Will NATO war with Russia?
Material posted: Publication date: 21-12-2014

The current Ukraine situation is just the calm before a terrible storm. And the truce and promises of Kiev on heating and electricity for Donbass – it's a fake mask of the killer preparing to strike a fatal blow. This mask only need to fool world public opinion.

I'm afraid that – given the huge indebtedness of USA and the fact that if Americans don't take any steps, then soon all other countries will begin to use to trade other currencies – the US will do anything to keep their dominant positions.

Latest news about how the Russian economy bent under the sanctions, and the ruble falls against the artificially supported the dollar, which is actually no value has, are but a preparation for the greatest provocations, which, apparently, against the Ukrainian army used a nuclear weapon – and it falls on Russia. Western media and politicians then will be to insist that it was a desperate act ruined the country and attempt to prevent the inevitable defeat and collapse.

In favor of this plan and says the most wonderful thing about the statement Poroshenko, who said that the Ukrainian army is ready to take gas-distributing station on Arbatskaya Strelka and part of Arbucci that belong to Crimea, that is today the Russian Federation! If it does, then most likely, right on the line of approach of the Ukrainian army will be blown up by an atomic bomb that will pose as a Russian missile attack with nuclear weapons, and this will be the pretext to enter NATO forces in Ukraine and their participation in the fighting in the Crimea.

Probably, we will have war, if it comes, will affect, of course, Ukraine and Crimea, and maybe part of Russia and some countries of the former Soviet bloc. According to the us plan would follow the closure of borders, barbed wire and machine gun nests – just a new iron curtain. Europe will become a vassal of the us under the "protection of the kind the USA". This is the American plan, but does USA really think that they can calculate the actions of the Russians? As all will be actually, it is hard to predict!

You need to open your eyes and realize that if such a provocation would be done, those who benefit from it will be not Russia. The Russian Federation does not need to use against the Ukrainian army weapons of mass destruction. She also does not want a new cold war, does not want to lose European trading partners. The one who will reap the maximum benefit, and will be the real culprit and the instigator of the war, which, if happens, will take many innocent lives.

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