Bomber of the $ 80 billion: the United States will face the world in 2040
Material posted: Publication date: 29-10-2015
US manufacturer decided on a new strategic bomber. It will spend up to $ 80 billion, and it is designed to contain Russia and China, experts say.

The Ministry of Defence of the USA has chosen Northrop Grumman the winner in the tender for delivery of new strategic bombers, is told in the message of the Pentagon extended on Wednesday. New planes will replace becoming outdated family B-1, B-2 and B-52. Cost of the declared contract makes $21,4 mlrd in dollars of 2010 (then project Long Ranged Strike Bomber, LRSB has been launched). According to The Financial Times (FT), in the modern prices it is $23,6 billion Everything, by estimates of FT, cost of project LRSB can make to $80 billion One bomber will manage to the $511 million Pentagon in dollars of 2010 ($564 million in the present prices).

According to the Minister of Defence of the USA Esha Carter, creation of a new bomber is «strategic investments on the following of 50 years». Head of Command of global blows of the Air Forces of the USA general Robin Rand noticed earlier that «initial operative potential» the new car will reach stages presumably in 2025. To the middle of 2040th years definitive failure of the Air Forces of the USA of use of bombers B-2 and B-52 after that the new plane becomes the basic impact unit of the American aircraft is supposed. Commanding the Air Forces of the USA Deborah James has noticed that air forces «should put means in correct people, technologies and preparation to defend the country and its interests». «But at the reasonable prices», - she has added.

Rather low cost of a bomber - the Air Forces of the USA agreed with the price of each plane to $550 million - could become the reason of victory Northrop Grumman. The alliance of two other largest space and defenᥠcompanies - Boeing and Lockheed Martin was the contender of concern. On the eve of the announcement of results of competition profile edition Defense News has assumed that the Pentagon will choose Northrop Grumman because other large orders - on fighters F-35 and tenders KC-46 - received Lockheed Martin and Boeing accordingly. The Ministry of Defence of the USA found hazardous to address to them behind one more order. After news about victory Northorp Grumman of its action have grown on 5,8 % while actions of competitors have given on 1-2 %.

Technical characteristics of project LRSB are unknown. It is supposed that the new bomber should become more imperceptible for a radar, than equipped with technology "stealth" B-2, it should have pilotless versions, the plane will be capable to carry nuclear arms. Mass-media speculated that range of its flight without a refuelling should make to 5 thousand nautical miles, its charge will be less, than at B-2, probably that it will not be supersonic and will outwardly differ from futuristic B-2.

Military expenses of the USA

Project LRSB does not assume creation of a bomber of new generation. In the end of 2000th years the American military men have refused creation of essentially new model of the plane for economies reasons. Not last role in it high flows on bomber B-2 have played. Each such plane cost, by different estimations, $1,5-2,2 billion All has been constructed 21 such plane. Cost of fighter F-35, in turn, reaches $134 million, the total cost of this ruler will exceed $400 billion

The USA are many years the leader on defence expenditures. In 2015 their military budget has made $601 billion From them on purchases of the new equipment mlrd, and $90,4 will be spent for new researches and workings out - $63,5 billion Expenditure for aircraft - the second-large item of expenses after the Navy. Air forces have received financing at a rate of $137,8 billion For comparison, in 2015 the military budget of Russia has made 2,8 trln rbl. ($45,5 mlrd).

Triad updating

According to independent military expert Vasily Sychev, updating of park of strategic bombers - a prudent step. «The USA do not need new rockets - in the inventory at them stand Trident II and Minuteman III. The bomber is one of components of a nuclear triad, capable to inform a considerable quantity of nuclear battle units to the purpose. This component in the inventory the USA already strongly has become outdated, replacement» is necessary, - the analyst has told. Sychev has paid attention that the mission of bombers of project LRSB - to act in zones where the modern aircraft because of a radar, means of electronic suppression, systems of anti-aircraft defence and active patrolling of the Air Forces of the opponent cannot work. Creation of a new bomber has considered proved and the director of Institute of the political and military analysis Alexander Hramchihin. «The rocket fetishism has passed in 1960th years and since then did not return», - it has explained.

The expert has underlined that the Air Forces of the USA actively applied all types of strategic bombers. «One more factor which has dictated necessity for start of new bombers, - necessity of restraint», - was added by him. The American military expert, the lieutenant general of the Air Forces of the USA spoke about the same in August in resignation David Deptula. In its opinion, creation of a new bomber speaks necessity of the answer to efforts of Russia and China on updating of aviation systems, in particular modernisations of a supersonic strategic bomber of Tu-160 (in NATO "Блэкджек" classification) and working out of a multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation (PAK FA). China, as he said, searches for replacement of a Chinese bomber made still on the Soviet licence «Sjan H-6».

The project of a new strategic bomber is in Russia at an early stage Hramchihin, however, marks. «About it almost it it is not known», - he speaks. The Russian bombers of Tu-95MS and Tu-22M as indicated some years ago glavkomat the Russian Air Forces, should serve till 2020-2025. In July of this year zamglavy military department Yury Borisov declared plans on restart of modernised Tu-160M2 with essentially new complex of onboard electronics and arms set. These cars, as he said, can serve till 40 years, that is till 2060th years.

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