Some aspects of the analysis of the military-political situation
Material posted: Publication date: 26-04-2015
The team of authors led by Professor Dr. And. n. AI Padbyarozkin offers its readers a methodical analysis of the most important areas of specialized development related to conceptual tasks of military planning of modern states. Particular emphasis in all thematic sections made on issues traditionally been overcome, new and emerging security challenges of the Russian Federation. The book is of interest to policy makers, experts and professional military. The estimation of political-military circumstances in intergovernmental and interstate measurements is a base condition of maintenance of national safety of the country. The special role thus belongs to the look-ahead conclusions which on the sense remain likelihood, but essentially raise definiteness of the purpose at decision-making. In practice various approaches to formation of the such conclusions are known. Within the limits of the academic researches the combination of standard and empirical approaches to a support for large theoretical conceptual images (the cores predominates - the neo-realism, neoliberalism, constructivism), each of which offers the set of parametres and the criteria characterising resources, interests and productivity of activity of participants of the international interacting. As the main difference of these conceptual images the opposite of understanding of the international processes acts: For realists their essence consists in intergovernmental conflicts for the dominance right.