Nuclear commandos. Survive only BRICS
Material posted: Publication date: 04-04-2015
Asymmetric megaoruzhie may appear in Russia already before in 2020-2025. It will eliminate any threat of large-scale war against Russia, even in the face of the absolute superiority of the enemy in conventional systems failure.

Against Russia new cold war is scould. More precisely, it did not stop. The West consolidates successes of previous stages of cold war and has begun preparation for its end. As a result Russia should be annihilated.

Asymmetrical exit

The West again, as well as in the middle of the XX-th century, builds "Iron Curtain", conducts former bloc policy, splicing quantity of the NATO and propelling it to boundary lines of Russia. However for us a situation today it is non-comparable worse, than half a century ago. The economic potential is relaxed, there was critical for safety of the country a dependence in high production engineering from the main opponent, the spiritual rod what was communist idea is lost, there is no scale community of allies in Europe like the Warsaw contract, in industrially-financial sphere the West orientated oligarchs and the liberal officials connected with them dominate. To rival in military-technical sphere to the NATO and its allies Russia simply not in a condition.

There is an objective necessity of research of qualitativly new approaches to maintenance of military safety, in particular strategic restraint. A key direction in this respect there is a maintenance up to the mark potential of strategic nuclear forces. However here again there are reefs. Despite relative (in comparison with other aspects of Armed forces) small number, a nuclear triad capacious enough on resources. With growth of the economic problems connected with sanctions and a collapse of the oil market, means for fighting efficiency maintenance at necessary level can simply not suffice the country. The number of personnel, involved in strategic nuclear forces (rocket strategic forces, rocket submarines, strategic and long-range aircraft), exceeding hundred thousand persons, creates favorable conditions for neutralisation of their unit by methods of the informational war. The system of sweeping global blow of the USA can create conditions when "decapitating" (on command points of the strategic link, exercising administration of application of strategic nuclear forces) and "disarming" (it is direct on carrying agents of strategic nuclear armaments) blows will neutralise the Russian nuclear triad completely or its basic unit in a near prospect. Research of asymmetrical ways of maintenance of strategic restraint vital for the country. Actually our president also spoke about it, noting that we will not be retracted in race of armaments, and we will take asymmetrical measures. Abundantly clear that is a question of basic new weapons systems based on other ideas, rather than existing.

The technical project on the megaweapon

Proceeding from the situation analysis with reference to restraint strategic forces these new weapons systems should meet certain demands. First of all - the secured defeat of the opponent. The system should have possibility with absolute probability to realise the shock potential in sufficient volume for restraint. Thus to possess the knocking factors expelling neutralisation not only existing, but also the most perfect perspectiv means.

The major demand is the assurance of application in the presence of political will of the country leaders and the objective attitudes demanding commissioning. It is especially actual, when in the country positions of supporters of the West, especially in the government top echelons, including political-military are strong. At massive informational-psychological pressure in doubt there can be an order modification on application of strategic nuclear forces as the number of personnel does not allow to provide its absolute reliability with an assurance, especially if the society is split.

From here the demand of the minimum staff for service and application of asymmetrical system of restraint outflows. Regular quantity should be in the limits defined by possibility to provide an assurance absolute or close to it of loyalty of authority and psychological readiness to execute the order on system application without dependence from a situation in a society and personal emotions. It means that the personnel of asymmetrical system cannot exceed some thousand persons.

Comparing that power which the modern science, with a demanded damage can give, we come to a conclusion that without purposeful use of secondary destructive processes to attain result will not be gained. In the capacity of those attention the geophysical catastrophic phenomena first of all attract. Surpassing in power the most powerful nuclear ammunition on some usages, geocatastrophes can be purposefully initiated rather small affectings. Therefore the weapon of the asymmetrical answer is based on use in the capacity of the basic knocking factors of destructive geophysical processes.

In the capacity of one more demand it is necessary to gate out and asymmetrical threats. That is this weapons system should put to the applying party is non-comparable a smaller damage, than to its opponents. It is achievable if to consider geophysical features of territories of Russia and the USA.

Once without America

First of all Russia is arranged on the Euroasian continent where the basic, radical unit of its territory on which the population bulk takes place, is removed from ocean and sea spaces. Thus the average elevation above sea level practically secures protection against inundations even at the scale catastrophic phenomena accompanied by powerful tsunami (megatsunami).

Other picture in the USA. In the coastal areas having insignificant excess over level of ocean, the basic unit of the population - more than 80 percent places. The basic capacities of the country Here take place. Even rather weak tsunami, altitude in some tens metres, can lead to catastrophic aftereffects for the USA. It was rather visually demonstrated by the hurricane Katrina in the Nju-anatto tree.
Other geophysical feature of Russia is that the basic unit of its territory in Siberia is based on thick (in some kilometres) basalt layers. It is supposed that these platforms were formed as a result of eruption of a superburning mountain which has occurred about a quarter billion years ago. Therefore blows, even extremely powerful, will not lead to catastrophic geophysical aftereffects.

And what in the USA? First of all attracts attention the Jelloustonsky national park arranged in kaldere of the superburning mountain with the same name which, by estimations of geologists, comes nearer to the period of the activization that occurs to periodicity in 600 thousand years. Approximately it is so much time there was its last eruption back. Power of this superburning mountain on some usages is weaker Siberian, therefore its eruption has not led to carnage of live beings on a planet as a whole, but for the American continent this eruption had, undoubtedly, catastrophic aftereffects. Geologists assume that the Jelloustonsky superburning mountain can blow up at any moment. Signs of a build-up of its activity it is available. Therefore it is enough concerning a small push, for example blow of ammunition of the megaton class-room to initiate eruption. Aftereffects will be catastrophic for the USA - such state will simply disappear. All its territory will become covered thick (in some metres or even tens metres) by ashes layer.

One more vulnerable zone of the USA from the geophysical point of view is the Dignity-andreas - a fracture in length of 1300 kilometres between Pacific and North American plates. It passes coast-wise on territory of the State of California, somewhere overland, and a unit under water. In parallel it there are fractures the Dignity-gabriel and the Dignity-hosinto. It is the area of geophysical instability generating earthquakes with magnitude to 8,5 points under the Richter scale. Affecting by powerful enough nuclear ammunition can initiate the catastrophic phenomena capable completely to annihilate an infrastructure of the USA at Pacific coast by scale tsunami.
At last it is impossible to forget about the Atlantic and Pacific fractures. Lying to in parallel long-shore line accordingly east and western coasts USA, they can be a source of large tsunami which will cause a catastrophic damage on considerable depth from a shore.

Detonator for catastrophe

That is the USA from the geophysical point of view very vulnerable country. It is necessary to define, with what help of means it is possible to initiate so scale geophysical processes. We will address to history. In 1961 over northern extremity of New Land at altitude more than five thousand metres have been blown up the thermonuclear ammunition largest for all history. By known estimations - 58 Mt. But the western experts have come to a conclusion that it was not the total power as on a row of signs the superbomb did not have a shell from the uranium-238, capable to increase an explosion yield at least in one and a half-two time, that is more than to 100 Megatons. Ammunition is carried out in masso-dimensional characteristics in 16-ton of a bomb which has been dumped from airplane Tu-95. Today ammunition of such power, by estimations of experimenters from the nuclear centre of Russia in Sarov and the large Russian specialist in this area of Dr.Sci.Tech. Igor Ostretsova, really to carry out within 5-7 tons. That is it is easy for "inscribing" in masso-dimensional characteristics of a heavy missile (the bombarded weight of "Satan" - about 8 tons). Quite podemen it and for the companions orbited today.

Restrictions as on power of separate ammunition are not imposed by existing contracts on parity of nuclear arsenals. In them it is a question only of quantity. But for the megaweapon of ammunition it is required a little.

The day after tomorrow

Blow on the Jelloustonsky superburning mountain can be the secured source of catastrophic geophysical processes first of all. Even the single ground level burst 5-7-тонного ammunition initiates the most powerful eruption. As a result of the USA will stop the existence though and for other world of an aftereffect will appear catastrophic. - owing to remoteness Russia least will suffer from a place of eruption, territory and location sizes. Also the damage of the countries arranged on units opposite from the USA of globe will be rather insignificant. However anyway eruption, we will underline, becomes catastrophe for all civilisation. But on that also there is a similar weapon. It already possibility of the application should stop any thought on aggression against Russia.

Other alternative of megablow - initiation of giant tsunami. It is idea of academician Saharova. The essence consists in blowing up some ammunition in settlement points along the Atlantic and Pacific fractures (within 3-4 on everyone) on depth of one and a half-two kilometre. As a result, by calculations of Saharova and other scientists, the wave which at coast USA will attain altitude of 400-500 and more metres will be generated. Having collapsed on continent, it will annihilate all on distance more than 500 kilometres. If explosions to make on the big depths, near to a bottom where earth crust in places of docking of plates is most thin, it can be locally destroyed, and magma, having come into contact to ocean water, will repeatedly reinforce force of explosion. In this case the altitude of a tsunami will attain more than one and a half kilometres, and the zone of destructions will exceed 1500 kilometres from a shore. It will be exclusively "pure" weapon - the nuclear winter will not step, as giant dust clouds are not formed, and water steams will collapse on land in the form of monstrous radioactive showers near to the formation, that is to the same USA. Such blow, unconditionally, initiates tectonic activity in all region, including, was quite possiblly, and eruption of the Jelloustonsky superburning mountain. The backward wave will annihilate Europe. That is all block of the NATO. Monstrous there will be a cataclysm. But it is asymmetrical threat of last boundary - there are no regions of Russia, there is no also all western civilisation. In catastrophic geophysical aftereffects will result undermining even one powerful ammunition around fractures the Dignity-andreas, the Dignity-gabriel or the Dignity-hosinto

Apocalypse - it is simple and it is inexpensive

The observed scenarios testify that the necassary quantity of superammunition in the capacity of the asymmetrical weapon is rather insignificant - about ten. It creates favorable conditions for their secured application according to those demands to the asymmetrical weapon which are listed above.

Ammunition delivery to destination can be provided in the different ways. First of all - on several monoblock heavy BR which, starting together with maintenance rockets, can garantirovanno overcome all possible even in the remote prospect of system of the ABM. Special mine PU it is easy enough to provide a small amount with the reliable defence system built both on power protection, and on a reserve principle. Such rocket can be developed for strategic submarines of system "Typhoon" (the design 941). Their rocket pits are counted on 96-ton Р-39 that allows «with a stock» to place the modern heavy missile having the demanded bombarded weight. It is enough one such vessel to provide asymmetrical restraint.

Superammunition is integrated and with the perspectiv hypersonic rockets applied from submarines or from land PU. Also megacharges can be in advance reserved are exposed in settlement points on deep-seated positions from the vessels of the Navies disguised under civil vessels, with a possibility of finishing to them during the threatened period of a command on explosion with use of the combined communications system providing secured receipt of a signal. After stabilisation of a situation ammunition acts in film special courts.
The time on working out and tuning up of exhaustion of knocking elements of the demanded pass, by estimations of specialists, can make from 5-6 till 10-12 years. Approximately as much it is required to a time on working out and manufacture of necessary number of carrying agents. That is the asymmetrical mega-weapon can appear at Russia the proximal 10 years. Its emersion will expel any threat of the large-scale war against our country, even in the conditions of the absolute superiority of the opponent in systems of traditional armament.

Konstantin Sivkov


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