), under the protectorate of the USA and its allies.

The turn of the attack

For early achievement of this goal in the United States today various agencies developed several promising hypersonic projects. This X-43A (in charge of the space Agency NASA), X-51A and Falcon HTV-2 (project air force), AHW (army), ArcLight (Navy) and others.

Such a massive assault phase, according to experts, will allow Americans to 2018-20, to create serial samples hypersonic cruise missiles long-range air and sea-based.

Given the importance of the topic, the results of the tests of hypersonic vehicles – the secret behind seven seals. To judge how things are going with their development, is possible only on communications of Americans about the success or failure in the course of those or other test launches. The last such experiment they conducted in August 2014. Launch X-43A was made with polygon Kodiak, Alaska. This rocket was developed as a joint project of the U.S. army and the Sandia National laboratory under the concept of "prompt global strike". It was assumed that during this test it typing speed of about 6.5 thousand km per hour, will strike a target at the Pacific Kwajalein Atoll. But the device worked for only 7 seconds before it burned up in the atmosphere. However, in the US called the flight a success, because the machine has demonstrated its ability to gain the required acceleration...

Russia, meanwhile, is not sitting idly by.

The fact that the US are developing a fundamentally new means of aerospace attack, allowing radically change the course and outcome of combat actions during the conduct of aerospace operations, for us it is not a secret. This was announced on 8 December 2014 General designer of concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" Paul Sozinov. He said: "the Whole complex of works carried out in the USA, allows them at the turn of 2020 to switch to a fundamentally new class of weapons in terms of delivery of nuclear warheads and precision-guided weapons to target. First of all, we are talking about Messianic aircraft, the development of hypersonic maneuvering elements in a combat load of ballistic missiles and a number of other areas, which are characterized by the development of innovative ways of delivering ordnance both in nuclear and conventional".

Well, as for hypersonic warheads for strategic missiles, which Russia is a recognized leader. All our new ICBMs, sea ("Mace", "Liner"), and land ("Topol-M", "YARS") for the past few years are equipped with such warheads, capable of the final portion of the trajectory, after entering the atmosphere, maneuvering and at the rate and height of flight.

As for the so-called "Messianic aircraft", or simply put – aerospace aircraft, capable of operating both in vacuum and in atmosphere, doing rapid hypersonic "ducks" from earth orbit, in the air environment for the application of precision weapons, information on this subject is extremely scarce.

Pavel Sozinov as an example of such led devices implemented in the USA projects to programs "Falcon" and X-37. According to him, fighting machines that are created by the program X-37, "already allow orbit up to three warheads and deliver them to the target, bypassing the system of missile warning and other means of control". In the future of the U.S. aerospace plane, was put into orbit with hypersonic missiles, will be able to carry there on combat duty for several years in constant readiness for instant use of weapons on a signal from the earth's command post. Orbital grouping of several dozen such devices will be able to ensure the defeat of any purpose on the earth's surface within a few minutes.

In order to rapidly achieve this outcome the American program X-37 is actively developing. "Key are agile ability to change orbital parameters of flight and increased combat load" - said Sozinov, noting that to counter threats that emerge due to the development in the U.S. new systems aerospace lesions, need to be changed requirements for Russian means of radar Systems of missile attack warning, space surveillance and means of defeat.

At the same time Russia is rapidly developing its hypersonic shock system, based on extensive and invaluable experience of Soviet designers who have left us a unique hit.

The first hypersonic device was created in the USSR in the late 70-ies of the last century. But first showed it to the public only in 1997, at MAKS. He was presented as the system of a new class of "experimental hypersonic aircraft X-90". In the West he was given the name AS-19 Koala.

According to the organizers of the Airshow, the missile was flying at a range of up to 3,000 km and carried two warheads with individual guidance, capable of hitting targets at a distance of 100 km from the split point. The carrier of the X-90 could be a modernized version of the strategic bomber Tu 160M.

So, the missile X-90 back in the Soviet times we flew further and longer than its current counterparts. When this plasma cloud encountered around the unit when moving at hypersonic speeds, allowed him to not only move in the atmosphere at a speed of several kilometers per second, but move the "broken" paths, abruptly changing the direction of flight. In addition, the plasma cloud created the invisibility device to radar.

However, the Soviet army missile X-90 has not been received. And in 1992, after the collapse of the USSR, work on this project was completely suspended.

Margin of safety

Yet, the experiences and work of Soviet designers were not in vain. As soon as Russia began to recover from the liberal democratic pogrom "dashing nineties", working on hypersonic topics resumed.

As a result, in 2011 the Central Institute of aviation motors from Moscow Lytkarino specialists demonstrated a variety of promising models of hypersonic missiles. At the same time the representative of the Institute, Vyacheslav Semenov said that in 2012, will be ready not a model but a fully fit flying prototype hypersonic cruise missiles. In the press leaked the name of a perspective of complex Zircon.

Apparently, tests of the complex were successful, because a year later, in 2013, the Ministry of defence reported that hypersonic weapons will be to equip the long range aircraft. And this summer, 2014, the Corporation "Tactical missile armament" and the Ministry of defense reported that they had finalized the program of creation of hypersonic missile technologies by 2020.

Thus, the sweet hopes Washington's decisive military advantage over Moscow, apparently, not destined to come true. The Pentagon will not be the only in the world the owner of "absolute" hypersonic weapons.

Moreover, Russia have already started the deployment of a nationwide system to counter hypersonic danger. To do this, we'll have a new kind of Armed forces – aerospace force. In the structure of Asa will include air defence troops and aviation which are today included in the air force, and intelligence and information and impact systems, while included in Troops aerospace defense. Already from the title of the aerospace defence forces that they will address not only issues of defence, air defences and SAIs, but the whole complex of problems connected with the new epoch in military art, which will inevitably become the result of a "hypersonic revolution" and the emergence of military aerospace aircraft. The creation of such a new type of Armed forces will take several years, but this work has already begun.

In October 2014, defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said about the improvement of the Unified space system (CEN) to replace the means of warning, developed in Soviet times. New CEN will be able to detect launches of various types of missiles, including "starts prototypes from the waters of the world ocean and from the territories of the countries conducting the trials". The Russian defense Ministry claim that it is a fundamentally new system with a qualitatively different, higher technical capabilities of spacecraft and ground command centers...


To summarize

In the first place. The Western world is in crisis, the West's influence on the world economy, politics and culture consistently and steadily declining.

Secondly. In these circumstances, the Americans hope to keep their military advantage melting and escaping geopolitical hegemony by a new generation of hypersonic aerospace weapons.

Thirdly. Against this background, Russia by the course of historical process is promoted to leader of the world anti-Western, anti-globalization rebellion.

Fourthly. The adoption of Moscow adopted new models of hypersonic weapons combined with the creation of the aerospace defence forces must ensure that Russia needs a "margin of safety" in the face of Western aggression, the U.S. geopolitical ambitions and the coming Great war.


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