The government is preparing for major governance reform
Material posted: Publication date: 18-03-2016
The main task – to break through to the President and to achieve a positive resolution, describes the mechanism of the authorities, one of the officials: a lot of lobbying defines the resource, and without his order the bureaucratic machine will not work. The goal discussed in the government reform is to move from manual control, from work assignments to project, told "Vedomosti" several Federal officials. Deal with it project office under the government office, said its official. Settings, tasks and powers of the new structure is still being worked out – the final decision will be made until mid-April, you know the two officers.

The Commission Putin

A presentation about changing the system of governance (there is a "Sheets") prepared for the government team to the President of Sberbank German Gref, together with officials and open government, say the authors of the document. This is the version as of January 2015 Since it is not conceptually changed.

Gref has launched the reform debate. In the spring he presented to President Vladimir Putin a report on inefficient public administration and proposed to create separate from the government the reform – if President. "I don't know that it [the proposal] was discussed", – said Gref in an interview with "Vedomosti" in may. But he didn't stop there and in may in the corporate University of Sberbank collected by the government on a three-day seminar, and then was born the idea of reform, telling the seminar participants. In December in the message to the Federal Assembly Putin asked Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to create a project office – "the mechanism of support of the most significant projects", without explaining what a new structure should include.

The presentation proposes to create a center of management reforms and implementation of key projects such as the Malaysian Pemandu (see incision). It should be a Commission which will be headed by the President, his Deputy Prime Minister, will oversee one of the Vice-premiers. Its main function is to increase the effectiveness of ministries by 5-7 main KPI and coordinate a small number of priority projects. The main task is to teach the Ministry to implement projects.

The bureaucratic machine is buried in the President's instructions: during 2010-2014, the number increased by 33-37%, less than 60% is high, often in the format of "close order". 1,000 orders of the Russian President in the year have 32 orders American. "We invented a unique system of governance," said a senior official. Members of the government themselves dissatisfied with their work, stated in the presentation (see incision). Mechanisms of communication "top-down and bottom-up" poorly debugged, says academic supervisor of the HSE Yevgeny Yasin: if the received instruction of the President to cancel or change it, even if it is irrelevant, it's hard.

To approve the KPI for the government and to each Minister proposed to the Prime Minister. And with a certain periodicity (every month, quarter or year) to assess the effectiveness of Ministers, to approve the action plans to evaluate implementation of the plan or deviation from it. The reports should be published and evaluated by international experts.

A separate area for staff development. The civil service controversial brand, according to the presentation, there are rules but no values, no development system, horizontal rotation between ministries, a clear link between evaluation results and personnel growth. Presenters propose to introduce individual development plans for each officer.

Office Shuvalov

The reform is not yet approved, admit officials, now it is only the project office, which will be engaged in the administration of the government. Charge will be the Prime Minister, as stated in the signed order and control, first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov (his representative does not comment on this subject), says the Federal official. Who will lead is not yet known.

Since the office will oversee Shuvalov, it is likely that he will address the issue of company towns, the climate, says one of the interlocutors "Vedomosti". Continues to be debated and another concept, tell three of the officials – the establishment of the centre, which will focus on large-scale administrative reform, it must address courts, law enforcement and Supervisory authorities. But it needs to be created by the Kremlin, they specify. "If the leader changes, in our case the President, then, of course, and when it is necessary to create such a structure" – said Gref to Vedomosti.

Open government, according to Minister Mikhail Abyzov, has written to his concept of reform in the government, but its content does not describe. It is similar to the concept proposed by the group involving Gref, knows familiar with the document official. The envoy declined to comment. Gref refused to comment on the reform project of his, he only participates in it.

Putin will be released

Entering a new election cycle, says one of the officials, we need a positive economic agenda. Political will – do not need new structures, as Putin's desire to launch the reforms, said the former official, who worked with Putin during his first term. The new system will unload Putin himself, but it's hard to imagine that it will be real, the official acknowledged, he was accustomed to the vertical – he is the Supreme arbiter and makes all key decisions.

The Cabinet will ask Putin to 130 billion rubles for anti-crisis plan
Completely get rid of instructions will not work, the official said: in some cases they are necessary. But often officials or businessmen have time to run to the President or Prime Minister with deliberately failing projects or ideas, given an order to work, spent time, efforts, including to remove the order from control. Borucinska model largely vertical, said another official, and the project approach is the development of horizontal relations; in principle, they can be combined.

The idea is to move from assignments to project work right, says Yasin. This is an attempt to force the bureaucracy to work according to certain principles and priorities, instead of throwing to perform daily and often contradictory orders, said Vladimir Tikhomirov from the BCS. "In fact, this attempt of transition to a new political system – from vertical to horizontal, – said political analyst Alexei Makarkin. But there is a risk that key decisions will still remain with the President."

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