"Islamic state" as a religious reality
Material posted: Publication date: 29-10-2015
Russia must be ready to direct confrontation with the IG. On the fundamental differences between the so-called "Islamic State" from other terrorist and extremist groups, as well as the reality of his threat to Russia says political scientist, expert on defense and national security, director of the Center for Strategic Studies "Ashkhar" Hrachya Arzumanyan.

- The terrorist group forbidden in Russia naming «Islamic state» or «the Islamic state of Iraq and Levant» (YOKES, IGIL), is in a centre of attention of the Russian and world mass-media. Whether but we know much about it? Than it differs from other considerably-Islamic structures, including the numerous predecessors?

- It is necessary to understand that besides military IGIL has also religious and geopolitical components. IGIL could absorb achievements of the western military strategy and leans against knowledge from a treasury of world strategic thought. It is the effective military organisation which inflicts defeat of army of Iraq, wages war with the Syrian armed forces etc.

If to consider geopolitical aspects IGIL here we also collide with peculiar lines. «The Islamic state» is not the state, but irreguljarnoj a reality and the tool with which help problems on geopolitical arena are put and solved. This rather new phenomenon. It means that in a geopolitical antagonism Russia should be off-the shelf to a situation when it will be compelled to enter military confrontation with a reality which is not the state.

Yes, already for a long time there are institutes and structures of the global world the antagonism with which on geopolitical arena also deploys on nadgosudarstvennom level. However in case of IGIL we collide with conducting operations sub- and the transstate reality. A reality which denies the states as a basic element of world political system, unlike conventional global structures. IGIL from the given point of view - the difficult phenomenon which up to the end is not comprehended today yet.

- In what feature of counteraction IGIL from the military point of view?

- Changes in the form and strategy of management of military operations which become mainly irreguljarnymi and hybrid become a consequence of changes in the environment of safety of the XXI-st century. It is perfect other reality. I think, on the post-Soviet territory the given problems are not realised yet properly. Anyway, events round Ukraine speak about unavailability of Russia to such forms of management of military operations.

The objective analysis of military aspects of activity IGIL leads unexpected enough for sekuljarnogo in the basis of the european military thinking to a conclusion that it inseparably linked with religiosity. The religion appears vplavlennoj in military activity. And it calls serious methodological and conceptual problems. The modern european thinking has appeared not off-the shelf to such call. However, the western military science comprehends new realities. For example, there was already a term spiritual insurgency (spiritual rebellion) for the description of the insurgent motion which integral part is the religion.

- Philosophy in a religious wrapper?

- For fighter IGIL the religion is not philosophy. The philosophy is an attribute, the applied sphere, called to strengthen major factors and aspects of insurgent motion. In the name of IGIL we collide with a reality, for which religion - the basis, one of the integral elements of the base of motion. The religion is deeper reality which can generate the whole spectrum of philosophies - from conservative to socialist and communist. Efficiency IGIL speaks not only and not so much ideological, but religious efficiency. In wide ranges of experts of understanding of it while is not present. The West, Russia or Armenia for today are not off-the shelf to such vision.

IGIL, in addition, conducts an antagonism of last times, having armed with apocalyptic vision. It is a reality which wants to see last times, - to project, provoke and create a reality which corresponds to the expectations of last times reflected in religious doctrines and texts. Therefore there is a log-book "Dabig" (Dabiq), named by name of cities where there should be a collision of crusaders with Islam world under a black banner during last times. The Christianity and western civilisations have passed peak of the apocalyptic approach to military activity in the Middle Ages, and experience IGIL appears unexpected enough for us.

Is difficult to distinguish, with what we collide: with an objective reality or induced, it is artificial in the created images and kontseptami under which cover the banal geopolitical antagonism deploys. In such situation correct, in my opinion, will concern to IGIL as realities which carries in itself both the first, and the second, and the third, and many other things.

- How much dangerously IGIL for the states of Transcaucasia and Russia about what recently speak much?

- If to speak about tsivilizatsionnom, religious opposition, probably, IGIL it is not actual for Russia, Armenia and on the post-Soviet territory as a whole where conventional forms of Islam are strong enough. But geopolitical and military aspects of activity IGIL is a reality from which it is necessary to learn to work. And from the let point of view speak that threat IGIL is irrelevant for caucasus, not absolutely correctly. Caucasus is in focus of a geopolitical antagonism, and at Russia as one of actors of geopolitical arena is not present any right not to take into consideration possibility of using of the given tool on the Caucasian arena. Will not count such scenarios an error. In short-term prospect - the year, ones and a half - threat IGIL is irrelevant. But in sredne - and long-term prospect we can quite collide with IGIL as military, political-military, geopolitical and, probably, spiritual threat and a reality.

- It is possible to argue, whether really the religion has left real political life and life of the separate person in Russia and in the West, but all the same its influence has substantially decreased. How such states against societies where the religion remains on the first place will long hold on?

- The West has realised limitation sekuljarnoj paradigms. The understanding of gradually ripens that the religion again returns. That occurs around IGIL, has served as additional stimulus for occurrence of activities which investigate relationships between political and religious. Such researches began to collect a turn somewhere in 60th years of the XX-th century. After falling of Soviet Union splash in activities on political theology, theology of a policy, ecological theology, process theology is observed. The West was strongly enough advanced in such researches about which on the post-Soviet territory very few people knows, except for a narrow circle of experts.

Returning religious in a policy - one of approaches to an estimation of world political system in the XXI-st century. Another is reduced to construction of a new global world order. One of such projects is set up in published in the autumn of 2014 to the book of Kissindzhera. But I hope that will win the conventional approach, and the West will return to the roots, the western vision of Christianity and in such condition will co-operate with east Christianity, conventional Islam. These are deep and the challenges waiting for the researchers.

Uniqueness and originality of the present moment that these, apparently, academic and abstract problems get, besides philosophical and religious, practical political and military dimensions. And if earlier such conversations were conducted by theologians, now these discussions became a direct element of military confrontation. It is possible to speak about "short circuit" - energy which have been divided on spiritual earlier, ideological, political, military, have merged in one flow.

- Whether are off-the shelf in Russia and in the West to understanding of a new reality?

It is very heavy - to create the military doctrine at which there is a religious dimension. In the West the problem is not solved, and the western military doctrines adhere sekuljarnogo to the approach and the relation conventional for to a religion role. The religion in them is considered as philosophy, a mobilisation element, but not as a special religious reality.

Soviet Union also has not coped in due time with a problem, and the Afghani experience clearly speaks about it. For Armenia here too set of complicated questions. How we should solve military problems in such difficult environment? We have won the Karabakh war, in a condition to maintain new and to win in it a victory if it is conducted by conventional methods. But how to resist to fanatics who can die with pleasure? The Armenian military doctrine to such statement of a question is not off-the shelf yet. And it is all in 500 kilometres from us. Turkey and Iran - unique «a sanitarian cordon», defending Armenia from direct contact with this reality. And we as experts and researchers while at all do not send to problem statement.

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