Experts ask to punish Russia for successful operation in Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 04-03-2016
"Intervention" in the Syrian conflict has helped Moscow to become the key player in the Middle East, the journalist of BBC Richard Galpin writes. According to him, in the West are afraid that Vladimir Putin can use success in Syria for pressure upon Europe. And a number of experts calls for immediate imposition of sanctions against organizers of so effective military campaign.

War games on which the hypothetical attack of Russia on this or that country is considered, became very popular recently, journalist BBC Richard Galpin writes. So, recently the group of the former high-ranking military men, diplomats and politicians of Great Britain has played the intrusion scenario Russian armies to Latvia. The exchange of nuclear attacks between the Russian Federation and the West became result.

«It is in many respects clear, why the basic attention of the western officials which are engaged in an estimation of world threats, it is chained to Russia, - the author of article considers. - at Vladimir Putin's long-term board the Russian armed forces for quite some time now renewed and re-equipped, have made intervention in three countries for last eight years: Georgia, Ukraine and Syria. And all turned around success of the Kremlin».

In Syria the Russian army has played a pivotal role, having changed a course of civil war for benefit of president Bashara Asada. At the same time the western powers, «supporting insurgent groups of moderate opposition», find it difficult to find the answer to actions of Moscow.

«President Putin, long complaining that Russia has lost influence after disintegration of Soviet Union, can now is proud to stand on a world scene, - Galpin argues. - It became the key player in the Near East».

Experts declare that the region "has ripened", that Russia could interfere. For the last some weeks leaders of the Arabian states visited Moscow for negotiations - «to great pleasure of the Russian government».

Some also consider that the leading position of the Kremlin in Syria gives it the political lever and in other parts of the world, including Europe. The majority of Near-Eastern refugees - Syrians. And against crisis proceeding to the second year the European countries become more and more separated. Some members of EU even have decided to close unilaterally borders to stop a flow of migrants.

There is a question as the West should answer military operations and more resolute foreign policy of the Kremlin in which it, apparently, has surpassed in key Near-Eastern region even such countries as the USA.

Some analysts are convinced of safety sphere that there is only one approach: it is necessary to behave more rigidly in relations with the Kremlin. The former expert of the Pentagon across Russia Evelin Farkas adheres to such opinion.

She calls for immediate entering of sanctions against representatives of the Russian authorities participating in military operation in Syria. Otherwise the Kremlin will not make a compromise in the further negotiations on Syria and will return the country entirely under the control of the Syrian government.

Farkas was a supporter of more resolute approach to the Kremlin since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict. In her opinion, after that has occurred in Syria, the West should act, yet did not become too late.

«If Russia wins thanks to force, she will consider force as rather important and effective element of the foreign policy and will continue it to apply, - the analyst speaks. - and we do not want, that Moscow continued to use the army to achieve a place behind a negotiating table».

According to Farkas, the Kremlin even can try to test the North Atlantic alliance for durability. The general of NATO Filip Bridlav who the day before has openly charged Russia and the Syrian government adheres to the same opinion that they use refugees as the weapon against the European unity.

«Within last decade relations between the West and Russia steadily worsened, but language used by [parties] speaks about achievement of absolutely new level. Opposition becomes really serious», - Richard Galpin concludes.

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