Kovalev V., Malkov S., Malinetskii G. "Remember the war. The report of the Russian Intellectual Club"
Material posted: Publication date: 05-05-2015
About two thousand years separate us from that event, when a simple Roman citizen Appolinary Sidonius wrote his later became a famous letter to a friend. He was neither a senator nor captain, nor scientists, nor even the Roman "top - manager," but (unlike millions of their fellow citizens) went down in history and entrenched in it.

And there was it well-known thanks to one letter which has reached up to now in which he (to within sense) wrote the following that he here sits on the bank of Tiber, the sun shines, birdies sing and how well to live in Rome, such safety city for life. In some months barbarians have captureed and have plundered Rome. Here this property of the person in an emphasis not to notice the hung threat began to name «a syndrome of Sidonija Appolinarija».

As it is represented, now in Russia to it all is subject not almost universal liberal «expert community», but also a considerable unit of the basic base elements of system of adoption military - political solutions.

That only there are declarations on widely transmitted 31.03.2015г. By vision «a round table» with presence enough significant figures Russian political elite where almost all participants (except for K.G.Shahnazarova) acted from "lulling" positions about impossibility of retraction of Russia in «the Big war» with West participation.